Wool overload

In which Stephanie tells you a little more about her trip and shows you beautiful things, some of which belong to her now.
Rhinebeck is huge. I don’t know what I was thinking, but it’s huge. Joe says that there are more vendors at Maryland. I’m not saying anything about Joe, but I am going to say that there are so many booths, tables and stalls at Rhinebeck that I find his claim difficult to take seriously. There was so much that I can not conceive of a place where there is more. There was so much that…get this, there was so much that it is sort of difficult to buy it.
Look at Annie. Classic. She doesn’t even hardly know what to do with herself. Look behind her. That’s Brooks Farm yarn behind her. I never did manage to buy anything there…I was incapable of making a choice. Incredible stuff.
It’s like being a waitress, by the end of your shift you’ve seen so much food that you just aren’t hungry anymore. You think “Food? Oh no thanks. I’ve had so much”. (Note: I have been a waitress and a bartender. There is no similar effect from bartending.)
I sort of liked this “overload” since I am that kind of person, but also because it means that you can’t just buy anything. In this sea of wool and yarn, you wait until something grabs you. Something special. My haul is all darned nifty.
My haul is also huge, so we’ll be doing it a little at a time.
Today is a horrible, rainy, dark day…so the pictures aren’t all they are should be. I promise to show you everything eventually.
This is my moorit fleece from Countrywool. I can’t rave enough about it. It is cream, coffee, butterscotch….mmmmm. I haven’t done anything with it yet except place it atop the piano as an “objet d’art”. I only bought a piece so I’m still contemplating the rest of the fleece.
Behold! A “Heathered socks kit”. Contains merino/mohair roving, 1 envelope of Cushing’s dye (I got Bronze Green. I got to pick. I love that.) Instructions for dyeing, spinning and knitting the socks. I was going to do this some other time, but between my own obsession with it and Claudia‘s dyeing exposé… Today may be my day.
You will note to the side of the kit, a zippered bag also purchased at Countrywool. It’s purpose: to protect the vulnerable innards of Mr. Washie from horrible fleece rat attack during felting. Mr. Washie must be protected at all costs, as the only way for me to have another washing machine is if I move. When Joe and I renovated the kitchen we accidentally narrowed the entrance to the basement. Mr. Washie cannot leave, and no new appliance may join him. Mr. Washie is not a young washer…and considering his workload, I figure the zippered bag was the least I could get him.
Tuesdays were for spinning (It’s back!) so I went into the pile of new stuff and pulled out my new Robin orifice hook. (Is it just me or should we find a name that’s less obscene sounding?) I got the bag of Copper Moth odds and ends that I bought and sat down at the wheel. I discovered that the new hook wouldn’t fit through my the orifice (for the love of wool…a new name!) Meg took a picture of me at this moment that is so incredibly unflattering that there is no way I can post it on the blog. Suffice it to say that I am pouting. I have cropped this smallish part of the picture so that you may see the hook. (Yes, I am wearing Rhinebeck. I’ve worn it everyday since I finished it. I think that’s a normal thing).
A little surgery on the tool with a wire cutter and some sort of tool from Joe’s room and it worked. The Copper Moth grab bag is being spun by random lengths. I broke all the pieces of roving into pieces, and put them in a bowl. I reach into the bowl with my eyes closed and spin whatever I get. (This is Very Hard for me.) I’ll Navajo ply it to maintain the colour separation and knit striped socks. They will not match. This will be ok.
I’ll leave you today with this photo of Laurie, (Yup, that Laurie) at Rhinebeck. I have to tell you that Laurie is really very cheerful, despite any impression that this photo may give you.
Laurie took a whole whack of her famous yarn, (Remember the yarn? Look here and here) and knit a sweater out of it. Genius. I dread the day that she figures out that I’m not really cool enough to be her friend.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching the whole family scramble after reading the blog. The three kids froze when they saw the picture of the ice-cream and Meg whacked Amanda and said “I told you the spoons were wrong”. There is hope for them yet. Joe? It turns out that he’s dissapointed too. He told the kids to “dispose” of the container.
He regrets nothing.

