Wow. Check this out. It’s a review of my book by Clara at Knitters Review, (who I suddenly adore, not that I didn’t like her before, just now I would do her laundry and wash her kitchen floor) and I can hardly believe the nice things she says. You have no idea how happy I am that she liked it. (I have a vivid imagination. I live in fear of reviews. The version I had written in my head in the middle of the night was very different. I will spare you the details but suffice it to say that the phrase “weasel faeces” figured in it.)

Yesterday I went to 3 bookstores in Toronto to look for the book. (No. I’m not proud of that, but I think it’s pretty normal.) I have no idea what I was going to do if I found it. Hopefully something a little bit quiet and without dancing. I knit on my Chai lace everywhere I went to calm my nerves.


It’s finished but unblocked, and another version of the Flower Basket Shawl from Interweave Fall/04. I used 5mm needles and two wee spools of Chai. I love it and the charm of this scarf is not diminished. I could knit it a hundred times at least once more. The yarn makers suggest ironing it to bring up the sheen, but I’m reluctant. Carefully trained for years to never, ever set an iron right on knitting I’m not sure if I can overcome my own instinct and do it. Has anyone done this?


Did it work? Did the silk immolate or flatten out or…I don’t know. I have concerns. (Assuming that by “concerns” you understand that I mean that I am unlikely to overcome my aching worry and fearsome disquiet and manage to set an iron to it no matter what you say to me. Am I wrong? Isn’t this a cardinal rule of knits and irons? Doesn’t “don’t put an iron right down on knits” border on being a knitting commandment? Years and years of trying to learn this stuff and now they want me to just forget everything anybody has said before this and haul off and iron the silk. Right. I bet it makes the scarf smell funny.)

The silk ironing is heightening my book anxiety. The book is not here. It is not in Toronto. I accept this now. Joe (who I love very much for this) spent the evening going to 4 other bookshops….but had no luck either. I had just about accepted that the book simply wasn’t out in the world yet when I got an email from Bev who wrote to say that she had a copy.

Bev is in Newfoundland. Newfoundland? I live in the largest Canadian city that there is and have NOTHING, but the bookshop near Bev in Newfoundland has a copy?

(Joe has a theory that it’s there first because they are shipping in the most economical way. That means the book is being driven here…but since Newfoundland is an island it got there by plane. That makes sense, but contradicts my theory that they are trying to keep the book as far away from me as possible to see how completely bonkers I’ll go in how many Greater Toronto Area bookshops trying to find it. I have pondered the possibility of hidden cameras trained on me.) Since Bev I have learned that pretty much all of the Maritimes has the book, and most of the States. Just not here. It’s a cruel joke. I’m clearly supposed to learn patience and acceptance from this.

I finished the mis-matched Fleece Artist socks…


and I’m going to wear them today as I search the downtown core for the book take the girls and Hank to the ROM. (I figure that if I cop out and buy them a hot chocolate and promise the little dude he can use the ballwinder when we get home I can get three bookstores in before Hank loses his cool. I will also be checking the ROM bookstore, which is completely stupid and pointless, and a compulsion none the less. (Pity me, for I am without grace. ) I have forgiven the socks everything. (More acceptance and patience. See the theme?) They are so comfortable and beautiful, each in their own unique “We are scarcely a pair” way that I believe I can overlook their fraternal nature. Probably.

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  1. The shawl is gorgeous…I guess I wlll have to try and make one now…seeing how beautiful it is…which makes it a necessary item…
    Today is Thursday…school break is almost over!
    Good luck on the book hunt!
    (April 29!)

  2. Congratulations on the review! Just read it on a break from two little ankle bitters… Let us know who in TO has the book so that I can get my copy there instead of getting it from Chapters…
    Good Going Girl!

  3. Here’s a suggestion: assuming you have a scrap of yarn left over, knit a swatch (!) of the Chai and iron it to see what happens.

  4. I ironed a silk lace scarf I made for my Mom with no ill effects. I’ve also ironed felted bags to make their corners more sharp.

  5. You know, i think the scarf looks pretty! I think that you shouldnt iron it if it makes you nervous. I live in Ohio and I keep trying to order the book from my LBS (Like, LYS but with books!:D )and they say they don’t have it yet. It’ll come soon!!

  6. Ok, now you make my poor FBS look sad and nowhere near as pretty… Can I drool over your shawl a bit please? πŸ™‚

  7. Someone from a knitting group I belong to emailed a bunch of us the review of your book. I’m quite intrigued now! Congratulations on the review – I’ll be looking for the book myself!

