Feel the love

Well, anybody who thought that I was going to need to do a little something besides the baby blanket and the occasional pair of socks was right.


The socks are coming along eh? It is still my belief that this pattern (feather and fan socks from Socks, socks, socks) is the end all, be all for making Lorna’s Laces sock yarn behave in a very nice way. I really do understand that it probably makes me a few shingles short of a roof to believe this based on one pair of socks (not even a full pair actually) but I feel some serious sock mojo.

This pattern was written by Judy Sumner, who I would like to personally thank for releasing me from LL sock yarn related seizures. I hope Judy will forgive me for altering her pattern. As is my habit, I haven’t taken direction well. I changed the heel and the sole (and may have altered the toe just a little), and left out two ridges of garter around the leg. Other than that, I didn’t touch ’em.

Still, the blanket isn’t enough to fill a day, and since yesterday was the anniversary of my GHU (Godless Heathen Union) with Joe, I decided to throw myself headlong into spinning for the his gansey.


Years of dedicated love and affection, displayed in corriedale singles, and more than that, there are actually two full bobbins of it. If that don’t make him feel loved, cherished and honoured, I don’t know what would. (Kindly put right out of your mind the suggestion that Joe would perhaps enjoy a demonstration of my love that was a little more racy. I don’t care how long we’ve been together, I’m not spinning without my clothes on, and that’s final.)

I did point out to the love of my life yesterday, that it’s entirely possible that there is some symbolism in our anniversary falling on the longest day of the year. (I suppose that the interpretation of that symbolism would depend on your outlook and laundry status at the time.)


As promised, a round of thank you gifts for the tremendous knitters who make up Tricoteuses Sans Frontières. (The astute among you will notice that the total is higher again. I feel faint. If you guys break $75 000, I’ll add something from me -besides the mittens- to the pot.)


These stitch markers were made by Sharon, and will grace the needles of Karen G., may they bring you luck and good knitting.


This is merino and mohair laceweight from Silver Valley Fibres in Alberta, along with a pair of wool socks from Quebec, sent as an all Canadian thank you from our lovely Barb B. Despite my urge to keep both of them (and this is reason #4 not to mail this stuff to me to pass on…) I’m sending them on to tricoteuse Nina S. (Whoops…the email address for Nina bounced back. If you are the Nina S. who’s email used to end with “centurytel.net” can you drop me a line?)


Finally for today, these are incredible mittens knit by our lady of the comments, Ellen in Conn. They are beautiful, knit of Koigu and Brown sheep sport, and if they don’t convince you that Ellen is a knitter to be reckoned with, well. I don’t know what would. Emily K., I hope you feel lucky when you wear them.

I’m off now to continue today’s mission, furiously ripping up the stash. Somewhere in this house are two skeins of Jephyr. I got to thinking last night that maybe I would start a shawl or two…you know, just to break the monotony of the baby blanket (I suppose the other possibility is that my personality is such that McDonalds would fire me for having a short attention span, but I prefer to think of it as having a broad range of knitting interests.) and I cannot stinking find them. I’ve ripped apart much of the house, but they continue to elude me. Either the whole yarn thing has gotten so far out of hand that I am now hallucinating buying it…(was that a dream?) or this speaks to a lack of organization that I’d rather not discuss.

Either way, the hall closet needs to get torn up.

68 thoughts on “Feel the love

  1. Those socks are sooooo cool! I feel the need to purchase Socks, socks, socks to use up the LL in my stash.

  2. I was knitting those very same socks a while back and changed the exact same things. But it’s a great pattern, very easy to memorize and thus a good walk and knit sock.
    Of course I may be in the minority, although I’ve never knit with LL one of the things that draws me to it is the pooling of colors. I like blotches rather then stripes, but then again I’m odd.

  3. Yikes! Naked spinning sounds dangerous, what with all that could get tangled up. Good idea to not go there. And Happy GHU Anniversary to you and Joe! Don’t suppose Hallmark makes a card for that,eh?

  4. Congrats on the anniversary.
    I love the socks. It is making me want to go and buy some LL right now.
    As for the Jephyr, they wouldn’t be in the obvious under-the-bed storage units would they?

