Boys of summer

Many thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! I think I thanked all of you…if there was anyone I missed, know that I was beyond grateful for your comments and well wishes. (Mum was flattered that you all liked her guest blog, but please, for the sake of the family, don’t encourage her.) I had a beautiful day yesterday with friends, family, knitting and cake.

The Hankman blew out my candles.


(Hank really likes blowing out candles)

And I was lucky enough to have my party attended not just by one Spiderman, but two.


Hank and Leo are seen here assuming the position, which includes full on “webslinger fingers”. Leo is more conservative, but still ready. He is more subtle about his webslinging intentions. Leo and Hank were instant friends (what with being able to identify each other, thanks to the uniform.) and when they parted at the end of the evening, it was enough to tear up a seasoned Marine.

As the car pulled out of the lane, a tearful Hank called out to a frantically waving Leo “Good bye Leo….I love you!”

Leo’s Mum Teresa is also the mother of the Snowdrop (remember her?)


seen here just a few months ago. (Don’t you just want to squeeze her?) Teresa is making me a new baby. I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I’m suddenly in a hurry to finish Birch.


There’s a wicked crop of babies breaking out around here, one in very short order…and I’d better be moving along. I designed a shawl to wrap the Snowdrop in when she was born, and I’ll start thinking on something for this new baby. I’ve got until early November for that one. No trouble.

The other baby however, will be along in just a few weeks, and I know he’s a boy. I’m perplexed about what to make him. I’m having trouble thinking of an appropriate gift for a baby who will be born at a time of year when knitted wear seems cruel.

I suppose I have two choices.

1. Ignore the time of year, knit the wee beastie an heirloom and don’t worry about it. Winter comes, air-conditioning is overly enthusiastic from time to time and the thought is better than the reality anyway. A beautiful layette or blanket lasts forever, and the fact that it won’t see much action in the first weeks of his life doesn’t matter. (I don’t know about this one. I think I could get over it with a blanket, since he won’t outgrow a blanket….but a layette might be seriously stupid. What’s the point of lovely lacy woollies that are on the kid once for the requisite picture? I feel bad about that anyway, I mean…no baby needs to be roasted for my thank you note.)

2. Figure something else out. Given that I don’t like to knit cotton, (though to be fair, I haven’t knit with *all* cottons) it would have to be an interesting something though. Suggestions?

What do you knit a summer baby boy?