A lovely baby is due in four weeks, and this will be her jacket.
Hood? No hood? Haven’t made up my mind. I’m loving the Morehouse Merino I’m knitting it out of, it’s very, very beautiful, and very, very soft. Lauren asked in a comment how it compared to Koigu. It has the same beautiful colours, but that’s where the similarities end. The Morehouse is a barely spun single ply, compared to Koigu, which is a two ply with a fairly tight twist. This yarn is actually so soft that I’m very, very worried about pilling. I’m hoping that knitting a baby jacket out of it will mean that it doesn’t get too ratty looking before the kid outgrows it. I’d love a sweater for myself knit from it…but the neurotic, overwhelming concern about the downside of it’s softness keeps me from considering it.
Speaking of neurotic, overwhelming concerns, I’m having some issues with the colour repeat of the thing. I’m breaking the yarn every so often (like, every 2 rows) to avoid pooling or flashing of the colours. It would seem that this yarn is dyed in intervals so regular as to be self patterning. Check out what Alison’s Morehouse is doing. Freaky eh?
I decided last night that the jacket wasn’t enough. I can’t tell you what else will be knit for this baby. I may have had a few fleeting starts, but I don’t think that any of them are going to “take”.
I thought about a shawl. Then I remembered the soul crushing defeatism of having every row get longer, and longer and longer….I’m usually the *go to gal* for soul crushing defeatism, but I just don’t have it in me so soon after the Rhinebeck thing. (It’s important to take time in between insane project relationships, you don’t want them getting the upper hand. Gotta regroup. Make a plan. Restore what’s left of my watery self esteem. Everybody has that with sweaters? Right?) Then I got to thinking….why not knit a shawl from the edge up? Cast on the two long edges of a triangular shawl, then decrease at each edge and twice in the middle on every right side row….that would make a triangle, I’m sure of it. You would end up casting off a stitch or two at the centre of the top edge. No problem. I think. Now a reasonable knitter would knit a little sample, try out this idea on a little swatchy kind of thing. We all know that I didn’t bother to do that. (Don’t bother to remember this moment so that you may all mock me later. If it turns out that I’m wrong about this and have created a fluffy lace-weight gate to hell for myself because I thought the 15 minutes it would take to test the theory was stupid… I will engage in a knitterly version of self-flagellation that will exceed any “I told you so” that any of you could muster.)
I figured out the length of one of the sides of the shawl, picked an edging and cast on the 185 stitches I would need. Then I ripped it back because I’m a moron who only cast on one of the sides. (Yes, there was a moment there where I was so loathe to cast on again that I tried to figure out how I could just knit one side of the shawl at a time…)
I doubled the stitch count so I could have two sides. (Nice touch Steph) and tried again. Note: This means that I was casting on 370 stitches in lace-weight. There are several intelligent ways of doing this. Some knitters put a stitch marker every 50 stitches or so, that way you don’t have to keep counting. Some knitters count off the stitches with contrast yarn marking off the sections of lace….I don’t do any of these things. I cast on what I think is 370 stitches, then shriek “I’m counting! Stop it. Do not speak!” for as long as it takes for me to feel reasonably sure that it actually is 370 stitches. Then I count them again, get 372, take two stitches off, count again, get 367. Add three, count again, get 371. Take off one, count again , (wonder why in the name of H-E- double hockey-sticks I don’t use one of the intelligent ways of doing this) and get 382. 382?
There’s only so much one woman can take, you know? We’ll see if I recover enough to try again.
In the meantime, everybody troupe on over and give a big Blogosphere welcome to Cassie (Cassie was winning my votes for cool knitting stuff at Rhinebeck, be sure and check her gallery) , and heap praise on poor blogless Casey, for she has thrummed, and it is good.
Finally, Bippy left the following challenge in the comments.
If you can manage not to turn on your heat until New Years…I will give you a prize. A good one.
Bippy. I have decided to resist. It has not been easy to walk away, since we have already established that I am exactly the person that this kind of baiting was created for. Still, I am walking away. I will forgive you this taunting because you live in Texas, and you do not know of what you speak. I don’t mind being crazy. I understand that I have a more flexible relationship with traditional normality than most people, and I’m ok with them calling me “crazy” or “nutty” or even “delusional”, but Bippy? I realized, (while I was just sort-of abstractly thinking about what kind of a prize it could be) I should draw the line at “dangerous”.
I’m hoping to make it to Oct 31.