Am I blue?

I bought this yesterday.
I may be going through a blue phase. I tell you, scoring the teeny tiny (2mm) blue dpns was the highlight of my week, I have no idea why I love them so much. The fact that I was so incredibly thrilled to get them probably means that I need to get out more.
While I was in the store I was shocked to discover that they also had 2.25mm needles in the same blue. It turns out that what I thought was an extremely cool colour coded needle size system is…well, not. I’m thinking about writing a letter to Boye explaining that they are making a big mistake. I want them to understand how cool it would be for me to dig through my dpn bin knowing that if I want 3mm I need the orange, or that 2mm is blue. I want to tell them that making the colours random isn’t helpful. That they could save me all kinds of time that I’m going to spend first looking for one of my needle gauges (where do they go? I bet when I find them that all my stinking tape measures are there too) and then using the needle gauge on all the blue needles to work out which ones I want. I thought about writing a letter, then I remembered that my campaign to only have one kind of screwdriver wasn’t really taken very seriously. When I run the world, things will be different, let me tell you.
The dark periwinkle blue is a bit of a mystery. The sign said “Cotton Twist , 51% cotton 49% acrylic, worsted weight, 100g”. Now, the only “Cotton Twist” I’ve every heard of (although we have already worked out that I should get out more) is the Berroco one, and this clearly isn’t that. It was disturbingly cheap ($4) so I suppose that if it’s junk I won’t cry a river, but could be a cute little tank top lurking in there.
The other stuff was even cheaper at $2 a ball, and it’s Bernat Miami. This purchase was entirely predictable. I will purchase any yarn if you discount it deeply enough. I am helpless in the face of any yarn discount greater than 50%. I have an entire section of my stash dedicated to sale yarn that I bought only because I got a little bit light headed when I saw that it was as cheap as sin. Despite this being sort of an “accidental” yarn buy, I’m looking forward to giving it a try, doesn’t it seem funny to knit something from a yarn that’s flat? . I’ve never knit with this kind of ribbon yarn before, and it could be that I will absolutely adore 100% acrylic, novelty ribbon yarn in a pastel colour. Seems unlikely, but what the heck, it’s only costing $12 to find out.
I’m turning the heel on Sam’s second sock.
I use the flap heel, always, every time. I think it’s pretty clever, I like that I can reinforce the flap where the back of the shoe rubs and I like picking up stitches for the gussets. I lied. I Love picking up stitches for the gussets. I like that, at least in my mind, when I turn the heel, I am halfway. Gloriously halfway.
I would like to take a moment to point out that the socks match exactly. The only reason that I’m denying the urge to run around the living room screaming things like “Yeah baby!” is because the windows are open, the neighbours saw Joe leave for work and for his sake I don’t want the Harlot thing taken really literally. I’ll do it later.

13 thoughts on “Am I blue?

  1. You are a girl after my own heart Steph! The heel flap is the reason that I don’t like knitting socks from the toe up. I have yet to discover a heel on the toe up versions that I actually like, although I have tried many times. I love picking up the stitches at the gusset and I like realize that I am at the half way point!

  2. ooooo la la ! Very pretty socks. The new yarn comes over kind of grayish on my monitor. Makes me think the handspun hand-dyed from yesterday’s blog must be even prettier than it looks from here.
    Miami yarn, huh? Haven’t seen any of that around here – a mere 1/2 hour drive from that crazy city. You will think of something to do with it after it’s been properly aged in the stash.

  3. Hi Steph. Cuff down heel flaps are the only type of sock I’ve made, and I enjoy it. I’ve made many a Christmas stocking that way, and I’m currently making a wacky pair of mismatched, stripy socks for my 5 year old. I think turning a heel is quite fun. BTW, I liked Joe’s socks so much, that I bought the Beehive Sock Book thingy off eBay for, like, three bucks! Thanks. There was a picture in the auction (as I have not received it yet) of the page showing the argyle. Mmmmm, they were pretty. I’m looking forward to its arrival.
    Also, yours is the only knitting blog that my non knitting husband reads daily. I’ve had him read it so many times, when I knew he’d laugh, that he does it on his own now. He’s a very supportive knitting girl’s spouse.

  4. Perfectly matched socks are definitely worth a fist pump and a “Yesss!” I’m glad I’m not the only obsessive one. 🙂
    I love heel flaps too; I’ve got narrow heels, and the flaps just fit better. (Hmm… I wonder if an upside-down heel flap would be possible, knitting up from the toe? Must experiment next time.)
    Your timing is perfect, by the way; D., with my urging, has started on a pair of manly grey socks (though I suspect he’ll go back to the lace when I’m not looking).

  5. Ooo, I’ve thought about getting my hands on some Miami because I want to try my hand at ribbon, but for my size I’d have to take a second mortgage if I were to make a garment from Rowan Cotton Tape or the yummy Gelato. However, no one in the area carries and I like to *touch* the yarn before I buy if I can. I’ll be interested to see what you think of it when you get around to using it!

  6. Too bad about those Boye needles. Just yesterday I realized I had a single set of thier dp’s – they’re 3.75 mm and they’re blue as well. It would have been ever so clever of them to colour code. They should have talked to the sewing people – certain brands of sewing machine and serger needles come colour coded.
    And about toe-up socks – I too love the reinforced heel thing. I’m relatively new to sock knitting (and am addicted and also love turning heels) and was about to try a toe-up version when I first read your comment a while back about the non-reinforced heels on those babies. That stopped me from trying them out – why spend all that time and then have a heel blow out almost immediately? So I started reading through every toe-up pattern I could find, and none have that great heel flap. Anyway, one day I will try the toe-up version, I know, and I’ll do my best to figure out how to incorporate the reinforcement. Unless you, Stephanie, do it first – which is much more likely. Then, in my mind, you will have deserved the right to run the world!

  7. I’ve got a heel question – I’m working on my third pair of toe-up with an unvented re-inforced heel. I’m using the skinny heel from Socks Socks Socks (Sunrise Socks) and when I start picking the stitches up again on the back side of the heel, my knit sides are K1, Slip1 and my purl sides are P all stitches. Does that make sense to anyone out there (language-wise and knit-wise?)?? Would that be as re-inforced at the top downs?

  8. I love heel flaps and turning heels too! Great colors on those socks. Oh, and there is certainly nothing wrong with a lot of blue (says the girl who counted at least six blue sweatshirts when going through her winter clothes).

  9. I ALWAYS do a heel flap on toe-up socks. I have been doing them this way for years. I have a long narrow heel – I need the heel flap.
    The only problem I have with doing heels this way is that it doesn’t look good to do the heel in a different color. So I don’t.
    If you don’t like the gusset stitches going backwards, do them in reverse stockinette or seed stitch.
    I also use heel stitch for the entire sole of my socks unless I am doing them in fair-isle. I want as much yarn under my heel and the ball of my foot as I can get.

  10. To Lizzy-
    I like your idea of using heel stitch on the sole of the sock. Do you follow the shape of your sole or use heel stitch along a strip?

  11. Did you see that Bernat has three free patterns for sleeveless tops made from Miami on their site?

  12. Hi:
    I just made the Chevron tank with “Miami” and have pics on my blog if you’d like to see what the yarn looks like up close.
    Coincidentally enough, I also just finished the Ballet Neck Cardi from the last issue if Interweave Knits using “Cotton Twist” and have some “in progress” pics on my blog as well.
    Both yarns are sold in my neck of the woods under the brand “Bernat”. Considering I paid $3.98 CDN for “Miami” a ball at my local Walmart, you’ve scored a great bargain.

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