  8. Congratulations on that great review! I actually read that first and then stopped by here to give my felicitations on such joyous news. And you know, I’ve got my copy on order with Amazon, but I may just go trolling the bookshops here in northern NJ to see if I can find a copy in person!
    And yes, that silk shawl/scarf is beautiful!

  9. Assuming you find a copy of your book in a store, here is what you do. You make sure it is in a prominent place. If it is in Chapters, take if off the main shelf and put a copy on that display shelf at the end, for example.
    I thought not putting an iron directly on knitting only applied to acrylic (and probably other synthetics that will melt). I’ve not ironed knitted silk, but have ironed silk (even using a hotter setting than recommended) and it is fine. My mom puts silk shirts in the washing machine and the dryer to no ill effect.
    The fraternal socks are beautiful. If you find them disturbing given them to someone who will appreciate beautiful fraternal socks.
    P.S. self-deprecation will get tired after a while. You are a great writer and a great knitter. (and probably a great mom, and a great bunch of other things though a horrible housewife — the latter is not worth aspiring too). Accept it. And put those books in prominent places.

  10. Greetings from Richmond VA – I got a copy of the book at the local Barnes & Noble last night. I’ve tried the LBS but they hadn’t received it yet and Amazon indicated it wouldn’t ship until May.
    I’m loving what I’ve read so far!

  11. The shawl/scarf looks lovely! Now I want to make one too. I sympathize with your search and find it completely, completely, COMPLETELY understandable. I, too, have ordered from my LBS and was told ‘it isn’t being shipped to the wholesaler just yet’. Well! I replied that I ‘have some contact with the author from time to time’ and have been assured that it is shipping this month, so I’m sure I’ll see it soon. Yarn Harlot now gets name-dropped in bookstores, not just yarn stores! Hang in there, Ms. Stephanie πŸ™‚

  12. I think I am in love with the Chai.
    That said, I am also crawling the bookstores looking for your Bookbookbook. Somehow I think it makes more sense for you to be doing that than me, but let’s just not get into it, ok? Suffice it to say that I have ordered it through Yarn Forward and told them that they must buy at least 20 more. They will sell. Now I can take them that review to spur them on! πŸ™‚
    Don’t know what to tell you about the ironing though…

  13. Another blog I read most days is the Daily Bleat by James Lileks at:
    He has published a couple of books, and when his latest (Interior Desecrations) came out he blogged about going to all the bookstores and moving his book to the better bits of the display. He even repeated this on his book tour trip to NY.
    Not to say this isn’t “bonkers”, just assurance that you’re not alone!

  14. I too have given up on Amazon and I am headed to the local bookstore this weekend. I am hoping to find it. Your shawl looks gorgeous-it makes my green FBS seem plain, but green is my theme right now. I am so desperate to see some green outside I am willing it to happen by surrounding myself in it.
    The ROM looks fascinating. Hope Hanks hold out for you. And remember to duck when he’s winding. Right now would not be the time to suffer a blow to the head.

  15. I am going to go and check the bookstores in Kingston to see if we have the book yet! And if we do, by God I will rave and swoon all around it and see how many people will buy it!!!!!!! (Congrats on the review-it was at the very least what you well deserve)

  16. I checked my local Barnes and Noble and Borders yesterday and it was not yet there. But I just checked my Amazon account and Amazon is now shipping your book! The word is out – you are #98 in sales today! Can’t wait to get my copy!

  17. The review is swell, and not surprising at all. I would be surprised if any reviews of this book are negative.
    The Chai lace is lovely. You can certainly iron silk – I have done it and lived to tell of it. It will make the yarn shiny. But you should definitely do the s-word first and see if you like the result, because the effect may not be reversible.

  18. I think you are showing incredible restraint in not dragging everyone in your family to every bookstore within a 75 mile radius of your home.
    I’ve ordered three copies to start with. Two will go to knitting friends in Sweden and one is for me. Can’t wait to begin reading!

  19. Stephanie…amazon (U.S.) FINALLY has it marked as “available” and shipping within 2 to 3 days!!!!!
    My copy hasn’t shipped yet, but I’m hopeful it will be shipped soon! Argh! Must…read…bookbookbook.
    Please tell your people to keep Cleveland in mind as a book signing location. Or Toledo, Detroit, or Ann Arbor. I’m relatively sure I could drive to any of those three alternative cities for a signature. Oh, heck…throw in Ypsilanti, too…it’s just fun to spell. πŸ™‚

  20. I just got an email from Barnes adn Noble online that my copy of the bookbookbook has shipped to mememe!!! I am so excited to get it, you would think I wrote it!! Did you see the good Knitter’s Review review?

