Get a hold of yourself.

So really, I try to keep my sock knitting down to a dull roar. I think they are an ideal project and always appreciated by the local rabble and a pretty dandy thing to do with just a ball or two of yarn.

Since sock knitting has so many charms to seduce me with, I try to stick to a two pair guideline so that I don’t get carried away. No more than two pairs on the go at once. That’s it. So what’s going on here?


(I’m sorry. It’s a disease. I’m trying to do better. You will note a fairly vicious case of second sock syndrome here.) In the interest of full disclosure (and because I was knitting them in public and may have been seen by someone who will now totally rat me out to the blog) I also have to tell you that I was forced by circumstance to start these.


We went to that Sith movie and I needed something that wasn’t at a stage of sock knitting that required light. I really tried not to start them. I discussed with my inner sock harlot that I already had a lot of socks on the go. That I had plain ones and ones with intarsia and ones with stripes. Opal ones, Koigu ones…who could need more socks? I even tried Julia’s Jedi Mind Trick. “This sock yarn is not your sock yarn. This is not the sock yarn you seek.” Next thing I know I’m watching Star Wars Episode 3 with a brand new sock and a dirty feeling. I’m weak. I finished these to try and make myself feel better, but I’m still spiraling.


Clearly I’m breaking my sock rule. Clearly I’m out of control. We won’t even discuss that Laurie (That Laurie) gave me some of the deadly super sock yarn


and all that’s keeping me from casting that on is …well. I won’t say self control because nobody would buy that.

Maybe the Jedi Mind Trick is starting to work. (Maybe it’s the dark side.) I had completely sworn that I wasn’t going to cast on any more at all, when Cassie gave me these.


Cassie knit me these pretty, pretty socks which I have worn just about every single day since she gave them to me when we were visiting. (Stop that. It’s not like I haven’t washed them. I have a patented sock washing method. I wear them into the bath and wash them on my feet, then toss them over the side onto a towel on the floor. When I get out, I cover the socks in the other end of the towel and then step all over them while I dry off. (I use a second towel for that). As I walk to the bedroom I toss them over the bannister, or in the winter…onto a heating grate. When I get up in the morning they are dry and good to go again. I wash all handknit socks this way. I have attempted to develop a less odd routine for handwashing socks, but anytime I get more than one pair in a pile they become “laundry” and I am honour bound to avoid them. The method of sock washing recounted above is really more like personal hygiene than laundry.)

Now I feel like I need to drop everything and be knitting lace socks.

Do I give into the dark side? Do I resist? Do I use the force?

Care to vote for a position?

Position A. Who does it hurt to have a hundred pairs of socks cast on. Knock yourself out. Knitting is supposed to be a fun hobby, not about finishing anything…and who cares if your sock knitting mood goes up and down as fast as a whore’s nightie, resulting in half finished socks littering the house like fallen leaves in autumn. Knit!

Position B. A little self control is a good thing. Knitters with self control have more pairs of finished socks. You will knit them all eventually…have patience. Hold out. Besides, it entertains the blog to see finished things.

I will obey the blog.

Blog Business

I have just about finished adding the donations to the Knitters Without Borders total. (Only about 50 to go. Whew!) Check out the total, and know that I’m going back to giving away prizes as soon as I have all the eligible knitters on the list. (Yeah…the mittens. Other better stuff too.)

Happy Birthday to my buddy Tim!


(Ok, that wasn’t really blog business, but I got him to hold the sock so it would count.)

Finally, have I mentioned that I’ll be in Owen Sound this weekend?

Check it out, Saturday is “Knitterday” at the Ginger Press and I’m looking forward to the afternoon of spinning, yarn, books and yummies. If hanging out with me and a whack of knitters just isn’t enough for you, there’s a brilliant farmers market in the morning (Established in 1845), and naturally..the fact that Owen Sound has a whole pile of waterfalls should figure into your decision. Let me know if you are coming. They want to know how many sheep shaped gingerbread cookies to make. (Awwww….)