Birthday Boy Man

My Darling Joe celebrates an undisclosed number of years today. He will be getting a knitted present (that I can’t show you a picture of, because he will read the blog before dinner, and dinner is present time) and he will be getting the love and adoration of his family over a birthday dinner.
There are any number of reasons why my love deserves this, and much more…but we’ll start with these.
-for never raising his voice to me in anger. Not once, in all these years…even though I am…well. Me.
– for consistently referring to my handspun as “real” yarn. (Compared to, you know…Rowan or Koigu).
– for the stunning discovery I made the other night; that he is spending a few minutes each day actually trying to become friends with a hamster.
-for laughing himself stupid every single night that he succeeds in getting the aforementioned hamster to hang by one paw for a sunflower seed. Never gets old.
-for totally being the field trip guy. Even though I run into trees trying to get away from the Parent Council, Joe is the go-to guy for field trips. Science Centre? Yup. The Zoo with 30 fifteen year olds? Yup. You gotta field trip, tons of unruly urchins of any size or number? Joe will go, and he will like it.
-for deciding that the best way to keep track of Amanda and her life was to become friends with her friends, and for actually being cool enough for teenagers to fall for it. (I am forced to admit that this is much better than the chastity belt idea, or the brief consideration given to a cage.)
-for being afraid of racoons. (Seriously. His defence is that there are no racoons in Newfoundland, so it’s a “fear of the unknown thing”. My arse, he’s a chicken. When we were camping last summer and were set upon by a plague of racoons in the night, Joe refused to get out of the tent and shoo them off of our food, thus beginning an argument that ended with the classic line: “Get out of this tent and fight like a man”. )
-for (oddly) not being afraid of bears.
-for (even though he doesn’t buy movies) purchasing every single James Bond movie ever made and watching them over and over.
-for buying me the new Cake CD.
-for yelling “I love you very much” like I left him a great gift each time he finds clean underwear in his drawer.
-for his complete silence about “the wool situation” and for the way he makes out to his friends like I’m cool.
-for never buying anything I’m boycotting, for being political, and for only becoming more left leaning as he gets older.
-for being a completely empirical learner. I am forever smelling smoke as Joe walks around with burned up electronics saying “Wow, I should never cross those two wires.”
-for never making the same mistake twice (or actually burning the house down).
-for staying with me in the hospital when I was afraid, even though he was really afraid.
-for being a good sport. Joe will cycle 400 km, hold a sheep, drop spindle, try to make cheese, get up early, help you move, go to yarn shops, snorkel, ski, hike, pick carrots, or scour the city for a copy of the violin solo in Moulin Rouge if you ask him to. More than this…he will not complain while he does so.
-for insisting, even though he has never once been on time for anything, ever…and even though there isn’t a single person he has ever met that did not realize this about him instantly, for absolutely insisting that he is not the sort of person who is late.
-for, when I asked him if he was a “Townie or a Bay Boy” saying “Bay Man, Steph. A Bay Man”.
-for never saying anything about my absolutely horrible sense of direction, just quietly turning in the direction opposite to my suggestion.
-for still loving me every day, despite the fairly good evidence that I am out of my mind and a little hard to keep up with.
-for being a wonderful parent, who hasn’t stopped learning as fast as his kids.
-for being completely loveable, charming and good tempered.
-for not letting me unravel the sock (singular) that he is knitting me, even though it has been years and years since he knit on it, just because he promised to finish.
I wish you many more birthdays my Joe. Love you.

97 thoughts on “Birthday Boy Man

  1. A rare and special man. You and the girls are all lucky to have him in your lives. A truly speicial ‘godless union’.

  2. Damn, now I’M in love with him! Wanna trade? Mine occasionaly cleans the litter box and one time he fixed the microwave with a rubber band.

  3. Wow. What a good guy. I was going to ask if he cooks too, but that would just be too much. Have a great birthday, Joe.

  4. Since I came out of the closet 6 years ago, no man has remotely peaked my interest.
    However, should you pass this world before Joe…I would seriously consider putting in an application for future spouse.
    What a good spirit Joe is…and really, you seem perfectly matched.

  5. No way! my hubby’s b-day is today too! whoa…I’ve been reading you for awhile and love your blog. I just had to de-lurk to express my surprise! happy b-day to your joe!

  6. Hope he was able go on working after reading this instead to instandly drive home an give you a big hug. Or wiping tears out of his eys. (Ok Men dont cry, never πŸ˜‰
    very sweet words for a must be really happy marriage. wish him a happy birthday and may your love be strong like these words.

  7. Happy Birthday Joe. (Joe, you might want to keep a copy of this to show to Steph the next time she goes away and comes back to find questionable objects in the recycling and rearranged cabinets!) And is it just me, or does Joe resemble a unicorn in the photo? A man of truly mythical goodness!