  21. Make that another vote for Cleveland on the book tour; I won’t even get to Canada until July, let alone Toronto, so I can’t help you move books to the front of the rack there, but rest assured I’ve got much of the American Midwest covered for you.

  22. Stephanie… I saw from an earlier comment that Barnes & Noble in Richmond, VA has your book in stock – now I know what I’m going to do with that gift card that’s in my wallet! Congradulations on the great review from Clara – saw that first thing this morning – nice way to start the day. Don’t forget Richmond when your book tour is scheduled!

  23. Reviews are indeed terrifying, but I have a feeling that you were the only person who expected At Knits End to get anything but glowing praise. And that’s some lovely lace, by the way – I like how the variegated colors and the pattern are interacting in this one.

  24. I paged through one of several copies that Kristine had at Knit Happens last night! It’s lovely – so compact and sweet; in addition to the fact that I love the way you write.
    Congratulations! Talk about a dream come true!

  25. I work in a bookstore and I still don’t have my copy! Our distibutor is still saying it hasn’t come in, damn them.
    I am going to stop off at the local Barnes and Noble on the way home. If they have it I am buying it. I can’t allow myself to be the last person in the states to have it.

  26. that chai shawl is gorgeous! i love the sheen that the silk gives it.
    and have you thought that maybe you book was just sold out in those shops? hm….

  27. I just made a quick call to the B & N near the university campus, and it’s in. Arrived today. And later today, it shall be mine.
    What’s more, the clerk I spoke to said I was the second person to call about it today. So how do you like that?
    I know the manager and I’m going to tell him it needs to go in the window.
    If you want a pic of it on the shelf, just let me know. (I’m serious!)
    I was so happy to learn from the splendid review that you have a bit about us guys in there, too. (I would have read it anyway.) You’re a right-on woman.

  28. The socks are very Zen. In Japanese Embroidery we iron our finished silk pictures but use a shiney paper between the iron and silk. Ironing does bring out the sheen of the fiber. Your FBS is incredibly gorgeous!

  29. I just got the call that my(your?) book is in!!! Yay!! I can’t wait. I’m going to leave work early so I can have it an hour sooner.

  30. While I think you’d be safe with silk, I would go with the test iron on another wee bit of Chai first, but with an iron you don’t care about. I made the mistake of heeding the advice in “The Knit Stitch” that tells you to iron a scarf made from ribbon yarn “regardless of what the label says.” It instantaneously turned into black goo, ruining not only the scarf but an iron and ironing board.

  31. I have it on hold at B&N – they first said 3/28, but they called me the other night to say now it’s 4/6. I don’t suffer from extra patience, so I almost screamed at the poor woman.
    When I’ve ironed silk I use a dampened cloth napkin in between. It doesn’t flatten it out quite as much, but you’re right about the smell!

  32. What a great review, congratulations! I wish you knew how much fun we have had watching the hidden camera footage of you searching for the bookbookbook… Whoops, I wasn’t supposed to admit anything, was I?

  33. The Chai scarf is really lovely. I bought two balls of Chai when I had the good fortune to make a trip to SF last September, and have wondered what would be worthy of that cool yarn. I started a fan & feather scarf, but it was decidedly unworthy so I frogged. Now I know exactly what to do with it. Thanks!

  34. Well, I haven’t had a chance to read all the comments yet, but I just got an email from Barnes and Noble indicating:
    Barnes &
    The following is packed and ready to leave our warehouse:
    Ship To: XXXXXXXXX XXXXX, etc.
    1 $9.45 At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much
    ISBN:1580175899 Mar 24, 2005
    And last time I got one of these the item in question was here within 48 hours. I’ll check the mail on Saturday.
    Don’t know if that helps

  35. I asked my LYS if they had your book and of course I was there when the new lady was working and she had no idea. It took all I had to resist telling her how out of the loop she was – not knowing your book or if the store had it. I was nice. I swear.
    Chai is simply stunning – and your socks really don’t look mismatched at all to me. Of course, having just finished my FIRST PAIR OF SOCKS EVER, all I really notice about yours is the superb craftsmanship compared to my grafting disaster. One day…*sigh*

  36. No book here in Ann Arbor, home of the “flagship” Borders store. Then again, I was looking in the B&N. My bad. Maybe those of us in the northeast are being snubbed by your book’s distributor? I worked in publishing, it could happen.
    Have you tried wearing one of the socks inside out, to see if the colors match that way?
    Just a thought.

