What I did today.

(I’m a little short on time and enthusiasm…long on children. Pardon me.)

1. I finished this. (Please disregard the sullen teenager. March Break is hard on everyone. I assure you that she loves the “hat-scarf thing”, and simply hated my guts for that particular 30 seconds.)


Beautiful, Yes? It’s the “Magical Moebius” by Caroline Laudig. I fell deeply, deeply in love with it when Caroline donated several kit’s for TSF’ers. Caroline sent the pattern and I can report that it’s a lovely pattern and good TV knitting for experienced knitters or a simple run at lace for newer ones. Caroline’s got a huge heart and she’s turned this pattern into a wonderful opportunity for MSF. The pattern costs $5 (plus $1 for shipping) and the whole $5 is going to MSF. The pattern works with a long list of yarns (Caroline suggests Jaeger Superkid mohair (1 ball), or Douceur et soie (1 ball) , or Mountain Colours mountain goat, or Noro silk garden (2 skeins) or anything like ’em. Get yours by emailing the lovely Caroline at claudig12ATaolDOTcom.

(Change the bold stuff to the obvious. I’m trying to protect her from spam by not broadcasting her email addie.) and mention that TSF and/or Steph sent ya.

2. Trapped on a TTC ride with two 11 year old girls for what seemed like hours, I somehow endured a conversation that made me want to whack my head on the subway wall and began (and ended) with the sentence:

“You know what else is gross?”

3. Knit this in a movie theatre.


It’s another plain sock. (Although I like to believe that the yarn is charming and interesting enough to make up for the same damn sock over and over again.)

4. Ate so many tortilla chips at the movies that now I sorta don’t feel good.

5. Changed my links for Claudia, who has packed up and moved blogs.

Her new address is here….go say hi. (Her new blog has a spiffy new look too. Love it.)

6. Didn’t do any real work because there are small obnoxious PEOPLE IN MY OFFICE, which the small obnoxious people appear to believe is our family room, which they think is a space they have a right to be in. I did yesterdays work in my bedroom in the wee hours of the night.

I don’t know if I’m going to make it.