Coming to my senses (however briefly)

I have made a decision. I have opted to believe (after looking on the weather channel) everyone who says that It is going to be really, really warm everywhere that I am going on this tour, and it is just plain silly for me to be engaging in battles to the death with wool/mohair blends at this time of year. Why am I killing myself/it with this attempt? Why am I threatening it online and mishandling persuading it with vicious blocking? Why I ask you, why would I do this when, by Toronto standards…everywhere I am going is practically tropical. Why don’t I just lighten up on myself, quit trying to knit this thing in a big rush and let myself off the hook for more of this insane deadline knitting that stresses me out and makes me crabby and combative. I’m letting go of the sweater. If it’s done, it’s done. If it’s not…well,

what I actually need… is a shawl.


Doesn’t look like much yet eh?

(It’s the “Lotus Blossom Shawl” and I’m knitting it out of Alpaca laceweight from an Alpaca farm in the Ottawa region. I bought it years ago…can’t remember the name.)

Shawls are (in my opinion) perfect travel knitting. Tiny in size, they provide hours of easily packed knitting. Unlike a sweater, the entire kit for a laceweight shawl will fit in the tiniest of luggage, thus leaving much more room for new yarn. The observant among you will note two harlot-departures..circular needles and wood. I’m determined to get this knitting on a plane. Determined.

A note about the tour…

The tour page has been updated, American West Coasters should be happy. Canadians need to keep holding their breath. I have no idea what plans there will be here at home. Our lady Rams of the comments, who happens to work at the Athena Bookshop in Kalamazoo would like to ask a favour of you. (Well..she wants a “favor”, but I’m overlooking her spelling.) Rams left this message in the comments:

The Athena Book shop in Kalamazoo, MI, proud host to Stephanie’s May 6 appearance, begs and pleads with you to call or e-mail to make a reservation so we know how many chairs to rent, how big a mezzanine to build, etc. People who reserve will get in before people who don’t (who will eventually get in, too, but why make it hard on yourself?) E-mail or phone (269) 342-4508 or our toll free number which works out to 1-800- GAS-YAKS (an idle employee worked that one out once and I’m not near a phone to be able to translate it back to numbers.)

We are so stoked we can hardly breathe. What if the store explodes? Please — let us know you’re coming.

While I find it hard to believe that my presence could cause a bookshop to explode, I’m all for everyone being able to sit on a chair to knit…so humour her…will ya?

Finally, a rarity.

I’m about to briefly foray vaguely into Canadian news, something very scarcely done here on the blog, but I can’t help myself. Forgive me, I promise it won’t happen often. (Twice in 14 months isn’t bad, I think.) You will note, in a very Canadian moment, that this news item on the CBC is followed immediately (or was at the time of this posting) by a tape of Sasquatch in Manitoba. (We can’t help it. The tape is compelling.)

Frank McKenna, Canada’s Ambassador to the US has procured from Newt Gingrich, an apology to the Canadian people. Monday, in an interview with Fox News, Mr. Gingrich (standing at the Mexican border) was asked by Mr Sean Hannity “I know, because of comments you have made recently, the Number 1 area of vulnerability we have, as it relates to national security, is this border right here behind me. Why isn’t there this political will in Wahington to solve this problem?”

To which Mr. Gingrich replied ” You know, I don’t know, Sean. I’d also, frankly, include the Canadian border, because the fact is, far more of the 9/11 terrorists came across from Canada than from Mexico.”

Yesterday, in his apology, Mr. Gingrich wrote :

“I have a responsibility to be accurate. therefore, I am retracting my statement without qualification. Please accept my apology to the Canadian people for perpetuating the error; one I am sure that has been very painful to them. Because facts are important…let me say that I will strenuously do what I can to help Canada set the public record straight and correct the myth.”

Mr. Gingrich went on to also retract his statement that some of the terrorists had come from Mexico, and stated that in fact, the terrorists had all entered the US via legal immigration channels.

Thank you sir. I appreciate the clarity. We now return you to your regularly scheduled apolitical knitting blog.

83 thoughts on “Coming to my senses (however briefly)

  1. The shawl will be lovely, and as you explained to me last night, much more practical in “tropical” weather. Good luck with the tour!

  2. Yooo-hoooo, Harlot! As long as you’re updating the tour schedule, may I once again remind you that there is a really big city to the south of you named Chicago who is STILL not on your tour schedule?? You could even wear your wool here in April/May, especially near the lake! Come on down!

