Ban the Blue

It would seem that Claudia is taking matters into her own hands. Overwhelmed by the omnipresence of blue on my blog she has sent me the antithesis. Thanks lady!
The note reads “Ban the Blue”, and the yarn is Lion Brand Microspun, in “mango”. This is cool, not only because it is not blue, but because I’ve not seen this yarn in Toronto shops. It’s pretty neat. Amanda decided to take a stand and back Claudia’s blue ban. (except for the sweatshirt)
Personally, I think it’s a bold thing to do just to make a point about your mother’s blog…but what do I know.
Claudia enclosed a snip of the lime that she’s been knitting, and damn. That’s lime. You know how sometimes you can think of other words to describe colours? You say “it’s sort of a dirty lime” or “green apple-lime” or “well it’s lime, but lime in the shade…ya know?” Not this. There is only one word my friends, and that is LIME. Claudia’s going to look simply smashing in her tank.
I worked away on my blue tank (now that the socks are done I have returned to my former loves…though now that the mango goodness has arrived things are not looking good for them again). (Note: Photoshop may have been used to alter the colour of the tank.)
I’m only five cm up the front, but I’m the cables are coming up soon and I’m pretty hopped up about it. (Am I the only one who really worries about being excited by this kind of thing? Really, I’m probably going to get to the cables today and I can’t wait. Is that sad? Should I get out more?)
Now. A discussion question. This morning I read this. Surprise, surprise, I do virtually none of the things that Jenna advocates. (Well, that’s not true. I swatch. I read through the pattern to avoid getting bitten hard on the hind parts by something like “at the same time”, I check to make sure there’s no hidden crochet…) but other than that…I don’t do squat. I’ve never enlarged a schematic or marked decreases/increases and more than that, it had never occurred to me.
Don’t get me wrong, Jenna Wilson is clearly a genius and a very good knitter. She’s got an extremely good grip on how knitting works and her advice is sound. Very sound. There probably isn’t any of us who wouldn’t be a better knitter after taking her advice. We should all do this. Definitely.
This brings us to the question of the day. Having read the article, having a firm understanding that this would improve your knitting, fully knowing that this is an absolutely practical, reasonable, intelligent and thoughtful way to advance your skills and be a better knitter, please choose one of the following.
A) Yes. I will definitely be using this approach. I understand now what has been going wrong with much of my knitting and I want to knit smarter. The time spent preparing for a project will pay off in the knitting and the final product and it’s worth it. What most knitters don’t understand is that really getting into the technical side of knitting is fulfilling beyond words.
B) Well, I’m going to do some of that stuff. There’s some darned good ideas there, but I’m drawing the line at schematics.
C) No way. I’ll agree that it’s smart, but words like “calculation” “zone” and “geometric logic” sound like about as much fun as waxing your armpits. When I think about doing it this way I get an itch that starts right under my left foot and careens all the way to my brain, sucking all the joy, hope and relaxation out of my knitting along with it. With all due respect I’d rather throw myself into a bin of two mm dpns and hope that I take one in the heart than do this. I’m not afraid to live right on the edge, and I’m willing to pay for it with screwed up knitting and whole projects frogged into oblivion. It feels good to decrease without calculation, fail to highlight relevant pattern text and design as I go with out any regard for the laws of mathematics and the confining walls of logic and structure. I am a Knitter, and my business is with sheep and wool…I will turn my back on structure and planning and I…. WILL…..KNIT!
Naturally, I am not revealing my preference until after you have all commented.