Coming to my senses (however briefly)

I have made a decision. I have opted to believe (after looking on the weather channel) everyone who says that It is going to be really, really warm everywhere that I am going on this tour, and it is just plain silly for me to be engaging in battles to the death with wool/mohair blends at this time of year. Why am I killing myself/it with this attempt? Why am I threatening it online and mishandling persuading it with vicious blocking? Why I ask you, why would I do this when, by Toronto standards…everywhere I am going is practically tropical. Why don’t I just lighten up on myself, quit trying to knit this thing in a big rush and let myself off the hook for more of this insane deadline knitting that stresses me out and makes me crabby and combative. I’m letting go of the sweater. If it’s done, it’s done. If it’s not…well,

what I actually need… is a shawl.


Doesn’t look like much yet eh?

(It’s the “Lotus Blossom Shawl” and I’m knitting it out of Alpaca laceweight from an Alpaca farm in the Ottawa region. I bought it years ago…can’t remember the name.)

Shawls are (in my opinion) perfect travel knitting. Tiny in size, they provide hours of easily packed knitting. Unlike a sweater, the entire kit for a laceweight shawl will fit in the tiniest of luggage, thus leaving much more room for new yarn. The observant among you will note two harlot-departures..circular needles and wood. I’m determined to get this knitting on a plane. Determined.

A note about the tour…

The tour page has been updated, American West Coasters should be happy. Canadians need to keep holding their breath. I have no idea what plans there will be here at home. Our lady Rams of the comments, who happens to work at the Athena Bookshop in Kalamazoo would like to ask a favour of you. (Well..she wants a “favor”, but I’m overlooking her spelling.) Rams left this message in the comments:

The Athena Book shop in Kalamazoo, MI, proud host to Stephanie’s May 6 appearance, begs and pleads with you to call or e-mail to make a reservation so we know how many chairs to rent, how big a mezzanine to build, etc. People who reserve will get in before people who don’t (who will eventually get in, too, but why make it hard on yourself?) E-mail or phone (269) 342-4508 or our toll free number which works out to 1-800- GAS-YAKS (an idle employee worked that one out once and I’m not near a phone to be able to translate it back to numbers.)

We are so stoked we can hardly breathe. What if the store explodes? Please — let us know you’re coming.

While I find it hard to believe that my presence could cause a bookshop to explode, I’m all for everyone being able to sit on a chair to knit…so humour her…will ya?

Finally, a rarity.

I’m about to briefly foray vaguely into Canadian news, something very scarcely done here on the blog, but I can’t help myself. Forgive me, I promise it won’t happen often. (Twice in 14 months isn’t bad, I think.) You will note, in a very Canadian moment, that this news item on the CBC is followed immediately (or was at the time of this posting) by a tape of Sasquatch in Manitoba. (We can’t help it. The tape is compelling.)

Frank McKenna, Canada’s Ambassador to the US has procured from Newt Gingrich, an apology to the Canadian people. Monday, in an interview with Fox News, Mr. Gingrich (standing at the Mexican border) was asked by Mr Sean Hannity “I know, because of comments you have made recently, the Number 1 area of vulnerability we have, as it relates to national security, is this border right here behind me. Why isn’t there this political will in Wahington to solve this problem?”

To which Mr. Gingrich replied ” You know, I don’t know, Sean. I’d also, frankly, include the Canadian border, because the fact is, far more of the 9/11 terrorists came across from Canada than from Mexico.”

Yesterday, in his apology, Mr. Gingrich wrote :

“I have a responsibility to be accurate. therefore, I am retracting my statement without qualification. Please accept my apology to the Canadian people for perpetuating the error; one I am sure that has been very painful to them. Because facts are important…let me say that I will strenuously do what I can to help Canada set the public record straight and correct the myth.”

Mr. Gingrich went on to also retract his statement that some of the terrorists had come from Mexico, and stated that in fact, the terrorists had all entered the US via legal immigration channels.

Thank you sir. I appreciate the clarity. We now return you to your regularly scheduled apolitical knitting blog.