Feel the love

Well, anybody who thought that I was going to need to do a little something besides the baby blanket and the occasional pair of socks was right.


The socks are coming along eh? It is still my belief that this pattern (feather and fan socks from Socks, socks, socks) is the end all, be all for making Lorna’s Laces sock yarn behave in a very nice way. I really do understand that it probably makes me a few shingles short of a roof to believe this based on one pair of socks (not even a full pair actually) but I feel some serious sock mojo.

This pattern was written by Judy Sumner, who I would like to personally thank for releasing me from LL sock yarn related seizures. I hope Judy will forgive me for altering her pattern. As is my habit, I haven’t taken direction well. I changed the heel and the sole (and may have altered the toe just a little), and left out two ridges of garter around the leg. Other than that, I didn’t touch ’em.

Still, the blanket isn’t enough to fill a day, and since yesterday was the anniversary of my GHU (Godless Heathen Union) with Joe, I decided to throw myself headlong into spinning for the his gansey.


Years of dedicated love and affection, displayed in corriedale singles, and more than that, there are actually two full bobbins of it. If that don’t make him feel loved, cherished and honoured, I don’t know what would. (Kindly put right out of your mind the suggestion that Joe would perhaps enjoy a demonstration of my love that was a little more racy. I don’t care how long we’ve been together, I’m not spinning without my clothes on, and that’s final.)

I did point out to the love of my life yesterday, that it’s entirely possible that there is some symbolism in our anniversary falling on the longest day of the year. (I suppose that the interpretation of that symbolism would depend on your outlook and laundry status at the time.)


As promised, a round of thank you gifts for the tremendous knitters who make up Tricoteuses Sans Frontières. (The astute among you will notice that the total is higher again. I feel faint. If you guys break $75 000, I’ll add something from me -besides the mittens- to the pot.)


These stitch markers were made by Sharon, and will grace the needles of Karen G., may they bring you luck and good knitting.


This is merino and mohair laceweight from Silver Valley Fibres in Alberta, along with a pair of wool socks from Quebec, sent as an all Canadian thank you from our lovely Barb B. Despite my urge to keep both of them (and this is reason #4 not to mail this stuff to me to pass on…) I’m sending them on to tricoteuse Nina S. (Whoops…the email address for Nina bounced back. If you are the Nina S. who’s email used to end with “centurytel.net” can you drop me a line?)


Finally for today, these are incredible mittens knit by our lady of the comments, Ellen in Conn. They are beautiful, knit of Koigu and Brown sheep sport, and if they don’t convince you that Ellen is a knitter to be reckoned with, well. I don’t know what would. Emily K., I hope you feel lucky when you wear them.

I’m off now to continue today’s mission, furiously ripping up the stash. Somewhere in this house are two skeins of Jephyr. I got to thinking last night that maybe I would start a shawl or two…you know, just to break the monotony of the baby blanket (I suppose the other possibility is that my personality is such that McDonalds would fire me for having a short attention span, but I prefer to think of it as having a broad range of knitting interests.) and I cannot stinking find them. I’ve ripped apart much of the house, but they continue to elude me. Either the whole yarn thing has gotten so far out of hand that I am now hallucinating buying it…(was that a dream?) or this speaks to a lack of organization that I’d rather not discuss.

Either way, the hall closet needs to get torn up.