Resisting my charms

The tank is not onside. I don’t know what to tell you, but it is not finished. It is, in fact…close to finished, but close don’t put a tank on momma’s back now, does it. (Aside: I told Sam I was almost done the tank and she looked at and said “I hope that is *really* stretchy)
Fixing the wrong stitches proved to be a little more involved than I thought it would be. Like maddeningly, insanely more involved. When I was laddering stitches back up last night at 10 pm, sighing loudly, Ken confessed that he would have frogged. Oh, c’mon. Where’s your sense of adventure? As Laura said yesterday in the comments
“There is something so satisfying about stitch surgery. Everyone makes mistakes, but performing some insane feat of skill to correct the mistake is an art, all its own”
So today I will finish the tank, except because fixed the ribbing the hard way I won’t just finish the tank. I’ll defeat the tank. I’ll get the better of the tank, I’ll put the tank in it’s place and make it cry like a girl, Score: Harlot 1, tank NOTHING, that’s right, squat. Suck it up tank-baby because you are going down and there’s nothing you can do about it.
(Probably should have done that little bit of tank-tempting-trash-talk when I was done with it eh? The chance that I’ll fall down while carrying the tank and it will manage to impale me on one of the needles is now so close to a certainty that the best thing for me to do today is go lie in a darkened room)
I won’t though, because Tuesdays are for spinning, and the mohair/merino laceweight project continues. I’m going to be an old woman when I get this together.
Finally, yesterday Nathania lost her cool a little bit when her morning was disrupted by Wendy’s server trouble. While I understand freaking out when you can’t stick to a perfectly good system (just try getting between my and my email at 8:00am) the best thing to come out of it was that Nathania listed her “must reads”. (She included me, nice of her eh?) One of them I had never been to before (and I get around), so here’s your chance to tell me, what other awesome blogs don’t I know about ? What are your “must reads”? The ones you check every day single day and feel “off” if you can’t read them. Lay it on me.