  8. Wow, Steph, that’s beautiful. And probably one of the best presents you could ever have given Joe. Happy Birthday to Joe, and many years of continued happiness to you both.

  9. awwwww….. sigh. gives me hope that there are some good guys out there!
    thanks for sharing that! and happy birthay joe!

  10. *sniff* My hubby just celebrated his birthday the 28th. No knitted gift *hang my head in shame* but he did get new tires…THE tires if you ask him. He surprised me with the new Cake cd as well, just ‘cuz. (he doesn’t even like them, but knows if it’s CAKE, I HAVE to have it.) Happy Birthday, Joe.

  11. O.o They Do Exist! Happy Birthday Joe!
    I’d be tempted to show this to my boyfriend if I didn’t have to come up with a list even as half as good.

  12. Happy, happy birthday, Joe. You’re lucky to have each other. Celebrate tonight with cake and Cake. And maybe some bubbly.

  13. Waaah! I want one like that. Oh, yeah, I do have one sort of like that. But still, that is so cool. I am sniffling. Happy birthday, Joe!

  14. Happy b’day, Joe. Didn’t know there were any guys like that out there! How reassuring! Does he have a brother?

  15. Ditto what Nancy said. There are so few left of the breed, I’m glad you got one, too.
    Happy Birthday, Joe! What’s it like to know that women all over the world adore you just because Stephanie does (and if that wasn’t enough, the going in to yarn shops without complaint would’ve won us over as well…)

  16. Yours is the first blog I read in the morning (good thing I’m in PST). This was precious, and reminds me what I’m looking for. Happy B-day to him!

  17. Happy birthday Joe.
    What a wonderful nod to a super man. Steph- you lucky thing… You sound like a great pair. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Do all these good men y’all are mentioning have brothers? Cousins? Are they interested in a red-headed amazon whose hair is even bigger than the harlots?
    Joe rocks. Besides the small coffee cup coup, he is a keeper.
    And by the way, clean underwear IS a special gift!

  19. You are truly a lucky woman and also smart enough to realize that fact. I wish your Joe a happy birthday – he sounds like a truly exceptional man – this comes from a woman similarly blessed. I know just how lucky I am.

  20. Good men are hard to find. Great husbands are even more difficult to locate, I should know, I’m on number three (yes, it was the charm).
    Happy Bday, Joe.
    Harlot? Rock on, woman!

  21. What a beautiful love letter you have written your Joe. Please wish him a happy birthday from me, too.

  22. Darn it, Harlot! Warn a girl, would ya? I come into work wearing mascara and use half a box of tissues to make sure I don’t pull a Tammy Faye. You’ve got a serious gem there, Steph. Happy Birthday, Joe.

  23. That has to be one of the sweetest nicest and most wonderful things I have read – what a gem! Both of you!!!

  24. Wise, tolerant & cute. A rare combo, indeed. Am I the only one thinking that Tom Hanks looks alot like Joe?

  25. Totally agreeing with Nathania, crying at my desk is NOT the impression I want to give my employers!! Reading about Joe makes me realize how many cool things my husband does that I haven’t been giving him credit for. Thanks for reminding me, Stephanie. Happy Birthday Joe!

  26. What a beautiful entry, aren’t Scorpios just great? Cake is the best! I love their lyrics, they are so extraordinary and interesting. When you sleep, where do your fingers go?…indeed a thought-provoking bit of song.

  27. Verklempt is right – and your entry is such a beautiful way to put love into words. Many of the things you said about Joe I can parallell to the Irishman, but I forget to do that a lot of the time. Thanks for doing that Steph!
    need to go blow my nose now….

  28. Your Joe and my Aaron could be best friends. My friends, when they hang out with me for long periods of time often walk away from the day, shaking their heads and saying “Man. Aaron must really love you.”
    Well he does. And Joe really loves you. A rare match made in heaven!

  29. What a lovely, loving tribute to Joe. I’ll just have to go home and hug my DH just ‘cuz. Happy birthday, Joe, and many, many more.

  30. ~sniffsniff~ pass the tissues. You DO have those in Canada, don’t you??!
    Um, I have a field trip for Joe. A nice outing to Massachusetts. Or anywhere where we can sit and knit. Together. We are ready, doncha think?
    Want some candy little girl?

  31. I get to buy my husband the new Cake CD for his birthday in December. Last January when we were living in Montreal and I was 7 months pregnant, my DH went for a long road trip down to Florida and back (Mostly so he could pull far out ahead of me in State Bingo). When he arrived back he had way too many Cake albums and was still listening to them constantly. At first I didn’t appreciate but they have grown on me. Recently I was listening over and over again to “and this long line of cars.. is all because of me” why this line stuck in my head I have no idea.