  3. I am so looking forward to meeting you at Knit Happens on the 27th. (Just trying to decide what knitted garment to wear!)
    Congratulations on the book!

  4. Newt apologized?? Seriously, the world is coming to an end.
    Those needles look like toothpicks!!! Size 3 is the smallest I can go before I start to freakout.

  5. Seriously – you might consider both the shawl and sweater. It was about 90 degrees in northern Virginia yesterday, but only about 60 today and temps are dropping. No pressure – just sayin’ is all…

  6. Ah, so Rams’ association to a bookstore is the reason Kalamazoo is being blessed with your presense… Not complaining, I’ll be there it’s only 1.5 hours from Erin’s place (which is 5.25 hours from my place but I digress).
    As for the shawl, it’s lovely. I would pack Rhinebeck for your tour JUST in case you need a warm knitted item (why tempt fate? Weather is goofy, ESPECIALLY in the midwest US).

  7. Since we’ve already had our chance for Harlot-spotting here in Ottawa, I will add my voice to the chorus recommending you visit Chicago. It is a really great city to visit (I have no data on living there), and since I know you’re into museums, a perfect place for the whole Harlot troupe to vacation.
    Let Mr. Washie hold the fort, and allow Joe and the Ladies experience Tour Harlot, too!

  8. Yay, you’re stopping in Portland on your West Coast tour! I think I’m going to have to schedule vacation that day to celebrate the Harlot’s visit. And an extra day just for recovery from the excitement.
    Now the host of questions arise: What to wear? What to knit to wear? What to bring to knit? And are there any Harlot-y tour shirts yet?

  9. Oh that Newt!
    I dunno, your visit is eagerly awaited in the Boston area. There have been excited mumblings for weeks regarding your appearance. We could spill out into the parking lot (car park?). You’re packing your megaphone, yes?

  10. Since you’re going to be in my neck of the woods on the 26th, I give you a heads up. While it has been truly tropical by Toronto standards for the last week or so in central Ohio, a cold front came through last night and the warm weather went away. To the point that they are calling for snow instead of rain this weekend.
    I’m kinda happy that all my wool stuff hasn’t been cleaned and put up for the season.

  11. Big foot has more brains manners and tact the Newt. Many apoligies to Canada for a rotten republican. The shawl is lovely. Are you making any stops in Illinois?

  12. I’m packing for a trip to Toronto next week and couldn’t decide what project should keep me entertained on the train. It’s now clear – I have to start a lacy shawl.

  13. Not only are the wooden circulars more likely to make it onto the plane, I like them for knitting with slippery yarn, particularly when dropped stitches are likely to cause much swearing (as in lace).
    Although Maryland might be warm, I don’t think Michigan is that different from Southern Ontario when it comes to weather. If the garter vine sweater is in the doghouse, pack Rhinebeck.

  14. Hah — you’ll be in Kalamazoo at the same time Mark is; he’s there for the big international Medievalists Conference at the university. So don’t be too shocked if you encounter many dazed (and probably drunken) academics wandering around avoiding the Society for Creative Anachronisms people. (Aside — I just love that Mark gets to say “I gave a conference paper at Kalamazoo”. Why don’t any of my conferences take place in towns with such great names?)

  15. Woo hoo! Berkeley is my stomping grounds! I’m putting August 2nd on my calendar, and the new baby should be a scrumptious about-a-month-old by then. . . my 9 year old is going to fall over, she’s going to be so excited.
    Maybe I can hook my sister into the harlot thing.
    What about Yarn! in Alameda. It’s only 20 minutes from Berkeley, but the two towns don’t mix much. There’s a whole ‘nother layer of knitters to hit there.

  16. The other thing he seems to have forgotten is that folks entering the US from Canada have to pass through US Customs. Canada doesn’t actually have a say in who the US lets in. It’s US officials who have that say.

  17. Hooray! One very happy Bay Area knitter – Berkeley is close enough to SF for me. And – I’ve taken bamboo needles on airplanes for the last 4 years – including trans-Atlantic flights – and had absolutely no problem.

  18. Hi Stephanie — Great choice for a shawl pattern. I met you at the Frolic on Saturday and was thrilled to be first in line to get your autograph. I was wearing the same shawl — it’s an enjoyable knit and I would highly recommend it. Can’t wait to see your version. You’re an inspiration, Stephanie. Thanks for doing what you do.

