Evil, thy name is Bodice Inset.

There you go. Two works that I can go the whole rest of my life without running into again. “Bodice Inset”. If you don’t know what a bodice inset is….make no further inquiries and put it right out of your mind. I finished the dress last night (well, I hemmed it this morning as Meg stood ready) and managed to make a cloak for her as well.
(None of us are feeling well. Meg is on the mend, but is only capable of looking this thrilled. Trust me, she is very happy)
Highlights of the evening include the following:
-Managing to sew all pieces of the bodice backs together so that all four of them (the bodice is lined. Did I mention the bodice is lined?) were “left backs”. Unpicking two so I could re-sew them and get two “right backs” then sewing them up in exactly the same way.
– Getting Ken over here to put in the zipper, (Ken and I have a long-standing agreement about zippers. I do all the making up on his knitting, and he puts in all my zippers) then watching him bail out when he ran into the Bodice Inset. He claims that he had to work. I don’t believe him.
-A creative and stunning display of expletives (even for me…and I practice) when I realized that I’d sewn the filthy zipper in so crooked that I no longer zipped. (Which sort of defeats the *&^%$$ purpose doesn’t it? I’ll get Ken for this.)
-A very quiet period of reflection when I disovered, shortly after I finished the dress that I had pattern piece #11 left over. It claims to be an “underlap”. Probably related to the execrable Bodice Inset….seems to be unimportant, since it is on the dining room table, and the dress is at the school. Makes me wonder how many of the other 17 pieces were unnecessary.
-Very calmly, (probably *too* calmly) putting the dress and the half-way set in sleeve with contrast lined cuff down on the floor. Muttering the words “ease stitch this you #$%^&*(*&^% ” and sitting in the corner knitting a mitten for a while, just to take the edge off.
This morning I have a wicked sewing hangover (and probably the virus that everyone else got, though I will die blaming the Bodice Inset) , but my buddy Norma has rescued me…
Norma my pet, I’m using it all today. ( I miss you too) That, a nap, a little mitten knitting and I won’t even remember the word “staystitch”. Bodice Inset my arse.
(PS….if you need a Halloween costume, read yesterdays comments. Keep leaving them if you like, and I’ll post a page of ideas when Halloween is over. Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.)