Lunching ladies

Yesterday, after publicly humiliating myself on this blog, I walked the green (doesn’t “green” seem like to mild a word?) sweater to the donation box, got myself on the bus and went downtown to meet Kathy (of the comments) and her friend Nadine while they were in town for a visit to Koigu.
I didn’t tell you all ahead of time because I figured that if we hated each other, we could just forget that it had ever happened and nobody would ever have to know. Turns out, Kathy and Nadine are a whole lot of fun. Clever, nice, funny…these ladies had it going on. We lunched downtown, then jumped in a cab and went to Romni. Romni is a huge wool store and they have tons of stuff. (Really, tons. I mean if you aren’t prepared for it you can be a little overwhelmed. Me, I have a high resistance to wool, so I do ok…but some new knitters might get a little woozy. Just put your head between your knees and don’t look at the cashmere and you’ll be ok) We made a beeline for the Fleece Artist stuff, and in the interest of leaving you with the impression that Kathy and Nadine are women of restraint and decorum, we shall not discuss any further details of that trip. Suffice it to say that they have excellent taste, lovely manners, wickedly sharp senses of humour and I’d spend time with them any way I could get it. (They went to Koigu today and they said I could go with them but I have a stupid *job*. I cannot tell you of the deep and bitter pain that I feel when I think of them being there without me.
I may have bought a little fibre at Romni, but stuck exclusively to the Canadian wools theme that Kathy had going on and just got me a little fleece artist.
This is their sock yarn. Hand dyed merino. I have no idea why my camera is refusing to recognize the actual colours present in this yarn, but for starters, the actual orange in the yarn is a lovely burnt orange sort of colour, with olive undertones. Not Day-glo/tang/preventing hunting accidents in the woods/ orange.
This is kid mohair roving. Be still my heart.
I tried really, really hard to demonstrate some sort of fidelity to the socks, or the tank, or the cardie (oh…yeah. I started another cardie. It’s boring, you don’t care) but I sort of accidentally spun up some of the roving.
I think it’s sort of interesting that I bought such colourful stuff, I’m usually a little more restrained. (Green sweater from yesterday duly noted, but you can’t hold that against me. I was young, I was foolish, I was clearly not getting enough of some kind of vitamin.) I think it’s the by-product of shopping with Kathy, who has great taste in colour and isn’t afraid to go nuts with it. Who knew that I was this suggestible? (Shut up Ken.)
I love every single inch of it all.
Do you know that for weeks now, I’ve been traipsing out to my front garden each morning with an armload of knitting, fibre and yarn, then carefully positioning it all in amongst my plants, crawling around in the garden for good vantage points, and taking pictures of it, and not one of my neighbours (I’m in the garden right against the sidewalk. People are literally passing within inches of me and my sweaters in the bushes…inches. I live in a busy urban neighbourhood too, lots of people passing by.) not one person has asked me what the hell I’m doing? Just thought I’d mention that.