  37. Chapters in Brampton “has copies on order, and expects them within the next few days.”
    I’ll keep you posted.

  38. Ironing won’t hurt your silk – it’s a technique used to set dyes onto silk fabrics. (Did you google?) Just make sure your iron is set on the silk setting. Test on a swatch, if it makes you feel better. Congrats on the positive review.

  39. My understanding of the no irons on knits rules is: don’t iron your knits, as it will flatten the stitches and make the yarn shiny…so if you *wanted* to get that result, you’d iron the shawl. After you tested it on a swatch. Similar to the no washing of wool with hot soapy water in a machine rule.

  40. I see you overcame your aversion to variegated yarn for lace knitting. πŸ˜‰
    Did you change anything about the pattern? You called it “another version” of the f.b.s., so I was wondering if you tweaked it a little.

  41. I just went to Amazon, not that I can’t get to a real bookstore from Jersey City, NJ—anyway, I don’t know how often they update this number: Sales Rank in Books: #98
    (Publishers and authors: improve your sales)
    but when I went to the ranked list, you were at #79! and presumably climbing!! Congratulations so much on the book, I can’t wait to have it.

  42. A copy of bookbookbook is currently reserved in my name and behind the counter at my local Barnes and Noble! I’ll pick it up on the way home from work. Can’t wait to read it!
    A thousand congratulations, Stephanie!!

  43. YO! Indie booksellers! If your distributor doesn’t have it (read: Ingram doesn’t show it and B&T says they sold through) call Storey Press/Workman and order direct — they’re shipping direct and the discount is better.
    There. Stepping outside now, to draw out the knife in my heart that is every Amazon/Darth Noble/Borders mention above…

  44. Just breathe deeply and remember that the books are all coming from the warehouse but are taking different paths. Books to the author and reviewers usually come first, often more than a month before the official “pub date,” and if they’re sent to a distributor and then your bookstore, well, that’s twice the shipping, not to mention customs… Everybody should KEEP ASKING and buy multiple copies when they do arrive.

  45. My bookseller emailed me a couple of days ago to tell me that there is some sort of delay, and that they might not get it until next week. [pout] Oh well, something to look forward to, I guess (but I want it NOW!!!)

  46. I’m still anxiously awaiting more dates on your book tour, hopefully St. Louis will be on that list. If not, my best friend and I are set to drive to Memphis Aprill 25. See you there!

  47. My bookstore in Utah is supposed to be calling me when it gets there. Hopefully I’ll go home to hear a message on my answering machine telling me it’s sitting there waiting for me. I’ll let you know immediately.

  48. steph, i thought to mention last night – have you considered approaching the toronto women’s bookstore to do a reading there at some point? the womyn you’d speak to is named may. i’m pretty sure they’d be into it. (that’s where i’m teaching that knitting course right now.)

  49. Amazon UK is giving 24th May as shipping date… so I guess they are paddling them across to the UK
    That review was good, I went and ordered a copy . It’s my Easter present instead of chocolate. If I gain any weight while reading it… so help me I will be paying a visit to Toronto.

  50. I am a new visitor of your blog, but I will most definitely be running out to get your book. What a great review! I would be going to EVERY store in town, if it were me.

  51. WARNING!! *de-lurking in progress* That is the loveliest flower basket shawl I have set my eyes on yet, and I have been eyeing them up for a while! Perhaps if you have any left over yarn you could do a test swatch for the dreaded iron – I would be reluctant to try it out with a project too!!!
    I read the KR book review earlier this morning too. I think it sounds quite tempting for every knitter. I can’t wait to sit down to it with a nice cozy pot of tea!
    happy spring, happy easter,

  52. Firstly: I love your site already, and this is the first time I’ve seen it [thanks to Knitters Review for pointing me in this direction]. Secondly: Artfibers!! I have two skeins of the solid color tussah silk yarn [exactly like the chai in texture, gauge, etc.] and I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do with it. Now I know! I’m totally going to be a copycat and [try to] make that lovely lace shawl, providing I can find my copy of Interweave Fall ’04…I know it’s around here somewhere, buried under a pile of yarn.

