You keep using that word…

Upgrade v – 1. raise in rank etc. 2. improve (equipment, machinery, etc.) esp. by replacing components.

I have been concerned about the upcoming update to iphoto for some time. We all know that upgrades cause upheaval in my blogging life and that I fight an uphill battle to get Joe/Ken to uphold my believe that upgrades (as defined above) are a big fat honking lie told by software companies.

As defined above, an upgrade to iphoto should surely mean that I would not only continue to produce blog pictures, but to do so with some measure of improvement.

Nowhere in the definition of upgrade does it mention that the alleged improvement to said blogging system will actually mean that you will have no photos at all, and that this component of your computer will instead seize into a denying filth pit of reluctance and vile taunting refusal.

Since Joe/Ken/iphoto seem determined to drive me insane with upgrades that downgrade my ability to blog, my previously upbeat attitude is in the dumper.

Until my upgrade is downgraded to a level at which I may post pictures, I will be found face down on the chesterfield upholstery. Surrounded by un-upgradeable knitting.

(ps. This would be no time to remind me of the upcoming upgrade to OS X. A thousand curses. )