Am I blue?

I bought this yesterday.
I may be going through a blue phase. I tell you, scoring the teeny tiny (2mm) blue dpns was the highlight of my week, I have no idea why I love them so much. The fact that I was so incredibly thrilled to get them probably means that I need to get out more.
While I was in the store I was shocked to discover that they also had 2.25mm needles in the same blue. It turns out that what I thought was an extremely cool colour coded needle size system is…well, not. I’m thinking about writing a letter to Boye explaining that they are making a big mistake. I want them to understand how cool it would be for me to dig through my dpn bin knowing that if I want 3mm I need the orange, or that 2mm is blue. I want to tell them that making the colours random isn’t helpful. That they could save me all kinds of time that I’m going to spend first looking for one of my needle gauges (where do they go? I bet when I find them that all my stinking tape measures are there too) and then using the needle gauge on all the blue needles to work out which ones I want. I thought about writing a letter, then I remembered that my campaign to only have one kind of screwdriver wasn’t really taken very seriously. When I run the world, things will be different, let me tell you.
The dark periwinkle blue is a bit of a mystery. The sign said “Cotton Twist , 51% cotton 49% acrylic, worsted weight, 100g”. Now, the only “Cotton Twist” I’ve every heard of (although we have already worked out that I should get out more) is the Berroco one, and this clearly isn’t that. It was disturbingly cheap ($4) so I suppose that if it’s junk I won’t cry a river, but could be a cute little tank top lurking in there.
The other stuff was even cheaper at $2 a ball, and it’s Bernat Miami. This purchase was entirely predictable. I will purchase any yarn if you discount it deeply enough. I am helpless in the face of any yarn discount greater than 50%. I have an entire section of my stash dedicated to sale yarn that I bought only because I got a little bit light headed when I saw that it was as cheap as sin. Despite this being sort of an “accidental” yarn buy, I’m looking forward to giving it a try, doesn’t it seem funny to knit something from a yarn that’s flat? . I’ve never knit with this kind of ribbon yarn before, and it could be that I will absolutely adore 100% acrylic, novelty ribbon yarn in a pastel colour. Seems unlikely, but what the heck, it’s only costing $12 to find out.
I’m turning the heel on Sam’s second sock.
I use the flap heel, always, every time. I think it’s pretty clever, I like that I can reinforce the flap where the back of the shoe rubs and I like picking up stitches for the gussets. I lied. I Love picking up stitches for the gussets. I like that, at least in my mind, when I turn the heel, I am halfway. Gloriously halfway.
I would like to take a moment to point out that the socks match exactly. The only reason that I’m denying the urge to run around the living room screaming things like “Yeah baby!” is because the windows are open, the neighbours saw Joe leave for work and for his sake I don’t want the Harlot thing taken really literally. I’ll do it later.