I may have miscalculated

After a rather harrowing journey here…Ottawa is good. Better than good actually, freakishly good. I’m completely delerious and exhausted and I’m telling you, if you really want to get a freak on, write a book. It’s like one day your life is laundry and kids and a dirty kitchen floor, and then today it’s road signs and signing books and travelling the country. It makes me nervous and grateful and …well. I’m waiting to wake up.
I made it through yesterday’s signings at both Yarn Forwards, (despite having made the bonehead decision to wear a white tee-shirt on a rainy day) despite being freaked out. Roger, Carol and Louise are wonderful hosts and I once I remembered that any yarn shop in the world counts as home turf, I was ok. In fact, at several points I realized that I was having a lovely time. Meeting people in person was wonderful and really quite reasurring. (I have had moments where I wondered if all of you were really just my imaginary friends.) Everyone I met was real and charming, funny and gracious.
I have photographic evidence that I met Aven’s parents…

I recognized them by the sweaters that Aven knit. Does it say something about blogging that I can pick the parents of a fellow blogger out of a crowd in a different city by noting that I’ve seen those projects before? Aven, they are both sweet as pie.
Finally, as I sit here in my hotel room getting ready to go to do today’s stuff,(Anyone coming to Leishman’s Bookstore at Hazeldean Mall today?) wondering how Joe and the girls are making out…and drinking what I hope is enough coffee to get me through the petrifying tv things…. I offer you this.
This is Marilyn, the lovely sales rep. assigned to take me from place to place and keep the coffee coming. At 12:30 yesterday when I met her, she was a non-knitter.

Our plan to take over the world continues apace.