Song sung blue

I love it.
I labour under the delusion that it makes me look thin and clever, and with my snazzy linen pants, sort of elegant. Me looking “elegant” is significant, since really, the best that I can manage its usually “dressed” and on a good day “clean”. There is a special day coming however…and the harlot will be well dressed. Assuming of course that I can keep the tank from getting some kind of stain on it over the next few days. (Oh wait, I’m wearing white pants, clearly they will be the target). Just the same I’m intending to eat only dry, non-staining foods today while wearing this get up, things like plain rice chips and er….water, I guess.
As much as I have trained Joe in the ways of the needle, (this means speaking to him about knitting directly and constantly for years) he has apparently learned very little. Witness the conversation this morning.
Me: Do you like this? I wonder if I should have made it a little longer… Joe?
Joe: Hrmnf.
Joe is reading the newspaper. Joe is making affirmative grunting noises. I am asking him about knitting, and he is doing his best to make the grunts seem well placed and thoughtful. This is what we do. The minute he hears the word “knitting” he goes into some kind of automatic mode. I do not get angry about this (mostly because when Joe talks to me about…say…the amount of compression the studio console is getting, all I can hear is the noise that the teacher used to make in Charlie Brown television shows. Wah-wah, wah-wha-wah, Wah.) I attempt a second time. Besides, we have discussed this before, and Joe assures me that even though it would appear that what he is doing is giving me monosyllabic grunts of appeasement, he is actually expressing his belief that our relationship is so deep and connected that there does not always need to be all these “words”.
Me: Joe, Joe? Do you like the cables on the front? I’m not sure about the mattress stitch I used on the sides….Joe?
Joe: Hmmump.
Clearly I’m not making an impact. At all. Two things are obvious. I really, really need some knitting friends and I was right when I decided that Joe was infinitely more willing to discuss knittting if I am at least semi-naked. Since I want to show him the tank top, taking it off would be counter productive. I try one more time.
Me: Joe? Lovie, look, I’m wearing the new tank top.
Joe: (no answer)
Ahh…phase two. His brain has chosen “flight” over “fight” and he is no longer present in the conversation. Now I’ve been married long enough to know what works. I’m not some silly girl who can’t engage a man in the art of conversation. I pull out the big guns.
Me: Joe? Do you think that this tank is too low in the front?
Joe’s head snapped up to admire the knitting so fast that I worry about whiplash. Ahh, I think, now he will see my handiwork, comment on the cables, we can discuss the making up and he will say nice things about the grafting on the shoulders. Now that I have his attention, now we will really talk.
Joe: Nice Rack Baby.
Really. What did I expect.
Finally today, I got an email today telling me that “Yarn Harlot” (the blog, not me) is a

Very cool. I’d like to thank the academy, and my posse of commenters who make it all worth it.

38 thoughts on “Song sung blue

  1. you are awesome! now I know you probably at one point stated where the pattern for that tank is, and for some reason or another i can’t find it. strange how someone who works with computers can be technologically challenged occassionally. help? pretty please?

  2. Gorgeous, as usual. You look great! I’ve got another song for you. “For You Blue” by The Beatles. I really think you need to shake your sassy stuff to that today. It’s perfect.

  3. I love the tank! even if it is blue…. which is, in my life, the ONLY color. All the others are accents.
    It is a great blog! It brightens my day.

  4. Love the tank top which I think is lovely in blue – there is no shame in the wearing of the blue! I also have a knitting deaf husband and really don’t try to talk about knitting anymore unless I’m offering gift suggestions for an upcoming event. I also exhibit the same deafness when listening to his photo-speak. F stops and apeture settings go in one ear and out the other. You definitely deserved the Top Blog designation as you are singularly entertaining. In fact, you asked about blogs we out here MUST read each day – yours is my must read – You were a bit tardy today – had me waiting with baited breath. Shame on you! (meant to be silly there)

  5. The tank is beautiful! I love the cable down the front. Looks awesome.
    Great job, as usual, Stephanie. And congrats on your “Top Blog” honor. Well deserved.

  6. Nice rack, Baby. And I love the blue, and I love the cables, and I LOVE your blog. It IS a definite must-read for me. And may you never, EVER be cursed with carpenter ants.

  7. Fabulous tank, and definitely an elegant outfit. Although I’ll admit that in my world, anything involving the word “linen” reeks of elegance. Think about it…linen closet. Doesn’t that just sound lots more beautiful and interesting than closet or hall closet? =)

  8. That tank turned out beautifully, and I love the blue. *grin*
    Now, if you were evil, like me, you would use the knitting conversation + husband = autopilot to your advantage…for example:
    Me: blah blah blah, new tank, knitting, blah blah blah….
    Patrick: Hmmmph (nod nod, glazed-over look, nod nod)
    Me: blah blah blah, knitting knitting knitting, alpaca roving on ebay 40 dollars I got it, knitting knitting knitting, blah blah blah…..
    Patrick: Hmmmph (nod nod, slight sign of ‘was there something in there I missed? No, just knitting’, nod nod, back to glazed over look, nod nod nod)
    I rank it up there with little checks in the check book to Walmart, grocery store, minimart, big check for fiber/yarn, little checks….the eyes and ears graze over and rarely catch the difference in pattern if you do the repeats correctly…LOL When you bring the treasure chest into the equation, it’s all over.

