Not Maryland

I was here this weekend. “Where else would you be Mom?” asked Sam. You know you gotta get out a little more when your kids really can’t imagine that you have anything better to do than fulfill their lives, do their laundry and knit them socks.
Where else would I be? “Maryland, Sam…I should be in Maryland.” I had me the most serious case of festival envy this weekend, and feel that in the interest of honesty I must confess that I spent much of the weekend planning my escape. It turns out that there were several things coming between me and skipping town to Maryland.
1. I have no money. I usually don’t let this stop me, as it has been my experience that a minor cash shortage can often be overcome with creativity. This weekend, the only quick cash plan I could come up with was to sell Sam’s socks. Unfortunately I didn’t come up with that plan until I’d already given them to Sam, and I remain above ripping the socks off small children to make some quick cash. I may not have been above ripping the socks off Sam if I thought I could find some other 10 year old who would pay $500 for a pair of striped socks.
2. The consequences under Canadian law for Child Abandonment are quite stiff. I’m not sure that there is anything at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival that is worth doing time for. (For the love of my children…don’t tell me if that’s not true)
3. I’m sure that there was no wool that I would have liked. I have lots anyway. It’s not like I would have bought anything even if I was there.
(What’s wrong with a little good old-fashioned repression?)
4. I realized that I don’t know where Maryland is. South, right?
5. Joe says (after we look at the map) that it is about 550 km (350 miles) to Maryland. Since we don’t have a car, it would take me about 7 days to ride my bike there. (Possibly longer, since there seem to be some largish mountains on the way) I don’t mind that… but I’m going to need to start planning my escape way sooner next year.
Claudia says I should go to Rhinebeck in the fall. I wonder where Rhinebeck is?
In the end, I decided that I would stay here, but finish the intarsia panel of the Eeyore blanket as an appropriate statement.
Infer what you will.
My blog neighbour Kate’s husband made a Maryland Sheep and Wool bingo game. Go play. If like me, you didn’t go, I suggest making up enough stuff that you can at least win the damn bingo game. It’s small comfort, but comfort none the less.