Hey sailor

Attention: This photograph was carefully staged. First I stood in this position, then the tank top was arranged (by Megan, who reminded me that this was absolutely not going to work if I couldn’t concentrate and advised me that the tank top may not be the right size.) to cover my rack in an artful way, then I held my breath. If I breathe, move or attempt to live a life in any sort of way that is not desperately centred around keeping my rack covered, It is not covered.
harlot(Yes the picture is a little fuzzy, Megan’s focussing ability leaves a little to be desired, although in this case I’m ok with you all being a little sketchy on the details, Well, honestly it isn’t you. It’s some sweaty guy named Buzzy in a trailer park somewhere with a high-speed hookup, a 12 pack of Miller and….well, let’s just leave it at that)
Since I am exactly the kind of careless woman who is going to breathe, move or drink coffee, and since this is exactly the kind of tank top that is then going to then dump my breasts into public view, A Plan has been formulated. I’m going to frog back to the solid bit before the cups start, do a little more solid stuff so that the vee doesn’t plunge quite to mid thigh and then stop decreasing sooner and make wider straps.
If that doesn’t help enough, then as Jenifleur pointed out, at least I may have found a way to make more yarn money. (Actually, I find it sort of reassuring that I may have found something that I will not do to get yarn. Who knew?)
Tuesdays are for spinning was observed with the spinning of the third bobbin, and the plying of the first (be still my heart) 300 metres of yarn for the G4 project. All hail the mighty spinster, for she has made three ply and did not utter foul words , imbue the yarn with bitter invective or abandon said G4 project and claim that she was never going to spin for a stupid gansey anyway. I am in love with the finished yarn.
Total hours spent on G4: 23
The Dublin Bay Socks (DBS) are continuing their exciting tour of Toronto. Last night they enjoyed the pleasures of Riverdale Farm. The socks didn’t say much about the farm, but I know they had a good time because this morning they were already bugging me about where we were going today. Like I don’t get enough pressure.