Little box of wonder.

Lookie lookie.


It’s the brand spankin’ new Yarn Harlot Remote Blogging System™. I didn’t quite win the lottery, but darned close. My father-in-law (also named Joe…for the sake of keeping our Joes straight around here, the girls call him “Old Joe”, which I suspect he hates, since he’s not old at all…) is a poet who needed a laptop. Sympathetic to the cause, he noted that the old Yarn Harlot Remote Blogging System™ was unreliable at it’s best, so this beast has been purchased ahead of his schedule and come to live with me for a time. I love it. Truly, madly, deeply. The Yarn Harlot team is deeply committed to Macs, and this little ibook G4 is a seriously neat piece of work.

Look at the screen, I was reading Sandy’s blog in the living room (in the living room!!) while working on the first sleeve of the garter vine cardie. (My intention is to wear the cardie on the US leg of the tour, so I better get a move on.)

Many thanks to Old Joe for making remote blogging possible again.

In book news, for those of you who asked, the rumour is completely true…the bookbookbook did go for a third printing on Wednesday morning. I’m completely overwhelmed. So overwhelmed that I actually didn’t feel like I could mention it on the blog. (I just told 100 or so of my close personal friends at the launch. I also told a guy on the bus…but let’s not discuss the idiosyncrasies of my excitement.) I’m so happy about the books little successes that from time to time I start thinking up seriously grand plans to spread the word of wool around the world. (Does that sound to much like a cult?) Imagine the world run the way we would have it. Imagine writing off a portion of your yarn as a “health care cost” on your taxes. Imagine the words “yarn subsidy” really meaning something. Imagine it being legal to keep sheep in your backyard. Imagine electing knitters to positions of power. Who would we make Prime Minister? Who would want to give up the knitting time to do the job?

I’ll be at the Knitter’s Frolic here in Toronto tomorrow, a raving good time put on by my home guild. I’m going anyway, (no kidding Steph? Really? A major knitting event right in your city and you’re going?) but will stop shopping long enough to sign books at the Needle Arts Bookshop booth at 1:00, if you happen to be in the market for one.

Can we give a cheer for Amanda? The sock and our family went to see her perform at Massey Hall last night.


She was lovely.


I know you can’t tell from this picture, and I know that you can’t trust the opinion of a mother, but she was really impressive. You gotta hand it to a kid who can play the violin in front of all of those people and not think once about upchucking.

PS. My seriously nice publicist person asked me to put this on the blog today. The New York event at Lord & Taylor (yes. Lord & Taylor) is taking reservations. The sweetie pie publicist wanted to give any of you guys first dibs before they advertise it to the world at large. Here’s the note she sent. Kindly ignore how completely freaky it is to take reservations to see me knit.

Lord & Taylor invites you to a special evening with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (a.k.a The Yarn Harlot), author of At Knit’s End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much.

Thursday, April 28th @ 6pm

424 5th Ave @ 39th St.

Eleventh Floor Theater

We invite knitters of all levels to bring their knitting and join us to share in laughing at the unusual situations that can result from any compulsive behavior.

The evening is co-sponsored by The Craft Yarn Council, and will feature complimentary copies of the book. Reservations are limited, so please email to reserve a space.

98 thoughts on “Little box of wonder.

  1. Hmmm… I’ve already bought the book. Do you thing I could barter with them and instead of taking the “complimentary copy of the book” I could get a “complimentary ticket from Baltimore to NY” to see you?
    Three weeks till MD!!!!

  2. Does “Old Joe” realize he’s never going to get the remote blogging system back? After a week, you’ll be wondering how you lived without it.
    Congratulations on the Lord & Taylor knit in. I can’t wait till you come to the west coast. Anything to see the Harlot knitting live, you know.

  3. Wow — your publisher is very happy with you right now. But this just means they’re going to want you to write some more.

  4. Complimentary copies of the bookbookbook at the Lord & Taylor event? It would totally be worth the $75 in gas and $30 in parking it would take for me to get there, if I got to walk off with a free bookbookbook AND see Stephanie live!
    (But I can’t).
    Stephanie, I don’t have my copy of the bookbookbook here at the office (!), but here’s solution to one of your problems:
    I spend two or more hours a day on the phone from home–with this, I can wash dishes, cook dinner, or, um, KNIT, and no sore neck.

