I can’t tell from here…

I’ve just returned from the ophthalmologist where I have been ritually blinded. She put those stupid drops in my eyes despite my attempts to bargain out of it. I offered 4 visual fields tests during which I would silently and pleasantly co-operate ( if you have met me, then you know that she should have taken that one) in exchange for no drops, but she was unmoved. Offered cookies, she advanced anyway. I offered the fleece artist socks I was working on…
She didn’t care. She put in the drops. I hate the drops. I am immature about the drops. The drops make me hostile. If you are an opthomologist and you are thinking about sending me an email explaining how important the drops are, and that they are not stupid, and that I am being good about vision care by getting them and those kind of ophthalmologist sentiments….well, go ahead. I suppose you have a point. Still, I retaliated by spelling out my feelings when reading the eye chart. Every time I couldn’t see something (which is a lot of the time…or I wouldn’t need to be ritually blinded this freaking often.) I substituted a word that I felt best reflected the moment. For example: the I bet you didn’t know that the third line reads C -R -U – E – L or that the one below that (If I can’t read line three…why are you asking me to read the one below it? I get it. I can’t see. Your all powerful drops have rendered me blind and I am at your mercy. I give up. You may stop taunting me now.) reads D – U – M – B – A – S – S.
I think the ophthalmologist and I understand each other now.
(R – E – L – E – A – S – E – M – E.)
I returned home and took these photographs. They may be out of focus. There is no way to know. I wonder what it says about my personality that I would take pictures while I am blind? This is (I think…) the little baby Jacket… (has anybody noticed that everything I’m working on is sort of close in colour? You don’t really notice till it’s all a blur…) You can see (one of us should) that I didn’t entirely lick the colour pooling thing.
The pattern is from Morehouse Merino, for those of you who were asking. It’s called “Little Red Riding Hood”. It may or may not be on the page I linked to. I have no idea. I took the hood off and improvised a collar.
Since Tuesdays are for spinning, when I regain my sight I will be spinning one of the choice rovings I got at The Sheep Shed (site under development) in Rhinebeck. Pretty, pretty.
Perhaps a little over the top in the colour department, but I think they are going to be less wild when spun up,
The two fluffy looking ones on the left are a merino/tussah blend, and the slicker looking ones on the right are something I’ve never tried, merino/tencel. We’ll see. (or not…) I’m not bitter.