Happy Birthday Ian

10 reasons to wish my little brother a Happy Birthday.

10. He will let me take Birthday blog pictures. (Even though it is really pretty clear from this photo that this irritates him to no end.)


9. He picked a really nice wife. Ali is sweeter than pie. I will always be grateful to him for deciding to pledge his life to someone you actually want to see.

8. Ian shaves his head at random intervals. Like today.

7. Ian’s cell phone ring is a chicken noise.

6. Ian worships at the altar of the felted clog, being the biggest fan of the noble footwear since the dawn of time. He thinks everybody who can knit them is pretty smart too…

5. He gardens and is a marvelous cook.

4. Ian has travelled all over the world, months in Europe, Africa…India. This means that he speacks 14 words of almost every language on earth …and it means that he is an invaluable member of the McPhee family crossword team. (6 letter word – smallest of the African mainland states? Gambia. See? Ian would know that. He would also know that the guy who ran the hotel in Banjul, (the capitol of Gambia) had a sister who got married when she was 22. Ian really gets to know people.)

3. Ian is one of the hardest workers I have ever met.

2. Ian loves to set fire to things. (Mostly in his adult life, this is not a problem.)

1. Ian is (as Hank would say) “a pretty nice guy. He could be Spiderman.”

Happy Birthday Dude.

I’m off to Columbus to sign books at TNNA, see you Monday.