Here’s a thought

I’m late, so you get a short blog. (Hey, guess where I’m going? To buy yarn with Jacqui, you remember Jacqui, Experiment 47A (April 2nd) She’s come over to the dark side in a big way. Big. This trip wasn’t even my idea. Nope, Jacqui called me up and said “Hey, wanna go buy yarn?”. Incredible. Incredible both that Jacqui wants to go shop for yarn and incredible that after she asked me that, she waited for an answer. The mind reels.)

Here’s what I’m thinking. I’ve been pondering what to do with the wool/silk, and here’s my idea. Mock me at will.
First, the 105 metres is not enough to make anything good (here we are using the term “good” to mean “anything I want to make”) so I went digging through the handspun stash and came up with two yarns I feel good about putting with the silk.
From the top, the wool/silk broken blue from the other day, some wool that was the result of discovering that I could “break” dye, and some plain white that is the same as the wool, only not dyed.
Question #1
Do these go together?
Next, trot yourself over and take a look at this scarf. (The one on the bottom) It’s at Fiddlesticks Knitting, where I have spent lots of money and would happily urge you to do the same. Great patterns. Now, despite the greatness of the patterns I’m not talking about using one, but merely one “in the style” of the one that you are looking at, or…did look at when you clicked on the link.
What if, (Warning… this is a new idea for me. Thousands of people may have thought of it before me, but to me…this is radical.) what if I knit a scarf like that but I used those three colours that I just showed you? Yes, three colours, in lace, at once.
Question #2
Is this idea dumbass?
I would do the “body” of the scarf in a vertical lace pattern,in the white; a horizontal lace pattern in the lighter blue, and finally a deep lace edging in the darker blue silk.
I suppose I could knit the main part in two pieces and graft the centre so that the two ends would be identical. How hard could it be? (Yes, I’m aware that I just ruined my chances for making this an easy project by asking that question. Yes, I understand that now it will be hard, and that I have tempted the knitting fates to vex me over and over again.)
Question #3
Generally speaking…Go ahead, or do you all want to talk about the plan a little more?
Concerns, warnings and cautionary tales all accepted.