Notes from a lost blogger

Note 1. Friday May 6th: – Somewhere in the air

I’m sitting in my seat on the plane. I’m starting to think that despite the absolutely crushing weight of concern about changing planes in Cincinnati (further note here: the Cincinnati airport was the first time the inevitable happened. I had 30 minutes to change planes to get to Kalamazoo and as I was whipping through the airport it struck me…I have no idea what state I’m in. It turns out that while Cincinnati itself is in Ohio, the Cincinnati Airport is over the border in North Kentucky. I queried a couple of people nearby and was absolutely charmed when an elderly gentleman told me that this state -the Cincinnati Airport…is the state of Confusion.) I may just learn to enjoy the plane rides. This is my setup.


I have a window seat, a cup of coffee, my knitting and Ken’s ipod shuffle, which is loaded with an audiobook of “The secret life of Bees”.

Note 2: To the enthusiastic dude beside me. I’m very sorry, but when I am knitting and drinking coffee and listening with my earphones in my ears and taking digital pictures of my tray table and giving you only monosyllabic grunts for answers, what about this makes you think that you should do your level best to engage me in conversation? Please, oh please, for the love of everything in the world, I beg of you… Shut. Up.

Note 3. I am completely in love with Rams, seen here at her charming and lovely best, suspending the sock above the landscape of Kalamazoo.


(Her sweater was brilliant. Handspun alpaca. I think she about fainted from the heat.)

Note 4. The sock…


Admiring the handblown glass chandelier in the lobby of the Kalamazoo Institutue of Arts, right before Rams and I beat it out of there at the speed of sound, successfully dodging the overcautious security guard who seemed to feel that we were exhibiting some odd behavior. (You would be surprised to discover that as a whole, security people seem to find the whole “showing the sock a good time” thing a fairly weak defense for climbing around various tourist attractions waving a bit of knitting in attractive locales.)

Note 5. I’m in the backroom at Athena book shop, sitting at a desk as I listen to all the knitters arrive in the other room. (It sounds like a lot. Mind you, depending on your frame of mind and nervous state…it doesn’t take many to *sound* like a lot.) Rams is bustling back and forth, poking her head in from moment to moment. Rams is not nervous. Rams actually enjoys speaking in public, and she is eager and relaxed. I cannot relate to her at all.

I’ve had such a good time in Kalamazoo that I am loathe to open that door when Rams introduces me, in case this is when it stops being wonderful.

Note 6. This is what I saw when I opened the door.



If you look closely at the second picture (and not at the first, in which I have managed to capture Rams looking as though she is seeing some sort of vision above her) you can see Susie blogging me while I am blogging her.

Note 7. Here’s her picture.


Reciprocal blogging. Who knew? b (Her May 7th entry has more pictures of the knitters.)

Note 8. Two dorky friends, who drove 7 hours to see me.


Note 9. I don’t think that’s normal. (But will be forever grateful.)

Note 10. I am in Massachusetts, having just about fried my brain at Maryland Sheep and wool. Updates to follow, just as soon as I can get a hold of myself and find out if my hotel in Amherst has wireless.

I’m in Saratoga Springs (NY) today at Saratoga Needle Arts from 4-6 and at the Fiber Art Center in Amherst on Teusday. Who’s coming?