Forever and ever with the mittens

Look what I got.


When I spotted this little baby I went nuts. (Well, inwardly nuts. I am Canadian and I was in public and…well. There is protocol.) I could not have been happier about finding this ball of yarn than if I woke up tomorrow and my laundry was done and my children were tidy. You know what this means? It means that even though the ball of seemingly miraculous never-ending grey turned out be ordinary after all, (here’s where I ran out.


Can you imagine how pissed I would be if I hadn’t found that other ball of grey? Can you? I’d be frothing. To come that close and then be thwarted by that much?)

The happy finding of this ball of grey means that I can not only finish this mitten, I can knit another left mitten to go with the other right. The upshot of course is that this means that I will be knitting grey and white Latvian mittens until my brain liquifies and runs out of my right ear.

I’m taking the edge off with this.


Don’t judge me.

More gifts…

Patti doesn’t just knit, but makes glass things, and she has a wee token of appreciation to send to Julie. (The Julie that got the email from me)

Julie has three beautiful needle rolls to give (There’s an idea. You mean not everybody just has their entire collection thrown into a drawer so that it takes 45 minutes to find two needles that match?)




and they will be making their way to Vicki, Christy N., and Katherine S.

Miriam makes these beautiful handmade journals, and she’s donated this beautiful one


It will be going to live with Shannon, who I’m sure will appreciate it.

Ellen has made this charming hat,


(appropriately made of Peace Fleece) and it will warm the head of the already warm hearted Sydney.

From Jennifer’s needles comes this beautiful scarf (which she says is a little more sedate in person, though I like it this way)


It’s going to be travelling to Lee Ann B.

Finally, (only because I lack the stamina to do more…not because there aren’t more)

The incomparable Amy has donated one of the sheepie mugs that she makes.


I have one. It’s good. I bet that Allyson D. enjoys it as much as I do.