Something else and Have you seen this blog?

Like it? It turns out that the Something Else is a little, tiny lace jacket adapted from a vintage pattern. I love it. I really do. Really. I didn’t even mind the set-in sleeves this time, the lace is so charming that it seems like it would be wrong to pepper the process with colourful language or a foul temper. The little scalloped edges amuse me to no end. (That makes me disappointingly simple doesn’t it?) All it needs now is a picot edged ribbon sewn at the neck to close it with.
The yarn is highly recommended, Lana Gatto “Mignon”, 100% wool. I liked this yarn so much that I’ll be hopping over to Kim Brody Salazar’s WiseNeedle site, to post a review about it. It was cheap, it’s incredibly soft, and it held up really well to a couple of times when I mistreated it. If you don’t know about the yarn reviews at WiseNeedle, scadaddle over there and have a look. I often check a yarn before I buy it. Excellent resource.
Since Chris was the first one to nail down the Something Else as a cardigan, she wins my little contest. Hey Chris…c’mon down! (Is “The Price Is Right” still on? You’re supposed to imagine that voice over guy here…) You’ve won a really neat little kit to make a felted bowl! This kit was purchased by your local Yarn Harlot on her trip to Baadeck Yarns and transported back across several provinces for your knitting pleasure. The yarn is handspun by a girl named Chris Thomson in Cape Breton, and its a one of a kind treat!
By popular demand (ok, three people asked, but they all sounded like they missed it) “Tuesdays are for spinning” is back….but complicated.
Sometimes I wonder if the planet is really this complicated for everybody. A while ago I was surfing the blogs and the blog in question had a picture of some blue/pink/purple morning glories on it. The blogger said that they wished that they could find yarn that looked like that. I sympathized, inwardly. I didn’t leave a comment. That’s right, I surf the blogs all the time and I don’t comment. I want people to comment on my blog all the time, I love comments and moreover, I know that other bloggers feel exactly the same way. Still, I did not comment. I am trying to be a better person, but that’s not the point.
The point (and I do have one) is that even though I failed to comment, I did think fondly of this blogger and her wanting morning glory yarn. I was thinking about it the other day when I was rooting through the stash and I saw this roving that Laurie gave me. (Example #28 of why Laurie should be your friend too) It was blue and pink and purple. Sound familiar! Why yes it does! I had in my hands exactly the yarn that the blogger wanted. Well, not exactly the yarn, but you know what I mean. It was potential yarn, and it was perfect. I got this altruistic feeling, sort of a warm fuzzy glow. I realized that I could spin this roving for her, turn it into perfect morning glory yarn and then mail it to her and How Cool Would That Be. I fished out the roving, put it by the wheel and waited for Tuesday.
I’m pretty happy with it, and even though my morning glories are not the same as hers, I feel like it’s going to make her happy. It’s about 105 metres of 2 ply, 14wpi.
Enter complication.
I surf a lot of blogs. (I do it while I knit) Even if you think nobody is going to your blog, I bet I go there once in a while. Really, I get around. Even though I go to lots of blogs, and even though I recognize that I am pretty much stunned when it comes to remembering anything, especially names, and even though I didn’t do anything at all to set this blog apart from the other hundred or so that I cruised through that day…I am somehow shocked and appalled that now I need to admit that I can’t find the blog again. (Surprised? Sure.)
I have been making myself a deranged lunatic for days and days trying to find the blog again. I’ve been through the ROAK ring, I’ve cruised my history on my browsers (Yes. I use two. Yes, that seems really freaking stupid right now) I’ve looked at 8 million links and I’ve gone through about 17 million blog rolls. There are two possibilities at this point.
1. I’ve been back to it, probably a couple of times, but can’t find the picture of the morning glories because that post has been archived so the page looks different when I go there. That means that even though I’ve probably found the blog, I’m not going to know unless I go back and not only look at hundreds of blogs, but look at all their archives for the last two weeks. (Oh, sorry, is the noise of my life being sucked into a ravenous unrelenting vortex of obsessive blog cruising too loud for you?)
2. I dreamed it, or I’m beginning to have some sort of knitting blog hallucinations.
Either way, I’ve got some problems. Since I have sort of a tendency to lean toward the obsessive a little bit, (shut up. I hear you) I’ve been working on possibility #1. I’ve been working my way through the ring, (you know, the one with 500 blogs in it) checking the main page and the archives. This is slow work. Also, considering that all I’m trying to do is mail a complete stranger 105 metres of a yarn that matches her garden….well. We’re getting back to the obsessive thing.
Something has to happen. Someone needs to release me from leaping up during dinner and running to the computer because I thought of another blog that it might be. I’m driving Joe insane. I’m losing sleep. I wake up in the morning full of hope that today I will find it, and by the end of the day I’m all skinny and weird, hunched over the computer muttering things like “I saw it, I know I saw it. I did. It was there..don’t look at me”.
For the love of wool, I beg you. If you have been to a blog (or if you own a blog) with a picture of morning glories and a wish for yarn the same colour, release me from this search. I think the background was pink. Help me.
Edited to add: Thank you! It is Lolly!
(Rams, you can stop looking)