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Hello this is Megan, Yarn Harlot’s lovely middle child. My Mum is to busy to blog. I know what all of you knitters are thinking, TOO BUSY TO BLOG! Yes well it is true, my mother can’t blog today so it’s up to me to save the day. It is five days until Christmas and every one is busy. I am knitting a scarf but I have a long way to go, I wish I was working on my blue shawl instead. Sammy is knitting a facecloth. Amanda is not knitting this year, she says she may have a temporary wool allergy. I think she is not making a big effort. Mummy is mopping the basement, cleaning like a frantic lunatic, knitting and baking. I have to do todays Gifts For Knitters. My mother tells me I have to do four gifts for knitters because she is behind, I think she is a slacker. I must talk about the basement first, its been flooded, a pipe broke or something I don’t know what happened so I am guessing. Mr.Washie is ok (Mum said you would all be very worried about him.) he lived through this experience. The basement, however, I don’t know if it’s going to survive. It’s very, very wet, along with our neighbours basement. Joe spent the morning vacuuming up all the water and I spent the morning with my sisters trying to find food. We asked mom for some food while she was mopping and she said, get this, “Do I look like I have food down here?” I think Mum might be a little pissed.

Now for gifts for knitters, since I am a kid young adult I think that all the presents for knitters should not just be for adults so here I have four presents for kids or young adult knitters so here it is.

Day 18: We have a knitting needle making kit. (Denny made these ones, but we have made lots)


All you need is some doweling and some beads and some wood glue and then you have a kit. It’s easy to make and its really fun. You cut the dowelling, glue the bead on the end, sharpen the point in a pencil sharpener, sand it smooth and rub it with wax paper to make it slidey. I think that they are cool, but this isn’t all about me. Most young knitters would love this.

Day 19. I think that the best thing you can get a young adult from ages 13 to what ever is a cell phone.


I know it has nothing to do with knitting but I got a phone and it is so totally awesome, I love it so much. Mum hates them. Don’t buy her a cell phone, she would trade it for wool.

Day 20: Well my little sister Samantha has come to help with the blog she says that the best gift for some one of any age is a Gameboy Advance SP.


Yes, yes… I know. Once again, nothing to do with knitting but the thing is so totally rad!

Day 21: Well I have gone back to stuff for knitting. What I have chosen for today is a little knitting ornament. They are fun to make and they are really really cute and I love them. All you need to make them is just tooth picks and some cute beads and just a little bit of wool. A knitter would like to get them I think.


Well that’s all I will talk about today, tomorrow my mom will go on and on and not me. I hope you liked my blog I thought it was great and well, that’s all.

Merry Holidays.


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  1. Thanks Megan! You did a great job. I teach a lot of kids to knit at an annual fiberarts camp and I think your suggestions are great. Have a nice holiday! Tina

  2. Megan, wonderful job on the gift ideas (I agree completely with the GB SP). Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Y’know Meg… I think you should have a blog. That was a kick-ass entry.
    Tell your mum I said to put it on the schedule (and then run for cover very, very quickly. You can come hide out at my place. We won’t answer the door when your mother comes to throttle both of us)

  4. Look out Stephanie . . . you have a potential Yarn Harlot replacement living with you! Megan, you did an awesome job! Are you going to write a book too! I don’t usually comment on blogs (lord knows I read a lot of them) but had to today. Thank you for the update!

  5. Well, now, Auntie Lene got here before Auntie Norma, but Megan, I think you are the most kickass writer EVER. Well, except for your mum. But I think she’s in a bad state right now, so I think you’ve stolen her writing genes. Wait a minute — she GAVE you your genes. That’s it, you’ve inherited her gift for writing. And that’s a good thing. I think your entry is rad. If you want to learn more naughty words to use in blogs, come on over and read mine. But check with your mum first — she might not approve. Naughty “Auntie” Norma
    P.S. I may just have to have my daughter Abigail write me a cool guest entry like yours.

  6. ‘Tis a brave child that calls her mum a slacker 4 days before Christmas!!! 😉
    An excellent entry. Thanks for helping your mum out today…and I think you should guest-blog often!!!
    (you’re right, the Game Boy advance is awesome!)

  7. Megan, thanks for filling in for your mom – perhaps you ought to get a slot as regular guest-writer? You’re a natural for it!
    I love the knitting ornament idea, too!

  8. Megan, you’re a pain. My usual job here is to disagree with everyone in order to keep the conversation lively, but how can I do that when you post such terrific writing? This entry should get you out of every English class for the rest of the year.
    Do me a favor? Step over to the basement door and holler down “Mummy? Rams says to tell you two words — SHOP VAC!!!” Bolshoi thanks.

