Happy Birthday to Stephanie

With apologies to those needing a fix of “the harlot”.
Stephanie asked me to write a “guest entry” for her blog today, with the excuse that she doesn’t work on her birthday. My initial response was a most emphatic (and cowardly) NO! While I have no problem whatsoever posting random thoughts on my own blog, there are standards here. An established audience. People Who Care. She called me yesterday evening, asking, “Have you thought about the guest blog?” “Yeah, some,” I replied, quite calmly I thought, “though I’m a bit nervous.” “It’ll be fine,” she reassured me. “You have to be funny, though. REALLY funny. What time will it be posted?” When I’m done throwing up, was all I could think.
Funny. No, REALLY funny. Okay, go! Be funny! … … … … Okay, how’s this: That Stephanie, she’s a real purl!
Clearly, the only thing worse than not being funny is trying too hard to be funny.
Okay, so no more funny.
When Stephanie does a thing, she does it completely and wholeheartedly. blasting on ahead and leaving the rest of us somewhat dazed in her wake, still trying to figure out how things work. While I’m still trying to figure out how to find time to get things done, Stephanie simply gets them done, and in a way and to a degree that I couldn’t have previously imagined.
I’ve knit her some socks (sadly, this is currently an odd number, as she received only one (1) completed Latvian sock for her birthday), and she’s knit me these:
Ken's sock collection
This isn’t even complete. Some are at my boyfriend’s place, and some have worn out or been, well, shrunk somehow (certainly not through improper care, I assure you). Does anyone, who shares neither genes nor a bed with the knitter, have this many hand-knit socks? Many of these even predate any reciprocation on my part, as does this:
Sandtracks sweater
The image isn’t the best, but there’s a lovely subtle random ripple throughout. It all started when I asked for a sweater that looked like sand dunes, and no, I didn’t really know what I meant by that, but could it be kind of, well, random? I had no idea at the time what knitting was like, how “randomness” could be complicated. I just asked, and received.
We had a relatively brief yet intense period of obsession with origami. We both became fairly competent. Then we had the “who can fold the smallest crane” contest. You can guess who won that one. Then I received 999 paper cranes. We had heard a Japanese legend that giving someone 1000 cranes (senzaburu) you had folded meant that they would marry you, and Stephanie wanted to show me how close we were. I’d just like to say for the record that a box containing 999 paper cranes is an excellent, if slightly insane, demonstration tool.
I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that Stephanie is more. More of everything. More fun, more ethical, more talented, more committed, more empathic, more nice, and ye gods can the woman ever talk your ear off! It’s all right, though; I now have a cordless phone with a headset so I can go on with my life. Just one more thing I have because Stephanie is in my life.
Just so y’all know? All good things in life come from Stephanie. She’s the best friend anyone could ever ask for, and I’m supremely glad she’s mine.
Happy birthday, Stephanie.

48 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Stephanie

  1. Happy Birthday, dear Yarn Harlot! Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUU!!
    And Ken, that was a very sweet entry (and funny, too). I love the 999 origami cranes story. Both you and Steph are blessed to have found such good friends in each other.

    Ken, that was lovely! I wish we knew each other and I could say “do me next!”
    I hope your feet are up, your cocktail glass is full and your cares are few! Enjoy your day 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Stephanie!!
    Great job on the blog, Ken –
    Have a good ‘un, you two –

  4. Stephanie, I hope that you are having a great birthday celebration! Ken, that is such a sweet tribute to your best friend. Both of you are blessed to have each other.

  5. Stephanie, have a wonderful birthday!! And Ken, what a very nice entry. Great job!

  6. Ken, that’s so nice – and your sock collection is quite amazing; you and Stephanie are both very lucky. Happy Stephanie’s birthday, Ken, and Happy Birthday, Stephanie!

  7. Clever Harlot. GENerous Harlot, to give us a gift on your birthday. We knew Ken was eye-candy, but now it turns out that extends to his posts, both pictures and text. Yum. Thank you both.

  8. Stephanie! You and my son Jackson are birthday buddies!!! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with everything you love. Jax had a jumping castle, maybe you can get one of those!
    Ken your blog entry was amazing. It made me want to learn origami so I could make someone 999 cranes but then I realized the most I would need is about 500ish! You are truly blessed to find a friend of 999!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE! ‘Hope your day is everything it should be and more.
    You enrich my day everyday with your blog.
    Nice job Ken. Your blog tribute is amusing, warm and genuine. Steph is lucky to have you.
    Susan G.

  10. Oh, no fair! I want a friend like Stephanie … *and* I want a friend like Ken!
    This entry is a fabulous tribute to a fabulous friendship. Lucky both of you!

  11. Sit back relax and enjoy your day. Friendship is the best thing in the world and you have a great freind in Ken (and visa versa it sounds). Thanks for sharing him and your knitting humor with us daily. You’re the best!

