The power of the poncho

So I’m pretty happy with my poncho. (I’m trying not to think about what it means that my kids steal it and wear it…but let’s not go down the road where I might be dressing like a 13 year old. I prefer to think that my children are very mature.) I’m happy with Meg’s poncho, and I love Kelly’s poncho. (I have the swift and ball winder out. I’m thinking about starting a curly locks poncho for myself. I feel a reasonable level of commitment to the Something Else, but my resolve is weakening badly. Having the swift nearby gives me hope.) All in all, I think the poncho parade is going pretty well, if you can overlook the obsessive compulsive oddness of being pretty wholly committed to one garment of questionable virtue.
Then, I get this in the mail.
That’s Laurie (you all remember and revere Laurie, right?) and her Very Harlot Poncho, only you know…she made it better, poshed it up with a lace border. Laurie’s like that. You gotta have really good self esteem to hang out with her, since everything she makes is, well, better.
It’s not just Laurie either. Beth made a stripy one. Carrieoke made one with an uber-fringe. The one that the Knitist made…well. There are no words for this kind of poncho power.
Norma discovered that resistance is futile, even though she has deep concerns about the wisdom of knitting a poncho, apparently I have designed the borg of ponchos.
Bron, made a cute one (look at her darling little pose). Nathania has admitted that she is knitting one, but hasn’t posted a picture. (It’s probably better that way…we’re all starting to look a little unoriginal eh?)
There may be others, several much better than my original.
Here’s what I’m thinking (yes, it has been suggested that I have a tendency to overthink things) I think that this poncho proliferation confirms my belief that poncho’s are indeed cool, and that my pattern is a pretty good thing too. If it were only me who thought poncho’s were cool, then nobody would have made one from the pattern. This means that there is absolutely no reason to curb my poncho knitting urges. I should continue to knit the five (5) poncho’s I have planned, knowing all the while that I have been endorsed by the actions of my fellow knitters. I suppose that the possibility also exists that poncho’s are addictive and I’ve done humanity a disservice by spreading this plague, but there’s no way to really know for sure.
The Something Else continues…
loving the lace on tiny needles.
Shall we play a little game? First person to accurately guess the actual nature of the Something Else wins a little prize. A really little prize…don’t get excited and spend hours and hours of your life getting upset about guessing or not guessing or googling yourself stupid trying to win the prize. It’s not worth it. Go outside, live your life. Really.