  19. chicago, chicago, chicago. newt apologized, anything can happen, even a chicago tour stop.

  20. berkley?
    awwwwwwwwyea. thats only 90 minutes down i-80!
    *Does happy dance*
    i think i’ll stop by work today to put in for august 2 off! πŸ˜€
    i’d tell you my opinion on what newt gingrich said, but the bile keeps rising in my throat thinking about him and anne coulter and their disgusting audacity. *eyetwitch*

  21. Oooo. The Harlot will be at Weaving Works in August. I am in awe already. I’m so going to take that day off if I have too! πŸ™‚
    See you in Seattle in August! WooooHoooo!

  22. Re: Gingrich and his comments. Consider the source – the guy’s a moron. I’m sorry you even know he exists. And believe it or not, there is talk of his being a candidate for president in 2008. I can’t take it.
    And the very first thing I noticed in your photo was the much-maligned circular needle. Be careful, you may become enamored in spite of yourself!

  23. His comment was probably broadcast on Fox and the retraction on Public Radio, so there’s probably still 50% of the country who believes it. AAARGHH!
    I made the Lotus Blossom a couple of months ago out of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I love it. Toward the end I had a couple of problems with the pattern, but I found that if I ripped out a few rows and knit them exactly the way I did the first time it would be fine.

  24. Wahoo, Weavingworks on August 4th! (I’ll be there. With wools on. Of course, small bits of wool, Seattle’s HOT HOT HOT in that season.)
    Pssst… …Theres an organic deli that serves really nice vegetarian food right around the corner…

  25. I’ve always thought Newt was a toad. He really should not be allowed out of the swamp.
    As the new shawl won’t be ready for NYC (right?), are you bringing the ironed silk one? I’d love to meet it in person. NY area today: pefect weather for the YH poncho!
    I haven’t had any trouble with addi or bamboo knitting needles on planes, but my pointy folding scissors were confiscated… they were a gift too πŸ™ But, hey, new knitting needles are always a nice present to one’s self.

  26. Berkeley? On a Tuesday? That’s it for the whole Bay Area? :\ Should I give up hope of there being a South Bay stop? At least I have until August to figure out how to get up there.
    Now, I’m curious about your foray into Canadian news… I can find no mention of the Harlot on the CBC site.

  27. Gingrich probably got his info from Ann Coulter. I’d ask what Hannity’s response was, but he probably thinks all the 9/11 terrorists were from Iraq.

  28. Well, we all know Gingrich apologized up here in Canada, but how many Americans do you think heard of the retraction? i’m so sad…

  29. I’d venture to say that Canada is the only country where people are happy to mind their own business and live among one another peacefully. Of course, every county had its share of crime, but from what I’ve seen, we Amercians could stand to learn a little about curbing the violence from the Canadians. I’m proud to be a U.S. citizen, but dammit, we can be assholes!

  30. Berkeley!!! Alright!!! Anybody want to carpool up from Palo Alto? Just so you know, Stephanie, Berkeley is full of San Francisco fog and cold summer weather many an August day, warming up by mid-afternoon.

  31. It is unseasonably hot in Memphis right now, but for your Monday visit it looks like it will be a reasonable 70ish degrees but rainy πŸ™
    I will still be in line for my book though, rain and all!

  32. Ooohhhh…the harlot is coming to Seattle (where you just might need the naughty sweater. Yes. Even in August. We’re odd out here) So I guess if I’m going to take the day off and trek out to Weaving works I’d better at least make one comment on the blog so you know I’m the crazy stocker lady from Seattle.
    I admit, I’ve been stocking your blog, including going back and reading the entire history since day one. I’ll admit I’ve laughed so hard at work I’ve fallen out of my chair (more than once). And I’ll admit that everyone around me is now called “dude”. Including my shih tzu puppy. And he was just starting to know his name.
    I won’t admit that I’m obsessed with you because, well……that would be a tad creepy. I just really, really, really like the way you put things. And I’m also a vegetarian, hippie, unmarried but together with the father of our child knitting obsessed person. πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to meet you in person!! And I might even post more comments now that I’ve gotten over the hump of posting the first one to my knitting goddess. I really wanted to post to your “what is wrong with my arse” thread, but I didn’t think that would be the best way to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Sam…and I too have a arse that doesn’t fit in anything even though I’m relatively thin.
    Anyway. Thanks for the laugh everyday!

