Still life with citrus

This morning, in a desperate attempt to appease my children (it’s really only a matter of time until they are completely feral you know) I gave Sam the digital camera and my knitting and nominated her photographer for the day. Sam’s mission, to photograph the Mango tank top in a creative way.
The Rules.
It must be interesting. (Sam feels that this should be easy, considering that all I do is “stick it in a bush”, the kid has a point.)
There can be no nudity. (I really just gave her that rule to make her say “eeewwww”)
There can be no foul language or lewdness. (This is necessary since Sam is still young enough to think that anything involving the region of your body between your knees and your belly button is hysterically funny. Even just the word. As an example of just how far this goes, Science teachers for kids this age hate teaching the planets. There’s going to be no way to get around saying “Uranus”)
Without further ado….The Tank Top. A photographic essay by Sam.
“Sunrise over Mango Lake”
“My friend Tanka”
“Still life with citrus”
A few technical notes, the tank top now measures 9.5 inches. This means that I probably only have to knit 436 more rows before it measures 10.5 and I can get to the interesting part. The bobbins in the picture are both full, which means that I have slipped even deeper into the hold of the G4 project, and now appear helpless in the face of the fleece. In order to regain control, I have *not* washed more fleece, so I should have to stop when I run out. I’m also thinking that when I finish the third bobbin and ply the stuff and find out that all of this work has only made 75 metres of yarn, that should pretty much shut me down.