Who’s that hussy?

Well look at this. It’s an almost finished Mango tank. Theoretically speaking, all it needs is ribbon, lucet cord or crocheted lace. I say “theoretically” because last night, when I was sort of putting it on to measure the strap length, I got a little bit of a surprise.
The surprise is that this tank top is er, a little revealing. So revealing in fact that I can’t believe that I worried about whether or not the slit in the bottom would show my belly. My belly, my friends is the least of the problem, or problems (plural). The rather shocking development would be that this tank top shows so much of the rack that while I am wearing it, I look for all the world like the only hooker in Toronto wearing finely crafted, hand-knit tart clothes. (Am I really the only woman in the world to perpetually misjudge the size of her breasts? How, after so many years of living together can I still be shocked to find them there? How I ask you, How? I’m forever putting on clothes and looking in the mirror and thinking “Holy crap! Where did those come from!)
That’s it….Stephanie, the knitting prostitute. Standing on a street corner, knitting socks with the rack spilling out of a bright orange mesh tank top. (With an always sophisticated quick release lace up front even). What was I thinking?
Joe thinks that perhaps I am being overly conservative. I think Joe may be trying to get me to dress like a Parkdale Crack Ho. We’ll see. I’m going to put it on and wear it around the house. If I continue to be appalled when I see myself by accident in the mirror, or my 15 year old reminds me that we don’t wear “slut clothes” in this house…..well. A trip to the frog pond may be in my future.
Ryan, the Dublin Bay socks saw “Amazing Caves” at the Cinesphere yesterday. They are having such a good summer so far.