  5. Hello, fellow Harloteers! I’m an Ohioan, and the closest Stephanie comes to my hometown is Kalamazoo, Mich. on May 6. Two questions: is anyone from the general vicinity of Cleveland planning on driving up? If so, please e-mail me! Maybe we can carpool. And, if no one is driving up but a Harloteer in Kalamazoo is willing to let me crash on their couch that night, please let me know. If stuff gets too exciting, I don’t think I can drive home 3 hours after the Harlot’s appearance at Athena Books!

  6. Steph, love the iBook. I have an iMac – G4 – and am so addicted to it. Will you be at Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival while you are in the states? It’s the first weekend in May.

  7. Do you have any plans on coming to Michigan?
    (Where else could you knit a mitten in a mitten?)
    Good luck on your tour.

  8. Hey, this message is for Sue the Ohioan! The Yarn Harlot IS going to be in Ohio, in Mount Vernon, on the 26th of April at Craftsman Hill Fibers. This is way closer to you than Michigan. I’m planning on heading to Mt Vernon for the evening, even though I live in Cincinnati. I can’t wait!
    And to the Yarn Harlot herself, I’m a long time reader, first time poster (always wanted to say that), and I just wanted to thank you for being almost as addicting as knitting itself. Can’t wait to meet you!

  9. Kristen, what a hoot! I entered your tinyurl, and the first thing I got was a request for a zip code. Me being a Canadian, I entered the only US zip code I know by heart, “Chicago 60609”
    So can someone please tell me what game show I watched too much in times long past? Because I can’t remember whose detritus this is!

  10. Thanks, Brooke! I must have missed that! I may (unfortunately) have 2 extra kids that night, but I’ll see if I can head out that way. πŸ™‚

  11. darlin’ Harlot – rockin’ machine you’ve got there, the Joes in your life are the *men*!
    And I’m going to presume that lovely little cardie you’re working on is in the color it is since you plan on wearing it among the green fields of Iowa (Quad Cities), Illinois (Chicago), Nebraska (Omaha), Missouri (St. Louis)?
    Again, I’m just sayin’…

  12. Way to go young “Old Joe”! The world run by knitters…hmmm…sounds good to me. Will you be our leader? And a great big HOORAY for the third printing!! It must be really surreal to be sorting laundry and sharing quality time with Mr. Washie while the devoted are making *reservations* to see you. You’re on your way, kid!

  13. Steph, I’m so glad to hear about the booKbookbook doing so well. I sent a copy to my sister yesterday in North Carolina so she can do her part in spreading the Gospel O’ Harlotry.
    Wish I could see you in NY but maybe someday you will come to TX??

  14. What a nice father-in-law you have and that is one beautiful computer. I’m jealous over here! I hope you’ll have the rest of your tour dates up soon so I can figure out how far I’m going to have to travel to see you. BTW, your living room looks quite tidy and I like the yellow paint.

  15. Stephanie –
    Looking forward to meeting you in person at Lord & Taylor…it is going to be a lovely fun evening! Will be traveling in from Long Island – have knitting will travel! Congrats on the 3rd printing and wonderful new portable blogging device…

  16. Congratulations on the 3rd printing! Would you ever have guessed you’d be such a hit? (We, your readers, of course knew from the beginning. ;))
    I’m getting so very jealous for being in Europe and completely unable to come to see you on tour. *sigh* I’m guessing my husband wouldn’t understand me emptying our savings account just to listen to your talk once and get my copy signed. (And he would understand even less if I were to stalk you for a few stops on your tour, not to mention that would be kind of creepy and obsessive.)

  17. Where are you going to be when you’re doing the signing at Maryland Sheep and Wool?? They place is huge (many buildings full of vendors, not to mention all the open-air stuff) and packed with people – how are we to find you?