  12. Wonderful tribute to a wonderful friendship. Love the sock parade, and Happy Birthday Stephanie!

  13. Happy Birthday, Stephanie ! Hey, it’s my birthday too, this week- Wednesday. Great knitters are born in June. I’m off to the yarn store. HOpe you have lots of fun today. Betsy

  14. Happy Birthday Stephanie. Your blog is a staple in my mornings and your humor helps get me through the work day. Good job, Ken, you didn’t let her down- your blog is every bit as good.

  15. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy BIRTH-daaaay dear Haaaaaarlooooot. . .
    happy birthday to you!
    I hope you get your favorite kind of cake.

  16. Happy Birthday Stephanie!
    Have an amazing day.
    Great job Ken, you’re a wonderful friend. Of course my birthday is next Sunday,now I know what I want from my best friend 😉 I’ll make sure she knows who to blame…

  17. Wow. Me, I’d probably have to be lying there in the casket to have someone speak that lovingly of me, foibles and warmth and knitting and all, within my earshot. Thank you to both of you for including all of us random strangers within your friendship.
    And Stephanie–may the rest of your day be as wonderful as Ken’s words. And I hope the cake is dark chocolate.

  18. Happy Birthday, Stephanie! Beautiful post, Ken. What a wonderful thing true friendship is. Being able to trust someone absolutely makes you both vulnerable to extreme pain, and free in a way that is indescribable. There is little in life that is worth more than relationships like that, if there is anything at all. I still remember being touched by your birthday post to Ken on HIS birthday.

  19. I wanted to join in with the rest of the comments to wish you a great, happy birthday Stephanie (woo hoo! another reason to eat cake!) Ken wrote such lovely things about you; i actually kinda puddled up a little. You both are so very lucky to have each other as best friends! Enjoy your day!

  20. All birthday best, Stephanie! Ken is one lucky fella ~ but so are we who get at least a tangential sense of how fine, fab & funny you are via the blog.

  21. My birthday wishes for you is joy, happiness and lots of cake.
    What a great friend you have in Ken based on what he said in his lovely post and it evident Ken has a great friend in you.
    Happy birthday!

  22. What a great birthday tribute!
    The sock lineup is impressive, but that sweater is a work of genius (are we surprised?).
    Happy Birthday Stephanie!

  23. Happiest of birthdays, dear harlot. Many happy returns and felicitations. Hope Joe, the kids and Ken have something lovely planned for you and I can’t wait to read all about it tomorrow morning over my cup of tea (hard liquor optional).
    Ken, what a loving tribute. I hope my friends speak so well of me.

  24. Happy Birthday!
    The guest blogger/day off idea is SO awesome…
    I hope you got to wear your tank
    and look ELEGANT
    while we all applaud!

  25. Me too! I’ll say it. Happy Birthday. I don’t have anything better than that, even though I wish that I did. Instead, shall I play for you on my drum?

  26. Happy Birthday to my fellow Gemini. I knew there was a reason that I found you so witty, cool, and funny.
    Ken, great job. I think you and Stephanie are mutually lucky to have each other as friends.

  27. Not to make anyone jealous and all, but I’m lucky enough to have been sucked into the Harlot’s web… sorry, I mean she is my friend (and Ken, too – I’m blessed).
    Stephanie is truly an awesome person – everything in today’s entry – and more – is true.
    Happy birthday, love – I am beyond thankful for your friendship.
    (oh, and Ken? Fantastic job – I’m going to get a blog so you can do my borthday entry ;))

  28. (With apologies to Boynton, or whoever did this one first)
    Hippo birdie two ewes,
    Hippo birdie two ewes,
    Hippo Biiiirdie dear Harlot,
    Hippo birdie two ewes.
    Stephanie, hope your day kicked fifteen kinds of butt and Ken, what an lovely, lovely post.

  29. I dag er det Stephanie’s foedselsdag – hurra, hurra, hurra. Hun sikkert sig en gave faar som hun har oensket sig i aar og dejlig chokolade og kager til.
    As I didn’t sing the whole verse to you on the phone I thought you might like to see it in print.
    Ken, what a wonderful birthday blog.

  30. Stephanie, chou, I am sorry to be late with joyeuse anniversaire de naissance, but that’s me.
    I am proud to be able to say I have met the amazing harlot in person, and hope we meet again soon.

  31. Happiest of Birthdays, Steph. You’re lucky to be gifted with a wonderful family, wonderful friends (e.g., your guest blogger), & an adoring public. You deserve every one of ’em.

  32. Many happy returns of the day, dear Harlot. May your supply of yarn and ideas on how to use it cleverly never run out. You put a smile on my face everyday with your clever blog. How blessed you and Ken are to have each other.
    Great job, Ken!

  33. Happy belated birthday! I decided to read some knitting blogs on my birthday today, and yours is always entertaining. Thanks for the laughs.

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