34 thoughts on “Wool overload

  1. Isn’t there something just a little satisfying that when your family sets out to TRY to decieve you, they are unable to?

  2. I had so much fun reading your last couple of entries. I will NEED to make a wool festival pilgrimage in the not too distant future. I’m afraid that I might not want to come back though. BTW, would you like to enter your Rhinebeck photo with the gorgeous fall foliage in the background in my photo contest?

  3. Harlot, if you ever need to bribe Mr. Washie with more zippered bags, please let me know. We have a 99 cent store that carries them in various sizes from one pair of panties to panties for the whole nursing home. Even though they’re dirt cheap, they have help up to about 10 feltings so far and show no sign of nylon fatigue.
    Your fan on the West Coast

  4. *drool*
    Um, sorry, didn’t mean to get your lovely fibery goodness damp. I think I would go insane at a place like Rhinebeck, trying to decide what little tiny bits I could afford. Or I’d end up with a bazillion tiny samples of everything, and be forced to knit intarsia sweaters the rest of my life to use them up.
    How about “leader hook” or “yarn threading hook” instead of “orifice hook”? (I don’t use a wheel to spin, so forgive me if these are clueless suggestions.) Maybe “that hook thingie”?

  5. Joe regrets nothing since he knows he could probably have had a case of Twinkies and Suzie-Q’s for the asking, but instead chose the lesser of the evils going with the ice cream =)
    I. Love. Laurie’s. Sweater.
    *sigh* Gorgeous.
    And the hook? I spin, but on drop spindles, so don’t need hooks for anything. However, a friend of mine who does use a wheel calls it her “threading hooker”… I’m just sayin’, go with what works for you, Harlot.

  6. Harlot – glad to hear Joe’s “tool” was able to fix your “orifice.” I don’t spin either, but I agree – a better name is needed. 🙂 Maybe you could call it “The (miniature)Claw.”
    Also love Laurie’s sweater. Is she easily susceptible to bribery?

  7. Okay, could you not have cropped ME out of that picture, for the love of Pete? I look like a highly caffeinated, orange-haired insane person.On second thought, maybe it is accurate. I truly did lose it at the Brooks Farm booth. Yarn overload!

  8. Rhinebeck was heaven. Maryland is more so. More venders, more fiber, more drooling, more euphoria… MORE. And it’s the first weekend in May, so I expect to see you there. Of course, now that you’ve made that stunning Rhinebeck sweater, you’ll have to up yourself and knit something even more spectacular in even less time.
    I’m just saying.

  9. I fear that were I to expose myself to the whole Rhinebeck experience that I might never recover. You’d just find me in the corner of someone’s booth, rolling in rovings or tangled in yarn while giggling insanely. Thank god for brave souls like you…

  10. Hmmm…today is the day that you’re going to dye, spin, AND knit those socks, huh?
    Well, after Rhinebeck, I wouldn’t put it past you.

  11. Argh! Your Copper Moth roving pic is so pretty. I bought a bag of that for a friend and promptly sent it off to her. Now I’m wishing I hadn’t been so saintly when I dismissed my usual “one for recipient, one for me” rule. Restraint. It’s not a virtue anymore.

  12. Love that you made Tuesdays for Spinning. I copy catted you (as my five-year old would say) but made my Wednesdays for spinning. Sadly, it only worked for one Wednesday so far.
    They need to come up with a computer screen where you can feel through it. That wool looks awesome!

  13. When we remodelled, the contractor bought a 27×24″ wide ceiling-high cabinet to go in the bathroom. Which had a 22″ wide door. Oh. Removal of the doorframe (and nearly his fingers trying to get that thing through) managed to be enough. It can be done. Good luck on your next washerectomy!
    Love the Copper Moth yarn and Laurie’s sweater!

