Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry, but the Yarn Harlot can’t come to the blog right now. She is frantically cleaning her house, knitting a sweater and peeling beets. As she does these things, she is also wondering “What the (*&^%!!! was I thinking?” and feeling a little desperate, since she doesn’t know which of her stupid decisions she should regret.
The sweater and the Yarn Harlot are not on speaking terms, since it had the audacity to refuse to let its saddle shoulder fit properly. The Harlot attempted to knit in the saddle, but the sweater was displeased. It apparently wants some other kind of treatment. It’s exact goal is unknown. The Harlot has found the time to take a picture, mostly because she feels that there must be some kind of stinking proof about the kind of crap that the Rhinebeck sweater is dishing out.
On this day of Thanksgiving, the Harlot remains grateful that the biggest problem in her life is this sweater. She is very, very lucky.
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