Little box of wonder.

Lookie lookie.


It’s the brand spankin’ new Yarn Harlot Remote Blogging System™. I didn’t quite win the lottery, but darned close. My father-in-law (also named Joe…for the sake of keeping our Joes straight around here, the girls call him “Old Joe”, which I suspect he hates, since he’s not old at all…) is a poet who needed a laptop. Sympathetic to the cause, he noted that the old Yarn Harlot Remote Blogging System™ was unreliable at it’s best, so this beast has been purchased ahead of his schedule and come to live with me for a time. I love it. Truly, madly, deeply. The Yarn Harlot team is deeply committed to Macs, and this little ibook G4 is a seriously neat piece of work.

Look at the screen, I was reading Sandy’s blog in the living room (in the living room!!) while working on the first sleeve of the garter vine cardie. (My intention is to wear the cardie on the US leg of the tour, so I better get a move on.)

Many thanks to Old Joe for making remote blogging possible again.

In book news, for those of you who asked, the rumour is completely true…the bookbookbook did go for a third printing on Wednesday morning. I’m completely overwhelmed. So overwhelmed that I actually didn’t feel like I could mention it on the blog. (I just told 100 or so of my close personal friends at the launch. I also told a guy on the bus…but let’s not discuss the idiosyncrasies of my excitement.) I’m so happy about the books little successes that from time to time I start thinking up seriously grand plans to spread the word of wool around the world. (Does that sound to much like a cult?) Imagine the world run the way we would have it. Imagine writing off a portion of your yarn as a “health care cost” on your taxes. Imagine the words “yarn subsidy” really meaning something. Imagine it being legal to keep sheep in your backyard. Imagine electing knitters to positions of power. Who would we make Prime Minister? Who would want to give up the knitting time to do the job?

I’ll be at the Knitter’s Frolic here in Toronto tomorrow, a raving good time put on by my home guild. I’m going anyway, (no kidding Steph? Really? A major knitting event right in your city and you’re going?) but will stop shopping long enough to sign books at the Needle Arts Bookshop booth at 1:00, if you happen to be in the market for one.

Can we give a cheer for Amanda? The sock and our family went to see her perform at Massey Hall last night.


She was lovely.


I know you can’t tell from this picture, and I know that you can’t trust the opinion of a mother, but she was really impressive. You gotta hand it to a kid who can play the violin in front of all of those people and not think once about upchucking.

PS. My seriously nice publicist person asked me to put this on the blog today. The New York event at Lord & Taylor (yes. Lord & Taylor) is taking reservations. The sweetie pie publicist wanted to give any of you guys first dibs before they advertise it to the world at large. Here’s the note she sent. Kindly ignore how completely freaky it is to take reservations to see me knit.

Lord & Taylor invites you to a special evening with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (a.k.a The Yarn Harlot), author of At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much.

Thursday, April 28th @ 6pm

424 5th Ave @ 39th St.

Eleventh Floor Theater

We invite knitters of all levels to bring their knitting and join us to share in laughing at the unusual situations that can result from any compulsive behavior.

The evening is co-sponsored by The Craft Yarn Council, and will feature complimentary copies of the book. Reservations are limited, so please email to reserve a space.