  9. Well, you could have modeled the tank top sans anything else…..certainly would have gotten his attention!

  10. Va va va voom! Way to go, woman, you look terrific. The tank looks really good, too, and you did a splendiferous job. I predict that people are really going to notice this, when you wear it. A true winner (and I love the color)

  11. The tank looks Maaaarvelous. and just in time for the heat. I’m glad somebody finished theirs ..ahem. Some of us our still mired in Tank Issues. The colour – LisaK said it all. And I see the hairdo is holding it’s own in the humidity. AND Blog Hall of Fame. A banner day,really.

  12. You’ve got to hand it to Joe, I mean, it is a nice rack (am I saying that right? Hetero friends help me out…)
    Tank looks good. I wonder how it would look in a different blue…

  13. I love it! Its an extremely flattering top – I think its the perfect length. Congrats on the “top blog” honors as well – I know I read your blog every day!

  14. The tank is very flattering. I have that issue of VK and I wondered how that tank would look if a “regular” knitter made it up. You did a marvelous job.

  15. oh god! I just read that out loud to the Irishman and we both nearly wet ourselves at the “conversation” between you and Joe. You have so eloquently expressed my life in the last 20 months since I picked up “the habit.” God bless you for that!!
    p.s. Top Blog is more than deserved!! 😉
    p.p.s. the tank makes more than your rack look great – wait, am I allowed to say that as a woman? Oh, well – I like it!

  16. Despite the colour of the tank changing daily, (must be the light in Upper Canada), it is a lovely tank; I like the blue, very cool.

  17. Your knitting is fantastic, but I would like to stand up for all the husbands of die hard knitters of the world. We are not all shallow! We can have conversations with regards to knitting with resorting to ‘Nice Rack’ (Yes, they are!) I try to support my knitter with her addiction. We visit every yarn store with two hour on a regular basis. Just because we can’t pay attention everytime does not mean we do not care. However, how much conversation about yarn can one man reasonably take? Go easy on your men ladies, and yes we do notice the extra bits of yarn purchased on EBAY and on those Walmart bills, we just are loving/smart enough to ignor them!

  18. MMM – lush ! Cably blue goodness, I like it.
    And speaking of racks, in the words of Kathy Lette “The only thing supporting a woman is her Wonderbra – so called because when she takes it off she wonders where the hell her t**s went !”

  19. I’m rather late to the party, but may I just second what everyone else said: the tank is lovely, it makes you look even lovelier, and your blog deserves any honour it gets. Plus, I personally love blue, and feel no shame for constantly knitting/buying/wearing that colour. And I’m fairly certain it has nothing to do with mood — my fondness for blue has been consistent for 25 years, and very little else in my life has!

  20. You make me laugh and pull me right in with your engaging style. Your blog is fun to read–congratulations on honors well deserved.

  21. Both the tank and the rack look mahvelous. 😀
    And many congratulations on the blog award!

  22. I must admit it – I have added your site to the ones I check every day. It was the day I linked to your site somehow from masondixonknitting and read about measuring Joe’s head. So funny! And so knitterly. I’ve been meaning to ask – are you a midwife in your non-knitting time? I used to know an obstretician (woman from Germany) who embroidered some wonderful things while she sat by her patients in labor. You probably aren’t at all. Sorry for the digression.
    Mary from RI

  23. Isn’t it nice to know that after 3-kids-worth years of marriage, your hubby still thinks that you have a nice rack? It’s a strange compliment, but flattering nonetheless.

  24. That tank is perfect on you. I still can’t believe the wizardry you performed on those 16 errant stitches; I’m not sure what I would have done, but the tank probably would have spent quite some time in isolation first, being punished for my mistakes.
    I am pleased but not surprised about your blog honour (That is a Canadian honour with a U, not a typo, people). Well-deserved, and clearly it appeals not only to Canadians, not only to knitters… I checked the link to the Blogs Canada site – the comments of the nominator are right on!
    Thanks for entertaining, enlightening and sharing a bit of your world with us. And for giving us regular reasons to clean our computer monitors. I have this image of all your readers around the world simultaneously spitting out coffee in a hysterical moment of Yarn Harlot reading.

  25. The tank is wonderful. Your blog is wonderful & warranting of every honor accorded to it. I actually resent it when the rest of your life intrudes & precludes you from posting those rare days. ‘Nuff said.

  26. see what happens when i’m away from the computer for a few days?? the tank is all finished and beautifully too! let me join the chorus of “i love your blog”, for i surely do. 🙂

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