  9. Megan, I think you did a friggin’ great job in
    A) entertaining us with your Mum’s holiday shenanigans
    B) reporting on the goings-on with Mr. Washie (we are much relieved)
    C) writing in such an uber-cool fashion
    It may help you and your sibs if you lay in a supply of shortbread for your Mum, to help alleviate the crankiness, although it may contribute to the slacker-ness you mentioned. I leave it up to your judgment, darlin’…

  10. Meg, awesome post.
    Think you could swing by in the next few days and write one for me, so I can get some baking done? I promise I’ll give you food.

  11. Megan, not only have you inherited your mother’s genius for writing, but her sense of humor too. I almost choked over temporary wool allergy and your mum trading a cell phone for wool. Smashing job, kiddo!

  12. Bravo!! In terms of gifts for knitters, you think EXACTLY like my 13yo (especially the cell phone, about which I feel the same as your mom)!
    Happy Holidays to you, too, Megan! I hope we’ll have the pleasure again sometime.

  13. Great job, Meg! You should definitely takl your mum into letting you and your sisters (if they are interested) guest blog.
    I loved reading your perspective!

  14. You did an awsome job Megan! I really like the knitters ornament. I’d have never thought of that. Congratulations on your blogging experiance.

  15. What’s up with the burst water pipe? Is it some kind of curse from “I can do without heat longer than you”? Lovely of Megan to take care of us blogites. Fabu job Megan. Totally slammin!

  16. Well done Megan! I am going to make some of those knitting needles and a few ornaments.
    My son is desperate for a PS2 this year. Are you short of them in Canada, too? I may have to get him a cell phone instead…
    Keep up the good work – and I hope you find some food soon.

  17. Well done, Megan,
    I enjoyed all of your post, especially the part where you give instructions for hand made needles.
    Out here, on the Niagara Escarpment, I use long twigs to make needles. I straighten them by placing them into a piece of rubber tubing, and leaving them until the wood is dry (and straight).
    I then sandpaper them smooth, and shape points. I have plenty of regular needles, but I like my handmades the best!
    Happy holidays.

  18. Nice of you to help out, Meg. Are you cooking supper, too? Tell your sister that she wouldn’t have developed a wool alergy if she spend less time on her cell and more time with her knitting needles! Happy Holidays!

  19. Megan, thanks for helping. My 13 year-old son is getting pretty fed-up with helping (I’m hoping he’s washing towels at this very moment while I’m at work) but he knows that pissed-off parents pre-Christmas is a bad thing. We get pretty cranky over here when your mother doesn’t have time to talk to us, so we appreciate you throwing us a bone!

  20. P.S. To avoid future burst pipes, get an electrician (or Joe if he’s not too worried about being electocuted!) to run some wire from a spare breaker and install several lights in strategic places close to the pipes. A few regular 60W bulbs (or 100W if it’s super cold) work wonders at keeping pipes from freezing. Hubby’s best friend did this under his camp to keep pipes from freezing during hunting season. Hubby did it when he built my new barn so I’d have running water and don’t have to carry water from the house. (Do you have any idea how MUCH water cows drink!?) Happy cleaning. I sympathise. I suffer from flooded basement at least once a year when the sump pump can’t keep up!

  21. Excellent gift ideas, Megan. Thanks for taking up the blog challenge today.
    Do you know how to make coffee? Maybe your mom could use a fresh pot today? huh?

  22. whew! we almost thought it was curtains for Mr.Washie…thanks for the update!
    Also my pixie agrees a GameBoy Advance SP is the best gift ever…thank goodness for volume controls!!
    Great job on the blog!
    I am definately going to make a couple of those knitters ornaments!

  23. Good job to the entire harlot household–it sounds like things are starting to come together. My buddy MegHan is the middle child, too. Maybe it’s a Meg thing?
    Anyhoo, love the knitting ornament. I made them once with teeny tiny little balls of wool in a half-walnut shell… cute little knitting basket!
    Glad Mr. Washie is okay…

  24. Hi, Megan
    I’m a middle child too. I like the cell phone idea and I think it could have some knitting applications. Like when you’re knitting at your friend’s house and can’t remember how to bind off. Well, you can use the phone to text message your Mummy for help. Tell her I suggested that.

  25. Quite nicely done, Megan. Although, I would have to say that if you’re looking for the ultimate in handheld gaming radness, you’ll want the Gameboy DS rather than the SP. It has a touchscreen(!), which makes it (obviously) much cooler than the SP.

  26. Megan, great job! I think you have a future in writing… you are very talented in this department! Loved your gift suggestions. Well, at least your Mum hasn’t asked you to help in the basement yet, so looking for food is probably not too tough : )

  27. Megan, you can guest-write for my blog anytime. Either that or maybe you need your own. Just think how much fun everyone would have hearing *your* side of the story, in contrast to your mom’s. And you’re right, I’m sure she was pissed about the basement.

  28. Megan, You did a wonderful job with your blog entry! I think the gifts were particularly appropriate, ESPECIALLY the cell phone. After all, what would I do if I were out in the wild and could not find the new knit shop?!?! Turning back is not an option! Must. Find. Wool.

