Not a good sign

I wasn’t going to blog today. I was going to catch up on the housework, do my real job and go shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, which in some insane moment fuelled by only by caffeine, I have decided to host at my home. Clearly the sleep deprivation caused by my demanding relationship with Rhinebeck is starting to effect me. I have decided to stay with the sweater, even though it continues to thwart me at every turn. I’ve made this decision, not because it’s such a great sweater, but because I am a stubborn, stubborn woman who cannot take the public humiliation of being beaten by skeins of wool.
I am beginning to dream of other projects. Just a little hat, or maybe just a row or two of a mitten….In a weak moment I wound the yarn for a pair of Fleece Artist socks.
I am ashamed that I made Rhinebeck watch, just to threaten it. I am more ashamed that I may have come to believe that this sweater has an actual personality, and that it may not like me.
Pass the coffee.