  53. Hey, Harlot! I just walked in the door from my local Barnes and Noble in Norwalk, CT (we are just outside NYC) and I not only found your book, but bought a copy! Looking forward to some good reading.
    Cheers, and congrats!

  54. I have seen an ironed swatch of Chai at the ArtFibers store, and it was looked amazing. Congratulations on the bookbookbook starting to appear- I am so excited that mine will ship from Amazon! I ordered it forever ago- I was so happy to see the Knitters Review accolades in my email this morning!
    Yay Steph!

  55. I’m looking!! Tonight I’ll hit Borders & B&N using the ‘let’s have Chinese tonight dear’ tactic. Congrats, and WHAT a review!
    I’m terribly envious of the chai version, I’ve nearly finished a Flower Basket using 2 strands of wool / silk and it is much too heavy. Must start another single strand. It is much nicer open.

  56. Harumphhh. Totally not fair that people are getting the book before Toronto – the city it was written in, after all. I did stop by my local bookstore (Queen st.) and they said it was coming sometime this month but they didn’t know when. Then they said there were 8 copies on the way. “Eight!” I shrieked, “Only Eight???” So I put my name down for 2 of those and they’ll call me ( promptly!) when they come in.

  57. I’ll check my local bookstore, maybe go back to Amazon and definitely forward the review to knit shops in my area (as well as knitting friends). I go to your website when I need a smile during my workday – thanks!
    Loved your review of Baadeck Yarns from last August (that’s how I found your website). It’s my first stop when get into town (we bought property nearby), and Christmas knitting doesn’t start I see the latest goodies that Pat in the shop.
    Keep up the good work! And Bravo for letting your daughter go to Vienna — I traveled to Greece as a high school student and it opened my mind and heart to experiences I never could have imagined.
    We’d love to have you come to Detroit/Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti/Dearborn/Birmingham/SE Michigan for a booksigning!

  58. Have you considered the possibility that the bookstores in Toronto could already be SOLD OUT of every copy of bookbookbook? I picture voracious knitters descending in droves and picking the shelves clean before you even got all your spring-break-sluggish kids out the door to go look. Congratulations!

  59. Lovely shawl….
    Bookbookbook isn’t here in Oz. I don’t expect it to show up either for ages. Why? Cos I believe book distributors don’t have to bring books to Oz for six months after their release in the USA (I think there is a law about it). Grump.
    SNB Nation was released in ?December? Still not here. Double grump.
    Harry Potter, on the other hand, will be released here at the same time as everywhere else. Local bookshops can’t afford to have a million copies bought from amazon.
    No wonder Amazon has a large and devoted following here….
    Guess where I am off to, after I confirm order numbers? πŸ™‚

  60. Elizabeth has a point but I’m afraid that this is life in the great white north. A lot of businesses will privilege the US market because they can get more sales there. I have had a yarn store owner recently tell me that she has trouble getting some colours in Koigu for this reason. Similarly, I expect that you will have more book tour dates in the US than Canada.
    I wonder about trying to do a reading in a yarn store. then people could knit while you read!

  61. I tried to buy your book in Ancaster, Ont with no success. I ordered it from Chapters and it will take 3-6 weeks to get here. I thought you must be writng each copy out by hand!
    That was a great review by Clara and since reading that, I want my copy right now! Patience, patience!

  62. Oooh I love the book reading idea Jo!
    Stephanie…Congrats! I hope you find the book soon! (The same for me…my Borders doesn’t have it…need to try Barnes and Noble next)
    In case you are still taking down shop names…I live in Indiana (near Indianapolis) and my favorite shops are Bo Peep Fiber Shop near New Whiteland,IN and Sheep Street in Morgantown, IN. For you, I would go to Mass Ave Knit Shop in Indianapolis, but it is surely not my favorite. Let me know if you need more info on them.
    Again congrats and I can’t wait to read it! =)

  63. I’ve been checking Amazon every day and FINALLY today it was available to ship! I promptly placed the order that’s been lurking sullenly in my “cart” and it is due for arrival on 3/31 or 4/1. WOOHOO!!!!!

  64. I Love that shawl.. and the yarn … (suk..)
    But there is a thing I dont get, do you knit while you walk around – or do you often take rests to sit and knit during your bookhunts? If the first is the case, I am seriously impressed…

  65. Congratulations! I’m sure that the book is a scream, and as long as I’ve been reading your writing, I think you deserve every bit of praise that will be heaped upon you. Well done.

