Happy belated Mothers day to all who survived it. It went pretty well over here, Joe gave me a beautiful handmade necklace and a gift certificate for the yarn shop, and the children gave me my favourite present…services. This is a gift that’s given often in our house, these little coupons for things that the recipient would want. Joe has many that I’ve given him…I’m not sure what he’s saving them for, but it’s going to be a hell of a weekend sometime.
Some of the ones that I got are lovely for me personally, but not blog worthy. (“Blog Worthy” is a new expression around here. We’ve started saying things like, “yeah it’s interesting, but is it Blog Worthy?”) and then there were these:
This one from Amanada, my almost 15 year old. (It would have to come from a teen wouldn’t it?)
I think this gift tells you a little something about what our mornings are usually like. I have no idea when to use it, it seems like such a powerful wild-card that I can scarcely bring myself to hold it. Amanda also gave me one promising to knit a washcloth. Given the loathing that my eldest currently holds for knitting, and all it stands for (I think that would be me) this is a real expression of love. I’m not going to cash it in. I’m just going to keep it, so that every time we have one of those mother-teenager meltdowns (about necklines, curfews or lipstick) I’ll have it to clutch quietly in my fist as private proof that she loves me and that we will both survive her adolescence.
Megan gave me these. (among others)
I have some reservations about the “blog story” one. I’m torn between just giving it to her and seeing what happens, or having a little motherly sit down with her and finding out what she plans to do to give me a “blog story”. The brainchild behind the voodoo dolls, Megan possesses an unusually quirky and dangerous brand of imagination. Don’t get me wrong….all of my kids are creative, (and dangerous, actually) but Meg is a little, er….”darker” about it, and if the life we’ve been living over here has been “blog worthy” without her even trying? Well I shudder to think what a special effort would look like.
Sam’s are forthcoming. (I’ve often said that the trouble with mothers day is that it’s planned by men and children. You have to accept that it doesn’t always have the co-ordination of fathers day. It’s part of its charm.)
Yesterday marked the return of the Dublin Bay socks. These didn’t work out in the Yarn That Shall Not Be Named, but are looking really dandy in the Confetti sock yarn. I’m trying to get a jump on Christmas. Every year I swear things are going to be different, that I’m going to plan ahead. Well look at me, it’s May and there’s a Christmas sock on the needles. That’s right. Score: Harlot .20 (that’s how much of the pair of socks is done) Christmas: 0
I grant you, that’s not much of a lead, but it’s a lead.
I’m still working on the blog surprise, but I’m unfortunately engaged in a battle with technology that I’m not winning at the moment. I’ve called in reinforcements, and I expect that things will start to improve as soon as Ken has time to bail me out of my latest mess.
Like, tomorrow maybe. Don’t be too excited either, it’s not like, cake or anything.
Finally I share with you my conversation with Meg last night.
Mom: Meg, time to put down the knitting and go to sleep.
Meg: Mummy, this shawl isn’t going very fast. I wish there was some way to make it faster. Maybe you could help me? Just a few courtesy rows?
I laughed out loud. Courtesy rows?