  14. Suffering from severe Rhinebeck envy. I am about to run to the autoclub site to see how far it is from central PA. I went to Maryland for the first time and wanted to roll around on top of all the fiber. But please please please… I LOVE Rhinebeck the sweater and can’t find a blog entry about the pattern. ??????????

  15. I held my tongue the first time she appeared, but now I must share that Laurie was my college advisor and English professor.
    She was charming and witty then, too, but a very tough grader. And I don’t remember her sweaters at all… perhaps because I was too busy deconstructing Shakespeare.

  16. is it just me, or have we yet to see a picture of you wearing Rhinbeck at Rhinbeck… or even in your backyard…
    gorgeous stuff… each and every fibre(er)

  17. Um, Minka? You been livin’ under a rock or something? You can’t move two inches in blogland without seeing a picture of Rhinebeck in Rhinebeck. Come over to my blog, for instance. Or Claudia’s. Or Joe’s. Or Sandy’s. Or….or…or..! 😉
    I do agree with you, Steph, that tool needs a new name. Baby, I miss you!

  18. Hello, Stephanie!
    Love your blog — and I much enjoyed hearing about Rhinebeck vicariously — I’ll hear more from Tara, here in Boulder, I’m sure! 🙂
    I’m joining the thrum-along, too!

  19. Stephanie,
    I have been laughing out loud reading your blog the last couple of days! I Luv your pictures and would LOVE to see a full & complete pic of your Rhinebeck sweater 😉 . Reading your blog is a total joy–lots of laughs, great pics, knitting and wool!!!! Please don’t ever take a day off again!!!

  20. Ok. I thought I knew what Rhinebeck is/was? Because I’ve been keeping up with your blog. And now the report … gosh it looks like a lot of fun. Now could you explain to me? What is Rhinebeck? I think I missed out and I didn’t even know it. yes, I’m pouting. Is there a next time? boo hoo.

  21. Okay, orifice hook, I like that, but I think I will one up you with an emasculator. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like. An instrument of animal husbandry, or non-husbandry. Every now and then when I look at my DH in that certain way I just say “emasculator”, he turns and walks away.

  22. Hmmmm… Mr. Washie is your washing machine. All this time, I was thinking Mr. Washie was a loofah. You know, the spongy thing one uses to wash oneself in the shower. Interesting. Now I have to go back and reread with the insight that Mr. Washie is a washing machine and not a loofah.
    (If you do have a loofah, I think Mr. Washie would be an excellent name for it.)

  23. Orifice Hook?? Oh my!
    Laurie’s sweater is indeed beautiful, but your Copper Moth picture is what grabbed me. Such great vibrant colours! Excuse me while I dab the drool from my chin…:)
    So glad to peek in on your trip and your haul. More tomorrow…? Can’t wait!

  24. LOL – a hook(er) for the harlot! That is classic! Not that I actually know what an orifice hook is – it sound more like the thing they used to get Egyptian nobles’ brains out through their noses (after all the brain was no use for anything anyway – everyone knows that the heart is the seat of thought!).
    I’ll start thrumming again soon, honest – I just have to get this never ending alien illusion and DNA cable scarf out of the way….
    And I am still dead jealous of everyone who got to go to Rhinebeck. But not dead jealous of the US homeland security.

  25. Stephanie: I am not proud of what I am about to do here – I think my evil twin has taken over my brain at this hour – but:
    1) I am a huge fan of your blog.
    2) You’ve already admitted your inability to resist a dare.
    3) I submit for your consideration: http://www.nanowrimo.org.
    It’s a challenge (and we all know how you love the challenges)! After the super-human ability you exhibited in geting the Rhinebeck sweater completed, I think you’re up to it.

  26. I have a THING for fleece with lots of natural variegation. You have some mighty fine fiber there. You are right about Laurie’s sweater.

  27. Yep, Maryland IS even bigger. Hard to believe, but true. It is complete and total fiber sensory overload. And WAY too much fun.
    Rhinebeck is the Queen; Maryland is the King.
    You gotta go! It’s the first weekend in May. Start planning.

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