  18. Dagnabit! I’m *FROM* NY and I end up at L&T all the time with my mum when I’m there… Unfortunately I’m 2800 miles away in Arizona.
    [pouty face]
    Yes, this would be another not so subtle encouragement to include AZ in your western tour. πŸ˜€

  19. Stephanie: You simply must get your own laptop right now, (even if you like Macs.) You’re a published author, for heaven’s sake. It’s deductible (or at least I would). In any event, it’s a relatively small expense and would come in handy in so many ways. I use mine in the kitchen, family room, cabin, etc. You’ll wonder how you got along without it. My wonderful computer savvy son set us up with wireless and we can take it all over the house – even in the backyard. GO FOR IT. Betsy in Sacramento

  20. Since I can’t be anywhere in the east for the signings I’m just reading it…everyday…third time through. Last night my favorite page we 49. It changes daily.
    It’s so nice to hear of other Apple/Mac addicts.

  21. Not one but TWO Joe’s and both of them sweethearts!? Not fair, you have to start spreading that wealth πŸ˜‰
    Hmmm… reservations to watch you knit… now that is scary.
    Maybe I’ll have to stop telling people you’re coming to my neck of the woods soon.

  22. I’m so excited for you on many many levels.
    I wish my father in law… oh wait I don’t have one, ok so I wish my Dad would get me a computer as nice as a G4 for a loaner!!
    I bet by the time I can buy your book it’s going to be on the 10th printing. (
    Many many congrats wishes to Amanda on performing at Massey Hall!! I’ve always wanted to go to a show there. But WOW! to play there. That’s an awesome!!

  23. Girl, having just finished the bookbookbook, I have to say it’s lovely but still, a toned down version of the Harlot I know and love. So here is my suggestion: I sincerely hope you are keeping a journal (blog plus more) of your LAB (life after bookbookbook) including whirlwind tour. Because you see, you will have then have the effortless fodder for your next book, something like “Harlot on the Lamb”? and maybe this time your editor will trust enought to let us have the full tilt Harlot in all her tawdry living colo(u)r? hee.
    all the best,
    p.s. for another writer who deviously uses the same technique (turning columns/blogs into books) see Annie Lamott’s books Travelling Mercies and Plan B. they’re her columns pretty much straight off

  24. Dear dear Harlot,
    I am now devestated. I am coming home from graduate school abroad in 29 days, too late to see you in New York!
    I have no heart to work on my bright, mulit-colored socks and must now knit only on the dull blue ones.
    Have a wonderful time and congrats on the success of your bookbookbook.

  25. Nor are New York venues alone in asking you to make reservations. (I’m in Vermont in radio silence, and something keeps intercepting my messages to Stephanie, so we’ll try this quiet route and hope for louder postings)–
    The Athena Book shop in Kalamazoo, MI, proud host to Stephanie’s May 6 appearance, begs and pleads with you to cal or e-mail to make a reservation so we know how many chairs to rent, how big a mezzanine to build, etc. People who reserve will get in before people who don’t (who will eventually get in, too, but why make it hard on yourself?) E-mail or phone (269) 342-4508 or our toll free number which works out to 1-800- GAS-YAKS (an idle employee worked that one out once and I’m not near a phone to be able to translate it back to numbers.)
    We are so stoked we can hardly breathe. What if the store explodes? Please — let us know you’re coming.

  26. I have the same computer, with a wireless connection thingy, and I LOVE IT. Reading blogs while you knit in the living room watching TV and keeping an eye on dinner is great. (Although this multi-tasking thing might have gone a little too far).
    Just wait until you realize that you can take said ibook with you and pick up wireless connections just about everywhere. Addicting, really.
    Congrats again on the third printing Steph!

  27. I reserved! Yay! Thank you SO MUCH for that heads-up.
    And the sock is becoming like the lawn gnome in the charming French movie “Amelie” — it is traveling the world and showing up against the most wonderful backgrounds. πŸ™‚

  28. Huh? Free copies of the book? I will book a flight to NYC right now! No, actually, I plan to buy mine.
    But what I really want to know is: Is that a yarn and needle bouqet in the background of the baby YHRBS? So cool!

  29. i have two joes too. husband joe and father in law joe, who is called “papa joe.” which i guess is better than old joe.
    anyway — i purchased your book and have enjoyed reading it so much on my daily commute. i hope to come and have you sign it when you come to massachusetts.