  32. Happy birthday to Joe. Anybody can make friends with a dog, or even a raccoon. It takes Character to make friends with a Hamster.
    xoxo Kay

  33. My husband changed a light bulb in 1991 and I think although I’m not sure he sure he held the ladder for me while I cleaned the gutters last fall. You have a winner there. Congrats.

  34. oh oh ! happy birthday to joe from a french woman
    joyeux anniverssaire joe! et jespere que tu en feteras beaucoup d’autre

  35. This is honestly the sweetest, most romantic thing I have ever read. Thanks for putting some good karma out into the world. And…Happy Birthday to Joe.

  36. you made me laugh out loud (my toddler stopped watching playschool to ask “are you crying mum?”) and cry (she didn’t notice the actual crying). What a lovley tribute to an obviously wonderful man and an obviously wonderful relationship – your beautiful words say as much about you and the two of you together as they do about Joe.
    Happy Birthday Joe!

  37. What a lovely tribute to the man you love. Joe is very lucky to have you as his wife and it sounds as though you are very lucky to have Joe too.

  38. Alles Gueti zum Geburi Joe… I just hope that our little Huxley will turn out a man like him… certainly his mom did a great job… ‘m also glad that R is half Newf and certainly shares qualities… its so great to pay a tribute that is honest to a fault… love to all….

  39. Steph,
    What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man. Just remember I had him for a nephew long before you even met him, and I agree with everything you said, and more. He is the best! You are so lucky to have each other – a matched pair if ever there was one. Happy Birthday, Joey. Love you all!
    By the way, congrats to Amanda in her music accomplishments. Way to go!!

  40. May I copy your list and give it to clients… who think they have nothing to love about their spouses? I didn’t read about yachts, trips to Rangoon, diamonds or billion dollar mansions… just devotion, humor and attention. Wonderful.

  41. Happy Birthday to you Joe, and may the two of you spend many many more together.
    I suspect you both laugh a lot πŸ™‚
    liz πŸ™‚

  42. Hey, whatta Y’at, buddy. Happy Birthday Joe.
    Stephanie, get Joe to day “Dezember” and “converzation” a few times today, so you can remember another thing that’s cool about him.
    I do think you should’ve at least MENTIONED how adorable he is, though. He is, though.
    Many returns of the day.

  43. Wow, that is sweet. My honey’s birthday is tomorrow, (and I’ve cheated. I wrote tomorrow’s post this afternoon so he wouldn’t be reading over my shoulder when I gush about him). Nothing is better than being with a man who supports and adores you. Congratulations, Steph.
    Happy birthday, Joe!

  44. I got the warm fuzzies just reading today’s entry. You are a very lucky woman to have such a wonderful husband. Happy, happy birthday!!

  45. Happy birthday, Joe, indeed. You’re so lucky to have so much love in your life! Not to mention, so very few raccoons!
    Here’s a toast (Madeira, m’dear) to your happiness over many more years with each other.

  46. awww. happy birthday, joe. πŸ™‚
    being wonderful and amazing must be a “joe” thing, because my joe is wonderful and amazing, too. πŸ™‚

  47. …one day late….
    happy birthday Joe and may you have at least a thousand more years of happiness!

  48. Wow, Joe must have been thanking you all night long for you to be too tired to post and let us all in on the secret gift! Hope he had a wonderful day – you are a lucky couple.
    Anyway, did you make it to Halloween in the heater challenge? Just wondering…

  49. I am now more than a little bit in love with Joe. Along with, it seems, half of North America and portions of the European Union.
    Please pass along my best birthday wishes πŸ™‚
    P.S. We share a birthday, Joe, and I’m Jo too. I’m not half as cool as you, but a girl can aspire…

  50. true love Does exist. you reminded me so much of my husband and i, we now have just a bit over 3 months of marriage. i have faith and courage that one day when we have teenagers i will be writing such a list.
    the only frustrating thing about having found such an amazing man to spend your life with, i have discovered, is everyone else’s disbelief or instant mistrust of true love. thanks for giving more proof to the fact that enduring beautiful love Does exist.

  51. Dear Harlot:
    Thank you so very much. Today is MY birthday. Although I was slightly disappointed by lack of blog today, it gave me opportunity to catch up on previous posts. May 10th in particular. I don’t think I have ever laughed louder (to my family’s astonishment!) Honestly, where do they come up with it? Courtesy rows????? Laugh Madly Out Loud!!!

  52. He doesn’t by any chance have a single younger brother??? This defines the reason why I have yet to marry. You go girl!
    Happy Birthday to Joe too.

  53. You never mentioned being married to a unicorn!
    Ok, I admit my “humor” (if that’s what you call it) is best left confined to the insides of my skull, but that line in the background of the pic really does make Joe look like he’s sporting a unicorn horn. Which makes him look all the sweeter.

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