Today is a federal election in Canada, when we will be choosing out new Prime Minister (or choosing the one we already have all over again). Go Vote. Remember too, that there is a big change in how politics is funded in Canada this year. Up until now the political parties were funded according to the number of ridings they won. This means that smaller parties, (like the NDP) who might have had quite a bit of the popular vote that won few ridings received far less funding. This means that the big parties get the money and stay big, and the small parties get small money and stay small. For the first time this year, your vote is worth
That’s right my friend, when you vote, you hand $1.75 to the NDP (or you know…whichever one you vote for). This means that even if your party doesn’t win, or doesn’t win many ridings, they are now funded according to what you actually voted for. Get it?
This means, (for example) that if you happened to be a hippy, feminist, knitting, tree-hugging, pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage, recycling vegetarian…. They can’t give your $1.75 vote money to help Steven Harper promote ideals, morals and approaches you don’t agree with, just because he won in your riding.
This means that your vote would support Jack Layton, (or you know…whoever) even if he doesn’t win. Vote your heart. Save the world.
PS. Here is a picture of the almost finished mango tank. Let’s not talk about how close I am in case it spontaneously combusts. The Canadians among you will note that it is Orange. You will wonder if this is a hint. You will have to guess.
What do you guys think about just crocheting a tie for the tank out of the yarn? There doesn’t appear to be a ribbon in Toronto that matches it.
PS # 2 Hey Ryan…Your Dublin Bay socks (in progress) got a trip to the Pride Parade yesterday. They had a good time. The socks would like to apologize to the guy who was standing underneath Sam and the Super-Soaker. Sam had a good time too.

21 thoughts on “Go VOTE

  1. Good idea — crochet’s less slippery (in case the ribbon, um, caught on something and accidentally considered coming untied.) Or I-cord if you don’t want to crochet? Done K1,P1 on four stitches it comes out square. Amusing.

  2. I made the same tank in microspun purple and had the same problem with ribbon. The I-cord was too chunky so I used a white ribbon for a while and it looked fine. I finally found purple and white check ribbon which masked the fact that the purple wasn’t exact. Maybe a print or plaid ribbon would coordinate nicely?

  3. Hippys rule!
    If it were my tank, I would make a lucet braided cord out of the microspun. Same idea as I-cord, but more compact and not as chunky (IMHO). Got a lucet? Note: all good crafty hippys should have lucets.

  4. Go Jack… or in my case, Olivia. Orange may not be my *favorite* colour in the world (though mango, on the other hand, is beautiful) but it will look gorgeous tonight wherever it pops up… 7.5 hours until the polls close in Ontario!

  5. This hippy, feminist, knitting, tree-hugging, pro-choice, pro-same sex marriage, recycling vegetarian…. knit with orange yarn on green needles while waiting in line at the polling station – subtle, no? And I didn’t know about the change in voting $$$ – it’s about time!

  6. Nice to know TMK and I at least made it to *your* Pride Parade, no matter how indirectly and no matter how many degrees of separation it required, since we didn’t go to ours here… Glad to hear that the socks are out and about!

  7. I just CANNOT believe you cannot find ribbon to match! Even on Queen St W – e.g., Mokuba?
    Now here in Ottawa, you REALLY wouldn’t find ribbon to match.
    In Ottawa Centre – Go Ed! (he’s back!)

  8. I had thought you meant you were crocheting a matching neck-tie that Joe could wear. So that you would be one of those matching couples that look so cute.
    But then I realized you just meant a tie-down for the rack.

  9. Mike, OMG but that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a while…
    YH: Good thing you gave up on the blue for a while, nuh?

  10. Now, I’m just sayin’ here…..but that tiny little triangle looks to me a tad bit small for the size of your rack. I think you might need some industrial cording — OR just go for broke and get some, say, contrasting but beautiful ribbon in, say, a nice watermelon or lime shade. Luscious. For the melons.

  11. Mmmm, all kinds of mango goodness happin’ there… Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  12. I’m so glad to see you’re past the black hole on the tank, because I’m waiting to see how yours turns out before I start mine! Since we both look so gorgeous in blue, I want to see how yours looks in not-blue before I choose a colour.
    I’m leaning towards red, but NOT for political reasons! It’s orange all the way, baby. While I’m partying down with the Green Party and Marxist-Leninist candidates tonight watching the numbers come down on tv, I’ll be secretly pulling for the NDP incumbent (I’m a bit of a slut that way).
    I definitely favour the idea of a lucet cord for the tank because it’s so strong and elegant, but keep in mind that it’s also less rough and catchy than a crochet chain, and may be easier for *someone* to pull out! Unless you want to make it easy.

  13. Or how about a loonie and three bits for the sexiest blue eyes in the campaign… Giles

  14. did I read that RIGHT? you are outing your prime Minister?
    Yet another excellent reason to Move To Canada…

  15. Thanks for the political lesson, I didn’t know that. Hubby and I just came back from voting. Go Orange Go! I’m really scared to hear the results tonight though.

  16. I wouldn’t try to match the mango color at all, but play it up with a red or red/orange ribbon for contrast!

  17. How about a suede tie (or faux suede for a vegeterian hippie). It’s easy to thread, holds a knot or bow, and comes in a variety of colors which would go well with mango. And you could probably find moose suede to go with the whole “rack” theme. 🙂

  18. Oh, Harlot. You make me want to move to Canada. I wanna move now.
    I wouldn’t try to match the ribbon either. Go for a nice contrast. Purple. Or yellow or lime. Or pink.

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