  30. Go Amanda, Go Joe(s), Go Steph!
    But why Lord & Taylor? Do they even sell yarn??? Just curious.
    I like reading a page in the book and remembering the project or incident or whatever on the blog. A funny way to read.

  31. Thanks for posting the info about the Lord and Taylor event! Sorry for being such a pest and asking about it over and over again.
    I am looking so forward to this. Yahoo!

  32. Oh my god! Remember several months ago when you were blogging about being introduced to cool folks at a wedding, how you got a sort of lame intro (since Joe was the cool one everyone cared about). And, someone wrote a comment about, “Someday, you’ll be arriving at a major event in New York in your honor, YOU will be the star.” It’s happening! It’s happening!

  33. Nice puter, even if it is an apple. I am seriously bitter (see button on Cassie’s site) but I’m not complaining too much about being unable to go to New York, even for just a couple of days. And many kudos on reaching the magical third printing.

  34. Hi Stephanie! Santa brought me an iBook, and I’m sort of nuts for it. It makes anything you do on it look so . . . much . . . cooler. Just like that!
    Thrilled at your third printing! Still puzzling over the dire decision to send you to Memphis instead of Nashville. Nashville totally kicks Memphis’s ass, and MEMPHIS KNOWS IT. I suggest you blow off Ohio and head down I-40. We can put you up!

  35. Hey! I have one of those TOO. ‘Cept I call it my Yarn Harlot Remote Reading System.
    I *heart* apple.
    Not to worry you, but beware, Tiger, the new OS, is being released April 29. This is conviently while you are abscent if Joe is desiring to upgrade your computer again πŸ˜‰

  36. congratulations on the computer and the lord & taylor event! if i’m lucky i’ll be able to go check it out… πŸ™‚

  37. Three cheers for Old Joe breathing new life into the Yarn Harlot Remote Blogging System!
    Three cheers for a 3rd printing. That’s just awesome!
    It’s too far for me to make it to NYC, but I am tinkering with the idea of trying to tune into The Joey Reynolds Show… it’ll just have to do until those nice publicity people say where out West your going. πŸ™‚

  38. I have an ibook as well, it is a couple of years old and i still love it, first new computer that i have ever owned.

  39. Last weekend I saw the bookbookbook in my LYS in Eugene, OR!
    I seriously hope your west-coast tour is in early July, b/c I will be in Toronto for the last 2 weeks of June. It would be just my luck for you to come visit my hometown when I happen to be visiting yours…

  40. Do you realize that you are the #1 knitting book on Amazon US right now? I went looking, and searched the knitting area, sorted by best selling, and you popped up number 1.
    Hee, I’m so oddly excited for you. πŸ™‚ You are about ready to break into the top 500 books on Amazon.

  41. I still think the L&T thing is bizarre, but I’m trusting it will all make sense when we get there. πŸ™‚
    My reservation has been made. Looking forward to seeing you!

  42. Stephanie, how do we go about nominating you for Prime Minister of Canada? Being from Arizona, Canadian law is a mistery to me. Personally, after finishing the bookbookbook this morning,I think that we should just skip right to “Queen of the World”! Awesome bookbookbook!!! I am going right back and start reading it again. I can’t wait to see if you make a stop in Arizona.

  43. Bookbookbook is number oneoneone on the Amazon Knitting bestseller list, by the way – a fact I noted here.
    Absolutely what I expected. You’re ‘mazin’, as my 3yo would say.

  44. Congratulations on the bookbookbook! It’s absolutely wonderful. I’ve been reading it slowly – don’t want it to end too fast – and adding my own comments to some of the pages when something comes to me. I wish there was more room so that I could send it around to my friends and have them add their comments to mine. What a fun read that would be!!! Not that it isn’t a terrific, fun read as it is, of course!

  45. Go, you!
    Am I the only one who thought of “Old Joe’s Place” from “A Mighty Wind” upon reading this?
    No? Heh.

  46. I am feeling light headed and happy for many reasons.
    ~ the diet, er, excuse me, the NEW WAY OF LIFE
    ~MY blog?
    ~wearing THE sweater! πŸ™‚ Makes me happy and warm feeling~
    ~3rd printing??? My pride!
    ~A laptop? With ME?? hee!

