I admit it.

Ok, It’s not a swatch.
It is, without a doubt, a full fledged Snowdrop Shawl, finished just in time for the snowdrops to bloom here in Toronto. It turns out that the mohair thing was a one night stand, sort of like going out dancing, but still coming home to make pancakes in the morning. I finished last night, and had the infinite pleasure of blocking lace.
I am, for the record, a “soaker” and a “pinner”. For me, there is no greater knitterly magic trick than taking a grotty, tangled wet knot of yarn and gently bending it to your will, pin by pin, moment by moment…while delicate gossamer lace emerges. I know there are varying schools of thought on this, and I know that somebody is going to tell me about blocking wires. I know of blocking wires, and I swing wildly between desperately coveting them, and frowning in their general direction. I am now, and will forevermore be a “soaker”, and there is no point in trying to convince me that I should dampen or mist things during the blocking process. I believe in the full immersion method, I have come to believe that it more deeply convinces the fibre of my intentions. I think that being a soaker might mean that I frown on blocking wires, since I imagine that threading the wires through a wet shawl might be as much fun as licking cactus. Since I don’t own blocking wires…the point is moot.
Laura A. asked in the comments how I’m going to wear this. Well…I’m not. It’s a gift for a friend. Almost three years ago I had the honour of being the first person to touch her son, and sometime in the next few weeks she is going to deliver a daughter into my hands. Since this daughter is going to be born with the blooming of the snowdrops, I thought that the shawl would be a good way to commemorate her birth. I’ll wrap her in the shawl on the day of her birth, and I’m actually romantic enough to have a whole fantasy worked up about this daughter wearing it for her wedding, or wrapping her own baby in it. It’s enough to tear me up a little, I imagine this sweet wee babe, born on a day the snowdrops are blooming, wrapped in this fine lace….Unless, my friend delivers late. Then the snowdrops are gone and the plan is dumbass.
Finally, I leave you with the picture of innocence.
I’m sure you believe, as I do…that there is absolutely zero chance that this Black cat is not going to lie on this White shawl the moment I leave the room.

34 thoughts on “I admit it.

  1. Absolutely beautiful. A triumph! And I should think that, snowdrops or no snowdrops, this shawl will be a cherished family treasure for a long, long time. Lovely.

  2. I agree with Aven. What a lovely plan for the beautiful shawl. I teared up to at the thought of the baby one day using it for her own child. Truly a special heirloom.
    Great job.

  3. Wow. Mission accomplished. You have honored the sacred blogger/reader relationship by unselfishly completing the most gorgeous shawl. You have entertained and enthralled us.
    You may now return to your regularly scheduled clogs. 😉

  4. Wow! Beautiful shawl… even more beautiful story. I did get teary, thinking of that baby girl so loving wrapped in Snowdrops.

  5. Stunning shawl.
    I’ve enjoyed watching it’s,rather rapid,conception and birth.It’s a beautifully thought out gift.

  6. That is beautiful. Congrats on finishing. What an amazing gift. As far as soaking, when I finished my red feather and fan shawl, I tried soaking, but after spending over an hour pinning the stupid thing, (which took more pins than I had, so at 10 or so at night, I was frantically calling my sewing friends in the neighborhood that would forgive me and begging them for theirs), the dumb thing was dry, so I ended up misting it anyway.

  7. That is absolutely stunning! And I think your visions for the shawl are wonderful and I hope they come true, what a story that will be through the generations!

  8. *applauding* _Such_ a beautiful shawl.
    Did knowing that it would be going to a lucky, lucky baby help motivate you to finish it? I’m much better at fulfilling promises I make to others than those I make to myself.
    Of course that cat will lie on the shawl. It’s in his (?) contract: The undersigned cat will, at all opportune moments, lie on surfaces in ways designed to (a) cause human annoyance, (b) achieve maximum contrast between shed hair and surface, and (c) show off the undersigned cat to best advantage.

  9. Beautiful shawl. I think soaking is best for lace too, because the yarn relaxes (well, it does for me) and that means I can stretch it more effectively.

  10. Absolutely phenomenal! It’s the kind of thing I’d love to start … but could never actually finish. Congratulations.

  11. First shawl design? Gaw-jus, just gaw-jus and such a meaningful gesture for the mother and little one that will inherit such a gift. I love to drag out the “baby box” for my just married daughter, hoping that some of these things will live again.
    Now…what about that black cat. What a scene. I really don’t know if there is one “clean place” in this house of fiber and pets that would allow me to pin out such a gem, let alone keep it away from the pressers…warm cat bodies that do their part in laundry department.
    Congratulations Steph. Happy catching.
    Lisa S

  12. I am in awe of your knitting ability, the shawl is absolutely beautiful. And what a wonderful way to celebrate both friendship and birth.

  13. Steph,
    How lovely to be able to combine your passion for knitting – and designing it yourself – with the awe and beauty of birth and friendship. This is the stuff that dreams are made of…

  14. Comment re: your comment re: my comment…
    …and at the risk of creeping us BOTH out…we have the same birthday.

  15. What a lovely creation. I too am working on some lace but nothing near as stunning as that. I am a little curious… your comments in your post leave me thinking you are involved in birthing. Are you a midwife or a doula involved in home birth? I had both my children at home with a midwife and still treasure the experience. Once again, what a beautiful creation.

  16. It is a beautiful shawl, and you are a great asset to the knitting bloggerhood… I am so inspired right now, I want to suddenly get terribly “sick” so I can be “sent home” to cast something, anything new on.
    And That Cat couldn’t look more “poised to nestle on something forbidden” if he/she tried.

  17. Well, I would say it is a double fait accompli, first and foremost the lovely shawl, and secondly getting all these women all over the world teary eyed!! Me included. . . ahh, if only my daughter were so lucky! (Maybe she will be before she marries!)

  18. well i sure wish someone gave the birth of my little ones so much glorious attention!
    and i have never before made such a posting!
    a sister named kelly planted your name in my knitting ear
    lucky babes to be caught by such creative hands!

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