It’s cold and rainy here

It’s cold and rainy here again, and I’m starting to feel like some kind of an idiot for knitting all these tank tops. Really, if you figure it from May 24th and count until school goes back at Labour day, we here in Toronto really only have about 16 weekends to sit on a patio having a pint with our knitting. (Ok, so I’ve only ever seen me or Ken sitting on a patio knitting in the sunshine with a pint, but we’re trend setters) Things are not looking good. Given the forecast, there are only 14 chances left. Is Toronto being punished for something? Have we somehow angered the planet? What happened to Global Warming? (Am I the only one who has thought that they were going to have a hard time convincing Canadians that global warming is a bad thing?) I’m going to go buy something aerosol. I swear it. Global warming my arse.
The pointless tank knitting continues apace. The back of the Freudian slip tank being mere rows from completion.
and I finished the first bastardized Dublin Bay sock. What do you think Ryan?
Now I’m off, heading downtown to meet Laurie of the comments, who is visiting Toronto. We are going to lunch, then a little bit of a yarn shop crawl, going definitely to the wonder that is Romni wool, and possibly to the charm that is Lettuce Knit, in the market. I’m going to go now and get Laurie’s present ready. See? Presents. A 6000 square foot yarn store, lunch and presents. Why wouldn’t you come?

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  1. Also cold and rainy here. Although (because I know you are strong and can take it) I will mention that there is a sunny forecast for tomorrow’s Mass. Sheep & Wool…..

  2. Well, it’s cold and rainy here in Massachusetts too but I haven’t been making tank tops because…well…they make me look like a tank 🙂 Still, there is something about cold and rainy that makes staying inside, warm and knitterly, very appealing!

  3. Claudia – Chilly Torontonians may not all be as strong as Steph. I for one will be tormented all weekend by deams of sunbathing sheep, begging to be sheared.
    The sun has come out here now, and I am heading out to the Danforth for lunch on a patio, where I will also knit and raise a pint in Stephanie’s honoour (not too hard to twist my arm). I will not be knitting a tank top though; just 14 weekends, thank for pointing that out Steph. I’ll stick with socks.

  4. Also cold and rainy here in Pullman, Washington. I get to spend the entire long weekend ALONE (except for 2 Corgis and a very large black Labrador Retriever who has delusions that he is a lap dog) and am currently exchanging emails with Kate Painter at Paradise Fibers about the possibility of buying a LOOM ….shhh — don’t tell my husband. He knows I am the incrementalist and he is worried……see KnitLit Too for full details.

  5. It is also raining here in Portland, Oregon. You may say, what is the big deal, because we are famous for rain. However, we had a beautiful glorious few weeks of warm weather and sunshine, and we all got suckered in. I have been knitting tank tops myself…so I feel your pain.

  6. It is warm, balmy, and the air is thick with thrumming creepy cicadas here in MD. (And I mean “wear a mosquito net over your whole person to walk across the parking lot” thick, not “wow, what interesting bugs” thick.)
    Those of you experiencing cold “spring-like” rain (especially Anne, in my old and longed-for hometown of Portland) are making me very jealous. Spring only lasted about 3 hours here. And I think I napped through it.

  7. I’m also in rainy Massachusetts-land. I snuck on Gyrid yesterday, but I keep knitting tanks because I believe that some day the $#@!ing rain will go away and I’ll be able to wear them.
    It’s not so much global warming as global climate change. We get rain, desserts get even dryer, icecaps melt and all of Britain will flood… Pretty much everyone gets screwed. Maybe we should do an outreach campaign to knitters, asking them to put the aerosol away, because some the best sheep come from islands and those of us who will be in the deep freeze are gonna want that wool.

  8. Please send the rain my way. It’s HOT & dry here in north Florida. Over 90 & not a cloud in the sky. No tank top knitting here. My shoulders hurt at the thought of the sunburns they’d suffer if bared. I’ll second the pint, though.

  9. Cool and grey here in Southern California; my ear claims that it might rain, but it’s been lying (and complaining) all week.
    *donning pedant’s hat* “Global warming” has been replaced by the more accurate “global climate change” — for exactly the reasons you describe. The planet’s experiencing mood swings (or hot flashes), not a fever. *doffs hat*
    I am entranced by the sock. Probably not enough to attempt it myself, but it is lovely to look at!

