Have a little pride.

This weekend the sock and I decided to get over it. Forget all our woes and carry on. Stiff upper lip and all that. Someone once gave me some extremely good advice. They said “Act the way you want to feel”. It works wonders for me, if I happen to have a poor outlook, I just act like I don’t and pretty soon I can’t remember what I was on about. (There’s that short attention span again.)

The sock and I ran (well, limped) away from home. We jumped on my bike and rode to Ontario place, where we had a little medicine for the bruise.jpg. I have thoughtfully made the bruise picture a pop-up. This should appease all of you who wanted to have a really good look while not offending those of you (like me) who really don’t need to see it.


(That’s Ken’s wine. I wasn’t doubling up.) We went on the log ride, we had a nice dinner, we watched the fireworks and cycled home.

The next day, the sock started to feel a little down again, (The sock is becoming demanding and difficult) so we packed ourselves off to Pride. Toronto’s Pride Parade is the largest in North America, and many thousands of people of all descriptions collect on the streets of Toronto.

Pride intrigues me. Not just because there is a chance that you can get a complete stranger who looks like this


to hold a sock (Buddy here was not at all freaked out by my sock request. Though when you give it some thought, is it really any surprise that a dude on the street in leather underpants would be pretty open minded?) or not just because of the floats and the crowds and the wonderful variety and accepting nature of humankind


but because the Police Chief and the Mayor walked in the parade, and all political parties (even the conservatives …though they were sparsely represented.) turned up to show their support for Pride, and would have been in pretty big doo-doo had they failed to do so. It really says something about human rights in this City when the Mayor and Police Chief would get politically slammed for not attending a Pride event, and makes me (and the sock) proud to live in this diverse city.

Back home today I’ll spare you a picture of the baby blanket (it’s mindnumbingly boring and only bigger) but promise you the pattern when I’m done, and show you this…


Which will be a graduation dress by tomorrow evening, when Megan graduates. (No pressure).