I think (she says, with an air of philosophy) that one of the reasons that I like knitting is because it can be finished. You can knit on something for a while, you can work hard at it, you can make a thousand mistakes and do them all over and in the end, you can finish. You can be done. Knitting is not like all of the other stuff that I can’t finish that drives me insane. Like my children, or the laundry, or the housework or…well, I don’t know if I’m trying to “finish” Joe. (Though he would likely say that I am, but I think we mean two different things.) This week I’ve struggled to get things finished so that I can leave again with the house in good order. It’s not working. The laundry is overwhelming, Mr. Washie is limping along dejectedly, I am weeks behind on my email and I have been playing a rousing and infuriating game of “What’s that smell?” in the kitchen. (I still don’t know what it is, but I’m leaving for Kalamazoo in the morning, so it’s not going to be my problem.) Nothing is getting finished.

I have not, by the way…finished any knitting. Don’t get excited.

The Lotus Blossom Shawl (Harlot version) is coming along, but still looks like an enormous experiment in dental floss.


See? Dental floss knit on toothpicks. I stretched out a little of it for a glamour shot


and I think it will be fine after blocking. At the very least it will be pretty dental floss.

Many thanks to Ken today, who lent me his old digital camera while I wait for mine to make it’s way from Boston to here.

The sock and I (seen here reclining with the very first periwinkle to bloom in my garden)


would like to take care of a little business.

Firstly, a reminder that I will be at the Parkdale Library tonight at 7:00 to discuss…well. I don’t know what we’ll discuss, but I’m pretty sure that knitting will come up.

Secondly, many of you have asked where to find me at Maryland (I still giggle when I say that.) I am to be a mostly “free range” knitter at Maryland (again with the giggle) but I’d love to meet you and to that end I’m doing two things. Thanks to Claudia (who knows the lay of the land) I’ve picked a hook-up point. I’ll be beside the stage on the side of the “Main Exhibition Hall” at 1:00 on Saturday. (Not the side with the restrooms) Claudia says it’s a grassy area, perfectly appropriate for plunking oneself down with a coffee and some knitting. That’s what I’ll be doing. (If this isn’t clear enough, let me know and I’ll try to pump somebody for further details.)

On Sunday, I am again roaming the mecca of Maryland in search of a perfect peacock coloured laceweight, but Story Publishing has arranged (check this) to host a breakfast for any and all parties who would like a little chat and a coffee. (Or a book signed. Though I respectfully request that nobody asks me to spell my unreasonably long name until I’ve had at least one cup of coffee.)

8-9am (or later, if we’re having fun) @ Homewood Suites

8320 Benson Dr.

Columbia, MD 21045

(410) 872-9200

Someone will be in the lobby to direct you to the suite. Please consider yourself invited.

For the rest of today I will be attempting to finish as much as the laundry as possible and buying new underpants, since every single pair that anyone owns in this house have all simultaneously disintegrated. (I suspect it’s viral.)

Today…underpants and The Parkdale Library: Tomorrow…Kalamazoo!