  33. Yay! Harlot On Tour! I’ve been emailing your (very nice) publicist and arranging your August 1st visit to Knit Cafe- and I’m so excited that it is now officially on your page! I can’t wait to meet you!

  34. Silent Scream from the Niagara Escarpment.
    Shawl??? May I assume it is a gift for someone other than yourself?
    I ask,, because on Page — of bookbookbook (my copy is out on loan), you state that no-one you know would wear one.
    When I read this, I FROGGED an almost-finished
    Snowdrop, interpreted in a soft sage, vintage laceply, from Jamieson & Smith.
    I was planning to give it to you at your Launch.

  35. Despite the treachery of that wool/mohair blend, I’m still hoping you’ll put up the garter vine cardigan pattern. I love vine patterns.

  36. Oh crap. I don’t think I have anything Knitterly to wear to Kalamazoo. Carma and I will be there, with Jess. (Am I asking for trouble in bringing a toddler? It’s the only way I can work it out.)
    I’ve been looking at the Lotus blossom, but I’ll have to make something else instead, I don’t want to give off any “single white female” vibes.

  37. Very cool! Stash is right down the street from my folks (my mom has already given it a glowing report–it just opened a couple of weeks ago). So I’ll have to make the drive up to see you in August, and visit Stash, and yeah, visit the folks to I guess! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait.

  38. Aww! That’s so cute! Newty-boy is actually deluded enough to think we give a flying fuck about him! Some people are so deluded…
    For the record: it’s wrong to visit the American Wet Coast without crossing the border back into Canada. Very wrong.

  39. Yikes! Watch out for those Canadian terrorists, especially the ones with knitting needles : 0

  40. Whoa, folks, did you look at the updated MSF total?? Un-freakin’-believable! And all this was started by one (ok, by “the”) Harlot’s plea to the knitting world. Ah, the power of love at work. Isn’t it amazing?
    Thanks for the pick-me-up, Steph. I’m sure I’m not the only one who needed that!

  41. No Colorado visit?! C’mon. I’m sure I personally could gather enough people to make it worth while. We have tons of great yarn shops and book shops and yarn shops that are across the street from book shops! Please.

  42. I have coveted that shawl since the first time I saw it. I’m sure it will be lovely when you’re finished.
    Please let us know if you’re able to get the bamboo needles on the plane. I’m going to the west coast and can’t ride on the plane without knitting. What would I do? And, I don’t even like to fly in the fist place. I’d rather take the train.
    Newt is an arse. No one I know in the states heard about his apology. The US let the terrorists in and if anyone believes they’re not still here, maybe you better think again. They’ve been here since the ’70’s or before. OK. Enough of that.
    Please add more dates to your west coast tour so I can possibly get my bookbookbook signed! Thanks for inspiring us all.

  43. Woohoo! I’ll be at Weaving Works in Seattle. Sooo looking forward to this event. And I agree, Hanging Vines must repent and be finished. It’s too lovely.

  44. Harlot! I still express dismay at your tour schedule! Not once do I see a place called Denver, CO on that list. Not ONCE!!!
    I like your shawl, I’m sure there will be no problems getting those needles onto a plane. πŸ˜€

  45. As an American citizen from the home state of Mr. “I can’t be bothered to check the facts” Gingrich, let me apologize to all of Canada and the rest of the United States. He’s a first class idiot, and all I can say is his behavior is no more than can be expected from someone who left the bedside of his dying wife to be with his girlfriend. Family values, indeed. And don’t look now, but I think he’s going to run for President. What are the immigration rules for Canada again??

  46. Yippee ay eeye
    Harlot comes to Hollywood!! (moviemoviemovie)
    I can hardly wait until August!!
    I’ll see you there.
    Your loyal fan

  47. Looks like a perfectly safe carry-on object to me. But then, I’m not airport security. Good luck with that!
    Imagine that. Newt Gingrich apologizes. To Canadians. Wonders never cease.

  48. In response to Soo…this American heard the retraction! And was glad of it. And Jane, don’t worry; Newt will never gain the party nomination. If so, I will knit with nasty, low end acrylics for one full year!

