So, how was the dim sum?

I’m sick. I’ve been swimming in a lake of denial for days about it, until yesterday when the earache that I had for a while (like, a week or two) suddenly became insanely painful, knocked me arse over teakettle, rendered me mostly deaf in my left ear, gave me a fever and stuffed up my nose. (I know, I know…I’m supposed to do something about it before this. I know. I didn’t and now I’m sorry. I’m a slacker who doesn’t like going to doctors and it’s no wonder that I’m sick now. It’s just that I’m a really healthy person who totally thinks that things get better by themselves if you just wait. This is my theory. I know that this may be a particularly dumbass theory for someone who obviously has something really wrong with their ear that didn’t get better by itself when she waited… The irony isn’t lost on me.) This meant two things:
-That I missed the Stitch and Bitch last night, as well as the meeting of The Toronto Guild of Spinners and Weavers. I hate missing things. I sat here convinced that I was missing some serious fun. That this was the best night I could have gone to either one of those things, that they had probably gone out for dim sum afterwards or something, and everyone was laughing and dancing….I bet that there was free wool. I bet that as they were walking down the street, (after the dim sum) they were all admiring the moon glinting off the rain dampened streets of Toronto when a truck hit a speedbump going way too fast. The back doors of the truck flew open and enormous boxes fell out. The driver looked at his watch and then yelled out the window “Just keep it” and kept on going. Then all the knitters went over and they looked in the boxes and it was yarn and roving. Then they all said “Holy cow! Can you believe this? It’s all Stephanie’s favourite stuff. I can’t believe she’s not here! ” Then they divided it all up and vowed never to speak of this lucky moonlit night again, just so they didn’t have to share with me, then they all had to hail cabs to get home because they had so much yarn and roving that they couldn’t fit on the streetcar. It makes me crazy to think that people were having fun without me. (I’m disappointed in my lack of personal growth too. I’m trying to be more mature.)
-Lest you think that there was no entertainment had last night because I stayed home sick…there was plenty. Because I was/am having trouble hearing, the demonic changelings children passed a pleasant evening saying things just loudly enough that I could hear that they had said something…but quietly enough that I couldn’t hear what it was. Then they giggle and look at me while I say “What? What?”. Funny stuff. Hysterical. This was followed by an equally enthralling 10 minutes where they all lay on the floor laughing so hard that they could scarcely breathe while I yelled really clever things like “Are you mocking me! Are you mocking your mother!”
None of this is as funny as when (because I am showing such little personal growth) I end up banishing them to their rooms for “Mocking”. Laugh on, my little darlings.
the earache/congestion/fever apparently takes all the fight out of me, since even though the baby sweater is done. I didn’t start anything new at all. I worked on the poncho, (there is no picture of the poncho because it is raining and I am sick and don’t want to crawl in the front bushes. Use your imaginations. It’s beautiful.) I’m using the pattern (can you call two rectangles that you sew together a pattern?) that came with the yarn, and I’m halfway.
I finished a sock,
and I cruised the net being a good little blogger finding out if Paton’s had reissued the pattern for the lace baby sweater. They have, and it’s in here. Knock yourselves out. I made some minor changes to the pattern, mostly sizing issues, (and a sleeve thing…but you wouldn’t care) but you could make one almost exactly the same. It took me two 25g balls of the Lana Gatto “Mignon“.
Before I go and lie on the couch and engage in my extraordinarily bitter (but perfected) performance of “Speech 47A”, subtitled “Motherhood, the only job you can’t call in sick to“, I have decided to warn you. I feel a mitten fixation coming on. Anybody know of some patterns? Serious, intricate, brilliant mitten patterns?