  29. Megan – You rule the blog today!! Great job! Good luck with the scarf. Wonderful thought-filled gift ideas…even for those of us who detest the mini-cell phone. Tell your Mom we miss her and hope the water disappears – if not…what about an indoor skating rink? pond? Merry Happy Christmas.

  30. Many thanks for the knitting gifts and the guest blog. I have already taken up one of your gift suggestions, but I refuse to say which one.

  31. Megan…
    Thanks for guest blogging. I loved you’re needle kit idea. Do you give just the “ingredients” in the kits, or do you give them already made up, or somewhere in between?

  32. Well, my 11 year old should be the happiest kid on the planet. She has a GameBoy, the phone is coming for Xmas, she has handmade needles. 🙂
    Well done, Meg. Now go help your mother clean the basement!

  33. YEAH MEGAN! When I was a young adult, I would have died rather than do something so public. Good job. It was great. Happy Holidays to you as well, and wish your mom well for me.

  34. You are blogalicious, Megan. Excellent job! Happy Christmas to you and your delightful family, Mum included.

  35. Hey Megan! I am a 13 year old and I read your mom’s blog. I like your entry, my mom is kind of like your mom apparently. I really like your gift ideas too. (Especially the cell phone part. Hope my mom reads that!) Merry Christmas!

  36. Thanks, Megan, for the cute knitting ornament idea! My eight year old daughter loves it and is planning to make them for her knitter grandma and aunts (and me too, I suspect).
    Great job with the blog entry!

  37. Well written Megan! Thanks for stepping in and keeping us up to date. Also thanks for a couple of much needed laughs: you definitely have the same whatever-it-is that makes your mothers entries such a joy to read.
    And I am glad to hear that Mr. Washie survived.

  38. Good job blogging, Meghan! I have that same exact Gameboy, and you are right it’s very very very very cool. Also the cell phone idea is good, which my mother will not let me have. She doesn’t have one either. She doesn’t WANT one. She’s nuts. She doesn’t have a blog either. I hope she gets one so I can do guest entries too. Bye!

  39. Hi Megan! That was an awesome entry, except that your super cute knititng ornaments are about to create a bunch more work for me right before Christmas. Luckily, I live in part of California where pipes rarely freeze (our weather is confused and unaware of this thing called “winter”). with that in mind, I guess I have time. Good luck with the basement (and the food) at your house. Maybe you can all retreat to the back of the house if there’s sufficient shelter ;-)? or not… Cheers!

  40. Love it Megan. You had me in stitches and I think your gifts are great. Just think, if all my young adults are busy with your gift ideas I would get more uninterrupted knit time. Tell Amanda there is more than just wool out there. I can’t wait to try your handmade knitting needles, afriend makes them from cherry dowel rods and uses minwax for them. Very nice and great finish. Take care and hope mum and Mr Washie have less problems with the basement in the future.

  41. Cheers! Megan. You did a fab job! And the gift suggestions were very well done. Have a great holiday!

  42. Gifts for knitters, Day #22: a child who will step in and help with any task, four days before Christmas!
    Check one off your list, Meg.

  43. Great job, Megan! Cool gift ideas. Sorry about the flood. Just saw your mom’s post about the socks – wow, is she a fast knitter! Have a great holiday week!

  44. Hey you are a great blogger! Creative ideas too. Maybe your mom should let you be a guest host on a regular basis or you should start your own blog 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and yours,
    Amy in BC

  45. i may not be a young adult, or a teen, but oh boy how *i* would love to get a GBSP! that new touch-screen one seems a bit too high tech for me, so i’ll just stick with the advanced pocket-sized one for now 🙂 and i never would’ve thought of giving a needlemaking KIT… quite honestly, you may have just saved my christmas, i’m going to put one of those together tomorrow!

  46. Way to go Megan, great entry. You’ve inherited the family sense of humor (sorry, American spelling…). And (I know this is something mostly old people worry about, but…) you write properly too. I love the knitting ornament idea.

  47. Hi Megan! Thanks for blogging, I enjoyed hearing from you. I worry about the Harlot when she doesn’t blog. I have an over active imagination and have visions of her drownding in the basement or some such thing.

  48. Thanks for filling in, Megan! You did a great job. Thanks for the knitting needle kit idea — I’m definitely making use of that after the holidays…for me!

  49. Can I borrow Megan to write my blog while I finish up last minute gifts? Well, I guess I have no excuse, since my basement is not flooded. Good Luck and don’t forget: Merry Christmas!

  50. Megan-
    You need your own blog. You definitely have your “mum’s” (sorry, it’s just soo cute) writing abilities. I LOVE your suggesions. I have that same red SP and adore it. I just got a new cell (though not the cool one you did) and can’t live without it. And the ornament? So creative! Thanks for keeping us updated! (She is a bit of a slacker huh? lol)

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