  47. Hey, you’re having just too much fun!! Reservations to see you knit at Lord and Taylor- a serious hoot! Well, I’m only about an hour and half from there, so I fired off a request. A couple rabbits are due for babies that day and I drive them and me nuts waiting it out, so you will be a nice diversion! The rabbits will probably send you a carrot bouquet.

  48. I just got an iBook G4 last Friday and i absolutely love it. I love the fact that I can carry it around with me anywhere and blog and read and WRITE! I’m having to relearn how to use a Mac. I keep wanting to make things a lot more difficult for myself than I need to (comes from living in a PC world). This is possibly the best investment I’ve made in a long time. Now, sitting here at this coffee shop, I’m torn between what I should be doing. Knitting my little baby sweater for my friend that’s due in a few weeks, or paying attention to my blog.
    Congrats on the third printing! That’s absolutely wonderful. I can’t say enough how much I love the book. It makes me smile when I need a little pick me up, and I truly appreciate it.

  49. I just want to know what building you are going to be in at Maryland Sheep and Wool? And how much fudge you will be needing at that point in the tour for the bookbookbook? Fir I promise to hunt you down.

  50. I bet if we elected you to this country’s highest office, there wouldn’t be any sponsorship scandals, only questions of whether or not it’s politically correct to knit while a member of the opposition is speaking in the house of parliament!

  51. Love the concert photo! Congrats on the third printing — wow! The next time someone says, “Oh, I thought knitting was a dead art…” I am going to tell them about bookbookbook.
    My daughter is getting a computer like that from school in the fall and wants to know if you’re going to knit the laptop bag from SnB Nation?

  52. Hey, there’s a wool show in Eugene, Oregon the last weekend in June. Like Maryland Sheep and Wool but smaller, I think. It’s called Black Sheep Gathering. Maybe your west US tour should go there?

  53. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the launch–I’m drowning in boxes and moving related crises.
    Maybe I’ll catch you at a Wednesday Stitch’n’Bitch when you’re not touring the globe.
    Congrats on the third printing (wow).

  54. Steph, Showed the bookbookbook to a bunch of quilters today and they loved it. There was also another Harloteer in the group. Emailed L&T so I hope I’ve got a spot. Can’t wait to see you in person.

  55. Um, Steph? Isn’t the garter vine cardi Peace Fleece? You’re going to get quite an education in summer climate down here SOB — wool in Philadelphia in June is a VERY iffy proposition, and North Carolina and other places are iffier yet. . .

  56. Favorites. Mine: page 211. Rose (age 7): page 25.
    Bless you, Stephanie. Today was a hard day, with demons from the past up to thwart me. I crawled up to bed in stunned silence, too upset even to knit.
    A while later, I noticed Knit’s End at my bedside, where I left it after the last time I read through the whole thing… I reached out, started reading, and lost the day’s ickiness and uckiness and sat there smiling. Rose came up, and looked for her facorites, reading me some favorite bits. The cats caeme and sat on me.
    The world looks better. Maybe even faceable.

  57. I am thrilled! Just sent my e-mail for a reservation. I finished the book last week (read it slowly to make it last) and think its wonderful. I am finding it sort of unique that we’ll all be knitting in Lord & Taylor, too…had no idea there was a theatre in there, but hey. Cool beans.

  58. Lord & Taylor is leaving Te*as… but Neiman’s is still here– but Border’s/Barnes & Noble are doing great… let me know if you need the local special events person… Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  59. Re: Knitters in power
    Former U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright (under President Clinton) is a knitter. The Lacy Knitter’s Guild sent her a nice letter congratulating her on her appointment.

  60. I’ve not had much experience with Macs, but it sure looks nice. The portability is a great thing too. I’m not quite sure what third printing is, but it sure sounds cool and impressive. Congrats!
    Just one question about this reservations thing. Are they GIVING AWAY copies of your book?? If I make a reservation but don’t show (I’m in KS after all) could they just send it to me? πŸ™‚

  61. Yay! I finally got my copy of bookbookbook! Barnes and Noble in Richland WA has it!

  62. Three Cheers for Old Joe!!!
    You’re becoming quite the celebrity. Myself, my family and friends (I’m often trying to repeat your blog posts to them) are all very happy for you. Well done, Steph. Well done.

