I’ve finished the front of the Silk Vee


or have I? I have sneaking suspicions that this Vee is plotting a revolt. My feelings of unease started last night, when I finished the front and thought…


Doesn’t that vee look a little shallow to you? See the distance from shoulder to armpit? That’s only 7″ and the vee is only 6″. Doesn’t that seem short? (Am I the only one thinking that it’s possible that the thing stopping this from being a vision of elegance may be that your arms turn blue while you wear it, due to the circulation being cut off by the 7″ armholes? Am I the only one worrying that it’s pretty enough that I would wear it anyway?)

The instructions say that you should knit until the whole she-bang measures 20″. I’ve done that. It also says that it will block to 24″ in length when I wash it, which would make it long enough. What are the chances though, that enough of the 4″ will make it into the straps to make them long enough? It seems like an enormous risk…What you think? Can I expect distance? How long should the straps be to avoid amputation?

I haven’t cast off. I await input. Maybe I should wash it before seaming up….

In other news, the sock and I had a great time at Knit Wits (a very charming shop) in Greensburg PA.

We hobnobbed with the local knitters.


We met Harriet


who bought the book at an Air Force Base in TURKEY. (This impressed the sock to no end. Imaging my humble home dwelling book, written in this messy living room (by a knitter who gets lost on the way to the bathroom ) finding it’s way to TURKEY. Who knew?

Remember the underbed storage bins that wouldn’t fit under the bed? Remember how every American told me to go to “Bed, Bath & Beyond” to get mysterious “bed risers” to put under my bed? After receiving your sage council I phoned around. Not only does Canada apparently not have “Bed, Bath & Beyond”, every shop that seemed like it would be like it answered my question about “bed risers” by saying “You want to do what with your bed?” Apparently “bed risers” (even if you call them “bed lifts”) are in short supply in Canada. Imagine the thrill that the sock and I felt then, when we were driving through Pittsburgh and saw this.


I ran through the store like a woman on fire, practically dancing when I set eyes on the fabled “bed risers”. They are mine.

(My apologies to the driver of the car, who clearly felt that anyone who could be excited enough about this store to leap from the car and take a picture of it was likely unhinged, and definitely excitable.) My bed will be higher shortly.