  66. That is a great review and the socks look fabulous. For some odd reason fraternal socks appeal to me more than perfectly matched ones πŸ™‚

  67. I work at an independent bookstore in Vermont & can report that your book arrived in our store today. After nabbing a copy for myself, I put the rest on an easel on the front counter. I think we’re about 10 hours from Toronto–if you left now, you could get a copy by morning. πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

  68. My local yarn shop/bookstore/art gallery is going to order copies. I asked about it yesterday and the owner mentioned that several others had asked about it! Yay, it’ll be in San Diego soon:)

  69. Your Fleece Artist socks are great – I’m curious though. Was it a single skein that deviated from itself somewhere along the length or did you work from 2 seperate skeins? I’m working on a pair with their yarn and while fraternal socks bother not in the least, I wonder what will happen to the colours as I knit along.
    I’m really looking forward to getting your book – Milton shouldn’t be too far behind the GTA in getting it in stock.

  70. Congratulations on your review. I have a little secret though – I had already pre-ordered your book from Amazon. As much as I was keeping my fingers crossed for you – I thought my chances of finding a copy in a bookshop in Melbourne, Australia were rather slim (at least for the next 6 months!). Clara’s review has just made all the more eager for it to arrive

  71. hi! i got my copy! yippee!! B&N called 3/22 to say it was in (preordered) but i couldn’t get there til yesterday to get it. when are you gonna be here in good ol Virginia Beach???? gotta get my copy signed! btw my sons (18 & 19) think you’re cool, but i’m weird for reading your blog & book. what’s up with that!

  72. I am bookBookboook-less due to my loyalty to my indie book shop. Okay, not really. It’s nowhere to be found in my area right now. Sadness reigns today, but I’ll overcome that ( and my envy) to congratulate those that have their copies =)

  73. Just wanted to let you know that I called my local bookstore, which happens to be the second-largest collegiate bookstore in the US (that would be the University of Washington in Seattle). It should be arriving here in a few days, and there are several on special order. BUT ALSO, they said that they had recommended it heavily at Xmas time – the guy I spoke with, once I mentioned that I knew some people had received it elsewhere in the country – said, oh! I remember that – it’s supposed to be an excellent alternative to skills books and that they were all pushing it a lot around the holidays. So go you!

  74. Hiya- I preordered your book from Amazon and was told it would not ship till May 2nd-FYI can’t wait!

  75. What!! Oil revenues AND The Book as well!!!!!
    Queen’s Park will be up in arms!
    The shawl is lovely. I love that pattern. And the sox seem quite amiable.

  76. Wow. The Chai knitted up beautifully in that lace pattern. It’s just SO pretty – if it’s that pretty in person, I think I may have to pick some up and give it a try!

  77. I have some of that chai silk in my stash–thanks for giving me an idea of what to do with it.
    And congrats on the book and the very fine review.
    If I ever write a book-I’ll be stalking the bookstores to see it on the shelves too. (Hell I looked up my own thesis in the big distribution database just to make it seem real).

  78. hello, just heard of you today and if it makes you feel better, I instantly bought 2 copies of your book on ebay. You just might tempt me to get knitting again!

  79. YAY! You go girl. This is just fantastic, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Talk about the power of the internet and how in can truly shape lives! I’m so thrilled and excited for you, I’m tempted to send a skein of that laceweight cashmere/silk blend yarn. WOO!

  80. I usually just lurk, but I’m posting to congratulate you and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. My copy of the book is on hold at Barnes + Noble at Lincoln Square in NYC and I’m picking it up tomorrow a.m. Yipeeeeee!

  81. You. Are. #45. On. Amazon.
    (whose capslock is)

  82. The BOOK is here in Massachusetts, I picked it up today at the new Barnes and Noble – there were at least a half a dozen of them right there on the shelf! Way to go!
    As far as ironing knitting – geeeeeesh! I’d be having a panic attack myself – the ironing a swatch is a great idea, I don’t know if I could bring myself to iron the finished product even after that though – I tend to be a little unbelieving and paranoid about stuff like that!
    Congrats on the Book!
    Cathy M.

  83. I just picked up the bookbookbook at our Barnes & Noble in Port Huron, Michigan, which is right next to Canada. Can’t wait to read it tonight!!

