Not child

Judith said in her comment yesterday

Since you mention boning, I assume (and maybe I shouldn’t) that the dress is strapless?

If so, you may want to revise the description of the wearer as – child. ”

Judith is (as commenters so often are) completely right. Totally right. This is no child.


Though this may be.


It is a strange place, this in between child and woman place. The letting go that needs to happen for the elegant young lady in the top picture is completely at odds with the clinging on you want to do for the child in the bottom picture. What do you buy this kid, lady, person? What should she wear? How can somebody who is wearing a strapless dress possibly still want teddy bears and a story read at bedtime? The contrast is enough to give a mother whiplash I tell you. Whiplash. I find this one of the hardest things about mothering. If all you had to do was become a good parent, you know, get the hang…then it wouldn’t be so hard. (Well, except the hours and the pay are crap) It’s the part where as soon as you get it together and think “Ok, I think I’m doing alright” all the rules change and you’re doing something else, and moreover, all the stuff that made you a great mum two years ago now is worth about as much as a trap door on a lifeboat. Not easy.

The graduation itself went off without a hitch, well…as long as you don’t think that a fire alarm that sends an entire auditorium full of parents and graduates into the street is a hitch….


Megan and her best bud Maddy made the most of the disruption,


and I knit a full repeat on the mind-soul-spirit sucking boring baby blanket. ( I have not taken a picture of the blanket. It looks the same. It is boring and I assure you that not one molecule of it has made a change from yesterday significant enough to warrant the bandwidth a picture would take up.)

Today, I have made a decision. Today is the most sacred and holy of all days to all parents. A day of rest, reflection and hair-whitening fear. Today is (imagine swelling dramatic music here)

The last day of school.

I’m taking the day off. Right off. This afternoon I’m going to spin (because Tuesdays are for spinning but I had to make Tuesday for jamming little pieces of weird acrylic boning into a bodice.) So…do I spin for Joe’s gansey like a good little spinner…..


or do I spin this?


I thought so too.

( Say it with me. 68 days till the first day of school.)