The sock and I left Pittsburgh (which we actually thought was very pretty. I mean, you don’t think “pretty” when you hear “steeltown”, but it’s been 30 years since Pittsburgh had steel and the city is lush, green and filled with rivers and bridges.) and headed for home.

We couldn’t stop looking for home.


We were ecstatic to find it (and may have cracked a nice cold Canadian beer to celebrate).


This trip is remarkable in many ways. For the first time, I think I managed. It’s not that I don’t know how to travel (well, maybe it is) but I’ve always travelled with family. Joe knows half of the stuff and I know half of the stuff and when I need to know all of the stuff by myself….let’s just say I have a new respect for Joe’s half of the stuff.

(One of the Joe’s things is luggage. I have to tell you that after slogging an enormous suitcase, the Remote Blogging System and my backpack through several airports that I have a new and grateful attitude toward this extraordinary contribution.) Knowing and doing all the stuff all the time is exhausting. Also remarkable is that this is the first leg of the tour where all parties concerned feel like they coped. Joe and the girls got on really well, totally getting their groove together. Also pretty unique is that this is the first time that I have got home that Joe has not met me with flowers in the airport. I take this as an incredible sign, since he didn’t have time to get flowers because he was washing the kitchen floor instead. Joe may finally be catching on to the ideas behind the quote “No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes.”

Finally, this trip is remarkable because the house is trashed, the laundry is mountainous, there is no food in the place…

and not one of us cares, not even a little bit. Not one. We are happy. We are together in our home, we are knitting Birch.


Oh wait…maybe that last one is just me.

The sock gets around

I’m beside myself, or near myself, or something. I’m so tired that I had to look at my birth certificate to be sure of my middle name today. It’s a sorry excuse for not blogging, but when I get back to the hotel room I keep falling asleep by accident. I have a few minutes here in the Pittsburgh Airport (Did you know Pittsburgh *is* Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood?) so I’ll tell you as much as I can before they call the flight. Here’s what I’ve been doing.

Wednesday Evening I was at home in Toronto for this…


That’s Sam playing the french horn. (She’s really quite good.)


That’s the sock figuring out how long the concert is. (It is important to use the schedule to work this out. It is impossible to properly judge the length of a school concert since they warp the time space continuum.) Wednesday evening was the last normal moment I remember.

Thursday afternoon:


The sock at Habu Textiles in New York City. Note the change in my location, Toronto – New York. (The sock loves Habu Textiles. It’s like the best buffet in the world. You pick what you want from the sample skeins on the wall and then a lady disappears into the back and comes back with your stuff. It’s like all you can eat for knitters. The sock suffered near fits when it realized that there was Shropshire laceweight to be had for about $1.37 per 307m. Cassie and I felt that the sock was not under-reacting, and we each now own….


a lot. Almost 3000m. I have conflicting feelings about this amount of yarn. I stood there in Habu trying to figure out if it was *too much*. During a weak moment I actually asked Cassie if she wanted to split one before we both came to our senses. At this price there was really no reason (except for that it’s an incredible amount of yarn) to not have it. 3000m for less than $12 pushes some kind of button for me. I see the price, the world goes a little black around the edges, I see flashing visions of enormous lace extravaganzas and next thing I know I’m on a NY sidewalk with 3000m of laceweight and a slightly dizzy feeling. I dare a laceknitter to go in there and come out without it. (The new laceweight is seen here reclining gracefully on the carpet in the hotel. I have a theory that there is only on carpet supply place for all hotels. It is almost eerily identical everywhere I’ve been.)


The sock saw The Empire State Building. I really love NY, it reminds me of Toronto, except that it is so iconic that you are stunned at every turn. You round a corner and think “Oh, I’ve been here” then realize that it’s really just that you have seen “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or that you watch way, way too much “Law and Order”. It’s a wonderful place. (I haven’t forgotton I owe you the pictures from the first NY event.)

Reeling from our score, Cassie and I headed off to The Yarn Connection, a charming little local where I got nothing, but did work some voodoo on Cassie to get her to buy Kid Silk Haze for Birch. (We were back in the hotel room before she knew what had happened. I’m that good.) On the way back to the hotel we were walking along when I realize that I recognize a lovely wee baby in the stroller out front. I was trying to figure out what episode of “Law and Order” she was in when it hits me…


It’s baby Jaime from CurlsandPurlsNYC! With her is her charming Mummy Elisabeth, who I didn’t recognize straight off, but that baby!

What a treat. (Lets try to overlook that knitbloggers are now roaming the streets in sufficent numbers to run into each other at random moments, and that I can recognize the daughter of a complete stranger at 10 paces, and that I made an innocent babe hold the sock. It was lovely.)

Whoops….there’s my flight. More when my feet are on the ground.

Goodbye Pittsburgh, it’s been a slice.