  84. You need to go to your LBS and introduce yourself to the manager or the events coordinator. That way when the books come in they might have you sign some. Plus, when the book’s sales take off, as we all know they will, you will be available to do a reading/knit-in. Take it from me, a former events coordinator – I would have loved a local author who practically came with a built in event, especially of something that is so popular!Ooh, ooh, combine a meet the author event with an MSF knit-in/fundraiser!
    I just came up with a bunch of ideas for things to do besides booksignings; but I’m high on the energy generated by my first Knitting Meetup! It almost makes me wish I was still coordinating book events. Almost.
    I can’t wait to read the book, btw. I’ve emailed several of your posts from the knitlist to my best friend, so she is looking forward to it also.

  85. Hi Stephanie — What a lovely review! Next: NYTimes? Also, I have to say I am blown away that you’ve finished the shawl and socks so fast. Are you sleeping at all? My LYS just asked me to knit up a summer poncho for the store, and I think it would take me a month… of course, I’m in the middle of my own YH poncho, and am starting a Wallaby knit-a-long with my sister soon, soooo maybe it is just a motivation problem on my part πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the book, literally, I may have to run to Border’s tomorrow, as Amazon hasn’t shipped yet… you know that story. On the good side, I’ve claimed April 28 as “my day” – posted on the fridge for all the world to see. All protests have been quieted (what, mom gets a day of her own, unheard of!). I’ll see you then!

  86. THanks for the heads up on the book. I stopped at the book store on the way home from work and was able to pick up a copy. My plan was to take it with me to read on vacation, but I finished half of it on the bus on the way home from work. I’m loving it!!

  87. Got my copy tonight at B&N in Vernon Hills, IL (Chicago suburb) on my way to teach my knitting class. I read a few pages to my class and they wanted me to pass it around. Two women wrote down the title and one asked where I got it because she wants a copy, too. I love what I’ve read, especially the “You know you knit too much…” pieces.
    Looking at your socks in the photo I would have no idea that they were the “mismatched” socks from before, they are beautiful.

  88. On my way home from work today I stopped in at Yarn Forward to see if my copy of BookBookBook was in. Without a word of lie, as I walked in, one of the staff was just telling the ladies at the big knitting table, “We’re getting a new book in by Stephanie Pearl-something”
    “McPhee!”, crows I, “Is it in yet?”
    “No”, she says, “but we should have our copies in time for her book-signing on April 7.”
    Whoopee, I know what afternoon I’m taking off work!!!!

  89. The review is awesome. Congratulations. I can’t wait to get my hands on your book and I hope you will sign it. I enjoy your blog so much.

  90. The book is not here either, even though I went to Ann’s Books and ordered it the first day I read about it on your blog, even though since March 1st, I’ve been going into Ann’s at least every 3-4 days looking plaintively and hopefully at Jolie and saying Bookbookbook? I keep getting a regretful shake of the head — according to Jolie, she doesn’t expect to see it until the end of the month – her listing doesn’t even show it avail until then. I suppose I could have ordered it from Ama*#%^Q@zon or some such book abuser, but then Ann’s pretty soon wouldn’t be there anymore, and dang it… I like all the little Ann’s in this world…. hanging on until the end of the month (ps, I already told Jolie about the next book and hopefully the release dates will be more cooperative.) (pss, whenever something goes wrong now with knitting or with other stuff in my life, my dh now says —“Well, what does the Harlot say/do about this?” you have achieved celebrity know it all status in my home….

  91. I have had the bookbookbook on pre-order from since, mmhhhh… Christmas? I doubt I would be able to find it here in rural Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) before, uh, 2006?
    Also, you are now on rank #51 at Amazon – they are even already selling used copies :-0
    Now I’m just waiting for “A gathering of Lace” to appear and my copy of the bookbookbook will be on its way.
    isn’t it strange that my friend in germany got it from the german Amazon i JANUARY, and on US amazon it has still not come out? Weird.

  92. Just wanted you to know I ordered the bookbookbook as well, and got a ship date of 3/28! I cannot wait to read it, between Clara’s review and what you;ve said, this is sure to be a fave. I actually ordered 2, so I can use one as a secret pal gift πŸ™‚ And the shawl is GORGEOUS!

  93. I get to pick up my bookbookbook today!!! I can’t wait for the bookstore and the bank to open, then I can knit and read to my little heart’s content! Wait, I can’t knit and read at the same time. I’ll have to get DH to read to me. Yeah, that’s the ticket!! I’ll let you know how it works out for me.

