Well, this is a let down.

I feel bad for all of you this morning. You get your coffee/tea/hard liquor and head over to the computer and log onto Yarn Harlot thinking, “I wonder what that woman is up to? Has Joe done something? Have the children endangered her life? Has she screwed up her knitting beyond all reasonable hope and is yet going to bravely launch herself into another pit of knitting disaster and tragedy? The tank is finished, maybe she’s starting an exciting new project, maybe there’s a swatch….”
Sorry, but the Harlot is boring today. If you are close to dying of ennui, keep on going, there’s no help here. Absolutely nothing of note has happened in my life since we spoke last (oh… except we went for a bike ride yesterday and got lost, and we ended up in this really rich neighbourhood and the girls kept calling it “Stepford” except all the women they saw had small breasts, so they decided it wasn’t Stepford after all…but that might have just been funny to me) and to make matters worse, I have begun another Boring Cardie, and to add insult to injury, it is (poor Claudia…) it is blue.
I will try to add interest by knitting it really, really fast. I’ll pretend it’s a knitting race.
A few notes from yesterday.
Thanks for saying nice things about my rack. I appreciate it. Considering that for years of mothering these were “working girls” it makes me feel good to know that they haven’t lost their aesthetic appeal. (Even if I have to knit them special outfits to make them look good)
A big shout out to Kaare who defended the spouses of the knit-obsessed everywhere, and tipped us off to the fact that we aren’t getting away with as much as we hoped. (Maybe go back and read his comment…he’s a funny guy)
Now me, I don’t get away with squat, but I don’t try to. I have my own money and I’m fiscally responsible. (Fine…I’m cheap. Horribly, terribly cheap, though I prefer the term “frugal”) and the way I see it, Joe shouldn’t mind what I do so long as I don’t mind what he does and so long as we can all pay the bills at the end of the day. So here are the questions of the day. (See what I’m doing? I’ve got nothing, so I’m getting you to entertain each other. Smart eh? )
Do you sneak yarn purchases?
If so, Why? Avoiding disapproval? Concealing your habit? Creating an aura of mystery? To see if you can?
If not, can you imagine circumstances under which you would?
Clean Sweep.
In mere moments my super organized insanely tidy Sister-in-law Kelly will arrive. Kelly will be helping me find the house I know is somewhere under this mess. Kelly has a way of taking 89 pounds of crap and making it all seem like 2 pounds of crap. (This is probably because she throws away 87 pounds).
I have discovered that it’s pretty much a crock to expect me to be able to work a 50 hour week, take the girls on bike rides, read stories, help with homework, make there be food and be the sort of happy knitter that I want to be if I have to clean the house too. It’s too much.
Therefore, I am accepting that if I want to be able to keep this house under control, there needs to be less to control. The kids and Joe can, (and do) do their share, but we are all being overrun with “stuff”. This stuff needs to be tidied, dusted and managed…and it’s sucking the life out of me. This stuff is out of here.
Note: For anyone feeling nervous, Kelly is a knitter.
Kelly surely understands that stash, needles, patterns, newsletters, books, roving, spinning stuff, drop spindles, fleeces and works in progress are not “stuff” and that we will not be throwing away so much as a ball of crappy acrylic or a pattern for a chunky sweater with a moose on it. That in fact, when I say “this stuff is out of here” I am referring to the crazy amount of stuff that everyone else in the family has, not my stuff. My stuff is essential.
Right Kell? Kelly? Ok?