I hear, and I obey.

This morning I got my trusty cup(s) of coffee and sat down to tally the votes. At first I was surprised by the results, but then it made perfect sense.
I got more votes for a “write in” than I did for any of my own ideas. (This proves what I have suspected for some time, that the people who read this blog are considerably smarter than I am. I will remember this, and be very careful about mocking you in any way).
If I am to do as the blog directs, then your plan for me is for some kind of “Combo deal”. My plan (in as much as I am ever able to execute any plan, it’s not really my strong suit) is as follows:
-I will begin the mango tank, for the gratification of the blog, the glorification of Claudia’s yarn and the celebration of the short Toronto summer.
(For those of you who were asking, it’s in Vogue Knitting Spring/summer ’04)
-I will begin Joe’s sweater, washing, carding and spinning on Tuesdays, with the goal of having the yarn ready for cooler weather knitting, at which point I will begin the gansey. For the record, I am not knitting the gansey in the link from yesterday, it was just sort of an educational linky kind of thing. The gansey I will knit will be invented as I go. While I spin the yarn I will prepare myself emotionally for knitting a sweater of that size.
-I will begin the shawl after the tank, accepting that it may move slowly on account of the rather deranged “spin-as-I-go” issues.
-I will continue to ignore works in progress at my usual rate.
Overall, the only shocker of the whole polling process (results accurate + or – 5%, 19 times out of 20) is that little 1% that voted for entrelac socks.
I know, I know, the first impulse is to find Aubergine and beat him to within an inch of his life. But that would be wrong.
Besides, we all know that I didn’t choose to give up on the entrelac socks (Do I look like a quitter to you?) I told you, they were stolen, lost in a fire, eaten by a large bird, misplaced. It was painful for me.
Terrilee was concerned that the poor little boring cardie was not even mentioned once. Not once in almost 80 comments did anyone care for it’s fate. I share Terrilees concern that the meek, the mild, the incredibly soul-joy sucking cardie was blindly trampled in the rush to choose something better. It’s a sad commentary on our society when an ordinary little cardie, whose only crime is not being a rack enhancing mango tank can slip through the cracks. I pitied it, I felt shame and I knit.
Forgive me.
(and pass the mango!)

13 thoughts on “I hear, and I obey.

  1. That’s even better! A Harlot-designed gansey! I’m so excited… now I just have to wait until the fall…
    You do realise by deciding to start with the mango tank you — YOU and YOU alone — caused the rain that is right now cascading down outside my window.
    Or perhaps not…

  2. Is the cardi finished? Are you going to put snakes or lizards or flowers or bobbles on it?

  3. Can’t wait to see the tank finished. Ya know you could make a matching thong to go with the tank. That would liven things up.
    Especially for those of us who are in the second sleeve rut or who have a total of 29 days of “summer” knitting before we have to consider fall/autumn knitting.

  4. I had a vision about those entrelac socks. The knitting godess took them as a sacrifice. They are gone. You are not to look for them or think of them ever again. My visions are never wrong.
    When I have to knit a sweater that large I mentally view it as two sweaters, back and a sleeve, 1 sweater, front and a sleeve the other. (or if in the round, up to armhole and a sleeve) I am easily fooled by these mental gymnastics. I once had to knit a sweater for my cousin, 53 inch chest, 6’9″ tall, 3 axe handles across the shoulders. This is the only way I finished that sucker.
    Barb B.

  5. Well, you’ve set yourself quite a task! I only read yesterday’s blog this morning, so hadn’t decided what my vote would be before I read your final decision. But it’s a good one.
    I think my vote would have gone to Joe, but that IS such a huge project that you would need some lighter fare to stop you from becoming totally bored with it, and beginning to hate the process.
    I love that tank pattern though (WITH the changes you suggested)
    decisions, decisions……I think I am going to try to finish a few things…..*yawn*.. it might make my halo shine a little

  6. I KNEW you’d have it done. You’re the Goddess of knitting! Good plan. Will you stick with it…doubtful. You’ll think of some way to change it and still get the projects done. Enjoy the Mango…we will!
    PS I LOVE BLUE, too.

  7. Hmm… is that a “slick combination” or a “sick combination”? (I suppose the latter would be something like a mango tank for Joe, as one person suggested yesterday.)
    I’m glad that the cardigan is done. Poor thing, to be so boring. Who gets this one?
    (That’s one advantage of being a relatively slow knitter; life’s too short to spend on boring things.)

  8. Harlot – I’m so thankful you’ve decided to spare my life another day. Funny thing is, I woke up this morning and I was amazed to find a pair of entrelac socks using the Lorna Laces Aslan colorway in the trash can outside my building. Could they be your misplaced socks? I can send them back to you….
    No no… I’d best hold onto them… it’s nice to have a knitting stash in multiple locales. I’m excited about the end of the tank run and moving on to this shawl tho…

  9. I like Diane’s thinking, a thong to go with the tank. What mango naughtiness we can think of next?

  10. instead of a thong for the tank, why not boy shorts? more comfortable and sexy. just add one more to your combination mix. how could they be harder than socks?
    mango, mmm. add a banana and make a smoothie…
    so tropical
    you can do it…

  11. Golly. My computer breaks itself and I miss all sorts of excitement! Happy belated birthday! Maybe you can make the mango tank-vest-thing longer – with just one tie at the top – and then it’ll be something both you AND Joe can enjoy? 😉

  12. Steph, I’m glad you decided to go with the tank. It is an awesome pattern. In fact, I am almost finished with a knit-in-the-round version, and I did the openwork up about 6″ and then started the bodice stitch. I am currently up to where it V’s in front and am using the pattern for the Honeymoon Tank for the decreases. It seems to be working out very nicely.

  13. Oh, heck, I wish I’d been the clever one yesterday who suggested doing a tank for Joe — Of course, a mango wife-beater. It’s not too late!

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