  94. Must. Have. Book. I’m going to hit every bokstore within walking distance today and ask at the front counter, “Have Yarn Harlot book? *Want* Yarn Harlot book.” And once I get it, I’m going to read it to/with my cat, who loves to play with yarn. Except that she does not like it when I laugh.
    Okay, revised plan: I’ll read my dissertation chapter to my cat (who appreciates angst) and read bookbookbook to myself, in a soundproof room.

  95. Take a copy of your book with you into all the local yarn shops and bookshops (lucky you to have so many!) and offer to do a signing or a reading. This will cause them all to order it. You probably knew this already, but just in case… Also call your local papers and radio stations and stuff. Your publisher and agent are arranging publicity for you, but they often expect you to do your own locally. Then, if you have the time and feel like it, have postcards made of the cover of your book, and mail them to all the outlying yarn and bookshops that you are actually willing to go to, offering to do signings for them. The fact that you are a local author and have written a good book should be enough to cause them to arrange signings for you — we do it for anyone whose book is not downright horrible, and even for some of the horrible ones if they are really nice. Consider visiting high schools and coffee shops, too. I hesitate to post this, because as I say you probably know all this and are not mentioning it for humorous effect, but just in case…

  96. How big did your FBS turn out after blocking using two spools of Chai?
    Can’t wait to get a copy of your book!

  97. I checked with my local Barnes & Noble and they said they placed a large order!! and they would be available on the 28th.

  98. Hello,
    I’m not a blog reader, well except for two of my knitting buddies but they read you so I picked up your book at B&N last night, it was knitting night. There were 5 copies when we got there and only two when we left. πŸ™‚ I hope it’s a smashing success. I know I’ll enjoy reading you for the very first time.
    Blessings, Dee

  99. It’s here!!! I just called my Barnes and Noble and put one on hold. In a couple of hours I will be sipping a soy chai and enjoying your book. I can’t wait.

  100. Brenda mentioned she lives in Virginia Beach. That’s only 4 hours from Newport, NC! I’d definitely drive that far or even to Richmond, well, maybe even DC for the privilege of having my bookbookbook signed (sigh)….

  101. You’re book sounded so nice that I ordered it, sight unseen, from Amazon. It’ll be here next week. Can’t wait. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you. Joanne in Colorado

  102. Your book sounded so nice that I ordered it, sight unseen, from Amazon. It’ll be here next week. Can’t wait. Congratulations! I’m very happy for you. Joanne in Colorado

  103. Congratulations on the glowing review! I’m sure you’ll find books on shleves sometime soon, definitely face them out when you do.
    I haven’t found any in my neck of the woods either, but I’m keeping an eye out.
    The newest incarnation of the Flower Basket Shawl is lovely. I don’t feel quite up to lace yet, but you are providing welcome inspiration.

  104. Book, book, book! — I found it at Barnes and Noble at the Citicorp building in Manhattan. There were 5 copies and I snatched the one underneath the top one — that one was already looking very read! Immediately after I took my copy, another woman came up and grabbed one of her own. We gave each other a knowing look, smiled and went about your shopping.
    I’m currently on page 112 and love it. Thank you for the knitterly gift!

  105. Not to press the point (oh, yes pun intended) but if you believed in swatching you could test the iron on the fabric theory. As silk is a natural fiber I wouldn’t imagine that it wouldn’t work. Can’t vouch for the smell though.
    Great review by the way, I’m keeping an eye out for the book. Congrats, Kelle

  106. Okay, two things:
    1. That should be “shelves”
    2. My LBS, Buckhill Book Shop, has 8 copies on order and they should be in “soon”. I need to call back and have them hold one for me. Didn’t think of that until I’d hung up, oops!

  107. Congratulations on such a wonderful review! I’m going to add the book to my wish list. It will probably stay on there all of about 1 day before I can’t stand it any longer and have to buy it!

  108. The shawl is gorgeous! I hope you find your book soon, before you go insane looking (I’d do the same thing…difference is, I’d probably not tell anybody, for fear that they’d all KNOW I’m going insane. It’s a delicate balance.)

  109. Your book has made it to what we affectionately call “The Armpit of the Midwest”– Rockford, Illinois. Barnes & Noble, to be exact. We have no homegrown bookstores anymore (so sad!), so B&N had to do the trick. I can’t wait to convince all of these little people around me to entertain themselves in a non-destructive manner for five minutes so I can take a peek at it!

  110. Oh goodness, gorgeous shawl! Someone commented on ironing a knitted swatch, which seems like the way to go. I will be on the lookout for your book, Stephanie!

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