  49. The shawl looks lovely!
    Okay, I have a sort of tacky question. I have my reservation (hurray!) to see you at Lord & Taylor’s in New York. Before you had posted the details about the event, I had assumed that I would be able to buy a copy of your book at it. It’s not clear from the event description if your book will be available for purchase, and I have been commissioned to get autographed copies for other people (you are very popular in my set of friends). Will you be signing books? And can I buy extra copies at the event, or should I buy them in advance?

  50. Oooh, I can’t wait to see you in Hollywood. (Well, West Hollywood but let’s not quibble) I’ll be the one knitting πŸ™‚

  51. Wow-you are going to be a well-traveled knitter by the time this tour is done. Glad you are not whipping yourself into a frenzy with the wool/mohair. Hope the weather stays nice, or you’ll be kicking yourself in the *arse*. And as someone who keeps her politics to herself as a general rule (I never bring up religion or sex either-I tend not to know when to shut up), all I have to say is, who in the hell names their kid Newt? I mean honestly, after a salamander? And I am compelled with the Sasquatch myself.

  52. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I left a new, shiny set of turquoise knitting needles at the Winnipeg airport, having been forced to pull them out of a partially completed project. It was that or not board the plane, AND, I was only flying to Edmonton. I think I would bring a book instead. =(

  53. Good lord, its people like Newt that make me embarrassed for my native land. Why he continues to have the media attention years after he has left public office is beyond me.
    Yay, you’re coming to the Bay Area! See you in August!

  54. Tree… you owe toads an apology! Comparing the poor things to Newt. What did they do to incur your wrath?
    And how come as soon as I move out of MI, all the cool stuff happens there? To help out the Chicago fans, K’zoo is just a stone’s throw from Chi-town!

  55. Portland!?!? Woooohoooo!!! How long will you be here? I’m so excited! Do you know where in Portland? Can I take you out for a beer and knitting? OK, ok, ok, I have to calm down. I’m sure I’m being one of those psycho fans, I promise I won’t stalk you…

  56. I don’t know about going through security in Canada, but I’ve recently gone through U.S. airport security with a sock on a 2.5 mm Addi 12″ circular, a set of 2.5 mm dpns, and a couple dozen steel crochet hooks (down to a size 14). On one trip through I got “randomly” selected for extra screening (the ticket agent warned me that my seat assignment would get me “randomly” selected), so they searched my bags and never even blinked at any of my knitting or crocheting tools. No scissors, of course — you can get through security with one of those Clover yarn-cutting pendants, though. (I’ve given up on wooden needles; the dogs think they’re chew toys.) See you at Circles in Boston!

  57. Just saw on B& that your bookbookbook is #4 when you enter knitting in the search box. Way to go!

  58. My experiences with knitting and airport security: By late 2002, the U.S. Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) had come to its senses and realized that knitting needles are not a terrorist weapon. You might want to check individual airports’ rules within the U.S., but I’ve never had trouble with knitting needles in the airports I’ve flown out of…in the U.S.
    Canada, to my surprise, does not seem to have reached this state of enlightenment. I’m still astonished. I got stopped by security in the airport in Victoria, B.C. I was trying to figure out how to transfer the stitches of my two-thirds-finished lace shawl to some kind of holder when the passenger in line behind me told me if I whiffled back to the airline desk post-haste I could probably get my checked luggage back long enough to put my project in it. And he was right! (Whew!) Airport security will not make this suggestion — they have a deal with the airlines.
    Maybe as your fame grows, Ms. Harlot, you’ll be able to importune your government to show greater sense (as they do in so many other things).

  59. There must have been something about the phase of the moon this week. Die Gubernator in California, Newt, A Legislator in Georgia (I think) all mis-spoke themselves horribly. Maybe the mercury levels have finally made all of us crazy. Let’s just take responsibility for what we do ourselves and not blame other people when things go awry due to our own actions.
    It’s like frogging somebody else’s knitting.
    Thanks for posting the shawl pattern page. They’re gorgeous.
    Oh, and I’ve been taking all sorts of knitting needles on planes… aluminum, plastic, wood, straight and circular. They are REAL sticklers about scissors (even those cute folding short ones that would barely snip a hangnail), but don’t care about darning needles, crochet hooks etc. Even if I were as slim and young as you, I don’t think they’d care.

  60. I know…I’m not unique. As every other blogger…I’m looking so forward to meeting you at the MD Sheep & Wool.
    Your Lotus Blossom shawl is looking mighty pretty. That color will go with everything. Everyone seems to be knitting lace shawls. I should go for it also! πŸ™‚

  61. I’m still wearing a bag over my head from the results of the presidential election here in the states….and I thought someone made Newt go away. He’s running for president? I’m speechless. And so very sad that would even be allowed. I shall escape back into my knitting and spinning now and try to get over this distressing news.