  63. Your book came in the mail yesterday!! I LOVE it but made myself stop reading on page 75 to save some for the weekend. It’ll be my new gift to my knitting friends! Thank You-hope to see you in Maryland. Jane

  64. Hey, thought you might like to know that I purchased your book on 42nd Street (I think) in NYC … don’t ask me where, we walked all over the danged place. But, it was there, front and center … so I bought it (in addition to the other 3 copies I bought through your site, to give to some knitting buddies) πŸ™‚

  65. Oh yes, I just got one of those. My goodness, I’m in Love. Who needs men (seeing as there are few Joes to be found in my neck of the woods) when I have my knitting, my dog, my cat, my iBook and my iShuffle?
    Oh, and my nipple piercing. Girl’s gotta have a midlife crisis sometime, right?
    Love the bookbookbook.

  66. I am truly devastated. My plans to be at L&T on the 28th have been full-&-well squashed. My 5 year old is having her very FIRST T-ball game at 5:00 that night. *DEVASTATED*, I tell you.

  67. Your book was spotted in Chapters in Calgary, well displayed (cover facing out, not just the spine!) in the crafts section!
    (I’ll be getting my copy soon)

  68. Knitting Prime Minister? Too funny. Best of luck with the book tour! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your book.

  69. Way to go! I’m so happy for your success, and that of your book. Loving the book! I only allow myself short reads so I don’t finish it too fast, and so I can reflect on the content. Wish I could get to Toronto for the signing/gala on the 28th, but family stuff prevents. Maybe if the Ferry gets up-and-running…

  70. Hey Harlot!
    Just wanted to let you know that I found your book while in a local bookstore here in Edmonton. Had a peek…wow, neat format, I didn’t know it was like that. Of course after reading a page or two I ran to find my hubby and tell him I was buying it. It’s great. I’m taking it slow, to make it last. Love it!
    Take Care,

  71. Am I the only person here who is utterly crushed that the Harlot Tour is not reaching Chicago?
    I think I need to have a margarita and a good cry….

  72. Carrie, you’re not alone. I feel your pain in Chicago! But at least we have the bookbookbook and the blog (although a Chicago visit would be a sweet treat).

  73. so is there a Paris leg of the tour, maybe at Le Bon MarchοΏ½?? I mean how else am I supposed to get me a signed copy of this beloved and phenomenal book?
    one of the drag backs of not being on the continent I am guessing… gah!

  74. I so much wish I could come and have one of those reserved places! But it would unfortunately be a very expensive bookbookbook for me, as I reside on the wrong side of the world in this case. Have you ever considered expanding your book tour globally? πŸ˜‰
    Greetings and good luck!
    Stockholm, Sweden

  75. I got my copy of the bookbookbook this weekend!! It prompted many curious comments from customers (and even my sales person) at the bookstore (Bank Square Books, Mystic, CT) and I recommended the bookbookbook, the blogblogblog and the Harlot Herself to every single one of them! THEN I read bits and pieces of it to my friend as we drove down the road. I am so excited! yay, Stephanie!

  76. Love the bookbookbook and hope to see you in NYC! Thanks for the heads up on Lord & Taylor event. I emailed the contact person for a reservation, but have not yet heard back .

  77. Stephanie,
    I have to say thank you for writing such a great book.. I devoured it in two nights. It would have taken one, but I had to share it with my SO.
    I had to order it from my local book shop, and I told them to make sure they ordered extra copies, and then went to the LYS and told them to order some too!
    Good Luck and Thanks

  78. I’m glad to hear the bookbookbook has gone for yet another printing, because maybe now I’ll finally get mine!
    It’s been on backorder for a few weeks now and I’m getting anxious!

  79. I LOVE my little ibook G4 too. It rocks, it goes everywhere with my knitting and me. You should test drive an ipod – nothing goes better with knitting than good music or listening to book. Speaking of books, I’m enjoying yours tremendously (I say that in the present tense, because I’m trying to make it last as long as possible).

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