  10. Well, I’m with Stephanie – I live about 1 1/2 hours north of Toronto, and I think we have had one weekend of pleasant weather. So to celebrate we sat outside and drank beer and got sunburnt!
    At least the peeling skin reminds me of that long ago day…..
    And the weeks haven’t been any better – it’s not as though we have had wonderful sunny weeks and lousy weekends, it’s all been lousy.
    But the paper is saying in 20 years the Polar Bears will have lost their habitat….:-(

  11. Today on NPR they talked about Global warming becuase of the new movie “The Day AFter Tomorrow”. It seems that global warming is causing you in the east to be colder and we in the west to by dry and in a drought. It’s rained for 5 minutes everday for a month, however. Love all your tanks (because they are blue) and the socks are rad!

  12. It’s not just Toronto being punished with shitty weekends. Minnesota is getting it, too.

  13. I love your tank series. I appreciate the futility as I love to knit intricate woollies and we have maybe 4 weekends a year cool enough to wear them. It was 90F here in central Texas today and will be that or above until October or November. There’s never a bad time to have a pint, though.

  14. Sunny but cool here in Sydney, 3 days out from winter. Mind you, we want the rain, we’re in drought and about to go on severe water restrictions from Tuesday.

  15. I’m in northern Michigan and this has been the coldest, rainiest spring since we moved here 12 years ago. And it’s coming on the heels of one of the coldest, snowiest winters. There is a bright side for knitters: if we finish a sweater, we don’t have to wait three more months to wear it! But I would gladly pack it in the cedar chest if summer would only come.

  16. Yeah, well, when I landed in St. Petersburg on May 13, it was SNOWING. (Yes, okay, it was St. Petersburg, Russia–sort of like the commercial currently on air that has the family travelling in a “space machine” to St. Petersburg for summer vacation, but forgetting to specify “Florida” and ending up in a snowy square populated by fierce-looking merchants and peasants.) For my trouble, I came home with an ear infection, conjunctivitis, and an exceptionally rare (so they tell me) strain of strep throat. I laugh at your “cold and RAINY” weather stories!
    whose personality will return to normal once the new antibiotics have done their work and once she’s discontinued the slew of meds that say “may cause drowsiness and/or dizziness,” and who will then sincerely admire Steph’s optimism and fortitude at continuing to knit tanks (and will speculate that Steph’s upper arms must look a hell of a lot better than her own)

  17. It is cool and rainy here in Central Alberta. It has been warm and sunny up till now and we worked our butts off getting the new garden ready (grubbing out stumps etc) We were looking forward to sitting on the deck with a pint and admiring it all. So, Stephanie, its your fault! You had to go and mess with the Canadian weather gods, and knit tanks…in the sping/summer. You should know by now you only that stuff in the winter. Go knit an earflap hat in White Buffalo, quickly. It may not be too late appease them….maybe better knit 2!

  18. You sound like my husband — he laments every rainy spring/summer weekend. I look on the bright side — at least I don’t have to do yard work! Its nice and cool, clear and breezy here today.

  19. Well, between the fact that a very good friend is moving to Toronto this summer, the fact that you’re there, and the fact that I have always enjoyed my previous visits, I hope to make it out there soon.
    Although you’re in Canada, shouldn’t the yarn store be 557 square meters? I thought us Americans were the only ones left with square feet…

  20. I’ll take a few days of cold and rainy in trade for a few of my valley-inversion-layer, 110+ degree, not the slightest hint of a gasp of breeze days that will be coming in July! You’ll have all sorts of excuses to wear tanks and sit around with pints then. . .

  21. No, No Jon! Stores are in square feet. Cooking is still in cups and tsp. Temperature is metric. Knitting needles are metric. You can’t be told these things, you just know cause you breathe Canadian air! You get the knowledge in the water. It makes no sense, none. You buy gas by the litre and when you buy a car, it tells you fuel consumption based on litres and kms., but when you brag about what a great car it is, you quote miles per gallon.
    Barb Brown

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