  62. Dear Ms. Stephanie,
    It’s too bad Paul had to make that big speech on the same prime-time news-priority as the unprecedented appology. I’m sure many-many Canadians missed it. Infact I did. And I’m a CBC groupie and all I hear about is Paul, Paul, Paul.
    At least, while touring, you’ll be fa-fa away from the relentless pounding of Canadian News. Pace yourself. You might be needing a fix… then you’ll have to listen via internet. Say, does your iBook have a sound card?
    Happy knitting.
    Happy touring.
    Miss Twiss

  63. Canada only very recently changed the rules regarding knitting needles on planes. They are now permitted.
    It would not be a bad idea to print out this web page and carry it with you while travelling – some security guards won’t be aware of the change, and some of them might be convinced if you have written proof. Might.

  64. Oh dear. A shawl will not cut it here in Ohio! Am I the only one coming to see you in Ohio? Will it just you and me some knitting and those chocolate meltaway spoons in some coffee? Hmmm.. ok! But do bring a sweater! It is rumoured to snow this weekend and I believe them! Though it might warm up by Tuesday, I doubt it!
    Stay warm bring a sweater!
    And don’t forget your mittens!

  65. really, really warm everywhere you’re going???
    I’m so sorry to hear that you won’t be coming to Vermont, after all…
    Looking forward to meeting you. Pack a different sweater. We won’t care how old it is or even if you made it yourself.

  66. Beautiful shawl. I’m trying to decide what lace shawl to make from three skeins of KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud donated to me by my sister (turns out one of her cats is alergic to it–sad for kitty but score for me!). I’ll have to consider this one; it’s very pretty.
    By the way, our local alternative paper had a cover story on knitting and Stitch ‘N’ Bitch groups last week, and it mentioned the bookbookbook! Just the title, in a paragraph about knitting being relaxing and addictive. I still have my copy–let me know if you’d like me to send it to you for your press clippings file. πŸ™‚

  67. I guess the city of brotherly/sisterly love won’t be getting any love from you on this tour? Maybe you’ll be able to swing by on your Book2Book2Book2 tour, and feel the Phillyknitter love. Just sayin’.
    Good luck on your eventual reunion with Mr. Washie. I’m sure he misses you.

  68. Where do we go to get your tour schedule? Loved your book – read it in one sitting, laughing out loud and continually telling my husband – put the TV on pause, you gotta hear this!

  69. hannity and gingrich routinely spout b.s.
    unfortunately, there are a lot of people here in the states who are intellectually lazy and let them get away with it.
    it’s bad enough that the bush crime family is still in power…but gingrich running for president?
    i don’t think the oh so “moral” republican/dominionist/theocrats will want to hear about his record of divorcing wives for girlfriends.
    what a jackass.

  70. Hi! I just read an article in our Toronto Sunday Star newspaper about knitting and about “the yarn harlot” . I was so pleased as I am an addictive knitter . My husband just looks at me curiously when I say I have to visit the yarn store. I love to create gifts for everyone. It is such a soothing process. I have been knitting since I was a child in a one-room schoolhouse. It is so nice to read the blog and all the lovely comments on this website. Did I say that right? I just discovered blogging and find it fascinating. I am amongst friends. I will be checking back. Thanks , Judy

  71. Good day ! Hope you received my e-mail regarding the article in the Toronto Sun on April 22nd. It was very good and makes one realize how the knitting craze has caught on —–again. I am in the middle of a pink cardigan to wear over a little sundress or t-shirt and jeans (my usual attire). I sat and watched “Raising Helen ” and knit, knit, knit. I am also discovering using circular needles when I can . Much easier to handle and then put down. Judy

  72. Oooh… I love the Fiddlesticks shawl patterns – Dorothy Siemens is a genius. And you’re right about them being ideal travel knitting, especially in warmer weather.
    I am currently tragified because I have to go up to Boston on Thursday when you’ll be here in NYC. Very.very.sad.

  73. I love your blog and I join in the apologies for small-minded hypocrites with more arrogance than brains.
    Did anyone else notice the Sasquatch newscaster’s shawl-collared Aran sweater? (Severe Sweater Lust!)

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