The Snowdrop, herself.

Yesterday was a very, very good day.
Good day thing the first.
The snowdrop arrived swiftly and safely, my friend having the decency to deliver her in daylight hours so that I only missed a few hours of sleep. It was with absolutely incredible joy that I wrapped all 8lbs 11oz of her in her shawl, and noted that my friend Teresa’s work was infinitely finer than mine. Her name on this earth will be Ella, but she is always going to be snowdrop to me.
Good day thing the second
When I came home from the birth my friend Ken was with the girls making dinner and bearing gifts. (Can we have an aside here? I’d like to take a moment to say that when a woman walks exhausted through the door and finds a man making dinner, caring for the children and offering an inexpensive present… that this creates in a woman so much gratitude and good will that this woman would be receptive to romance. I’m not saying that Ken was making a move…I’m just saying that if there was a straight guy out there looking to get lucky, cooking, caring for the kids and getting her a present has way better odds than lying on the couch watching hockey playoffs. This advice belongs right up there with “No man has ever been shot while washing the dishes”.)
The present? Only the best knitting needles in the world.
I have a love for coloured knitting needles that borders on obsession. You can’t get them in Toronto very often either. They pop up from time to time at a Walmart, but mostly you just have to wait and hope. Ken scored these on a trip to Kentucky, where apparently, they are plentiful.
Good day thing the third.
I was so hoping this was how it would turn out. Many thanks to Ken for tallying the votes and making the snazzy chart. Everybody got one vote, except Laurie, who Ken and I agreed made an excellent case for getting two votes, so she did. (That’s the way it is in Harlotville ladies and gentlemen. We make our own rules here.)
Dublin Bay it is, and I’m pretty darn happy about it. I admit to having dictatorial urges and planning to disregard y’all if it came down to something like entrelac, so I’m pretty glad it didn’t come to that.