  5. I’m drinking (very bitter, btw) Motherwort tea right now, thanks to you. (there has been a reprieve; read all about it tomorrow)
    I’m so glad the LL sock yarn got a reprieve too. LOVE THOSE SOCKS. See? Today is all about reprieves.
    But it wouldn’t be Wednesday unless you had a smartass comment from me, and today it is this:
    Perhaps the reason you can’t find the Zephyr is because you’re looking for Jephyr?

  6. I don’t suppose you’d believe that I am in fact Nina S, and my address used to end with… umm… whatever it was. Would you?
    Oh, well. Happy GHU!!!

  7. That sock yarn transformation is nothing short of miraculous. Wow.
    About the lost yarn, my solution there is to go yarn shopping. Of course, this creates an incentive for disorganization, but when I do find the stuff, it’s just like Christmas.
    Flylady be damned.

  8. I really hope there is no symbolism involved in the day on which an anniversary falls. This year marks our 40th – on September 11th!

  9. happy anniversary to you and your beloved. june is a mighty busy month for you, is it not?? chock-a-block with birthdays and anniversaries. do you take the month of july to recover from june?
    the socks are lovely. i just turned my very first heel and i’m feeling rather accomplished. silly, yes, but accomplished nonetheless. i just got that book “socks socks socks” and i’m looking forward to knitting F+F socks (though I haven’t a clue how to modify a pattern, so i won’t.
    have a great one!

  10. Damn, if I’d realized GHUs get anniversaries, I’d have paid more attention to the calendar on the day my unindicted co-conspirator–er, I mean my partner–moved in.
    The MSF total is more than double my annual salary. What power in banding together!

  11. I’m all choked up over the gansey spinning. Happy GHU anniversary to you and Joe!
    And I think you bought the Zephyr on the trip to VT/NH – look with the other yarns and supplies from that leg of the tour.

  12. Be sure to check the back of the linen closet.
    And will you add Birch to the pile o’gifts if the total exceeds 75K? Because–if so–you might just see a big run on donations. (heh heh)

  13. I hallucinated a whole knitting book a week ago. I was more than convinced that I had it, and tore the house up looking for it. It’s not here, and I’m quite sure that my neighbors would have no reason to steal a knitting book and nothing else, so I evidently am nuts.
    And it is an interesting phenomenon that one of us remembers WHEN you bought that Zephyr. Next time I can’t find something, I’m posting it on my blog. Clearly other people have better memories than I do.

  14. Happy Anniversary. Yesterday was our dating anniversary, and I got sushi, wine, and more wine! Hope your Solstice was just as loverly =)

  15. Hey Harlot – while you’re looking for your Zephyr, keep an eye out for my missing skein of KnitPicks Dancing (Tap). I figure that it ran to your house to be with so many of its friends!
    ps. love the sox

  16. I would like to compensate for ridiculing your spelling (not apologize, just compensate) by complimenting you on your Search function. A friend was considering her yearning for the hip and glitzy — unlikely, with a toddler and an infant — and even mentioned wanting “a sparkly amber shawl,” and your Search turned up both of the Eros postings slick as dammit. Well done.

  17. I love how the thicker stripes worked out on the sock heel and toe. Do you typically do short-row heels? I took a class with Lucy Neatby last winter and now can’t get over how easy garter-stitch heels can be.
    Happy Anniversary to you both–my sweetie’s and mine was yesterday, as well. A good day of the year to have an anniversary, the Solstice. Best!

  18. Naked spinning. Hmmm… Maybe that would convince my husband that I really do need a wheel.
    Happy Anniversary!

  19. Happy Anniversary. Your socks are beautiful – I need to try that pattern. I think a shawl or two sound like just the thing to combat the monotony that is a baby blanket. Fabulous gifts once again.

  20. oh dear Harlot…
    i am surprised that no one mentioned how ironic it is that not only was your anniversary yesterday, it was also TUESDAY yesterday…which means spinning Joe’s Gansey..and lookee all you did! 😉

  21. I am knitting the exact same socks with Lorna’s Laces, although in a different colorway! How’d you do your heel? I like that bullseye effect that’s happening there.

  22. Ooooh I agree…but are you talking about the way LL stripes? I have that exact same colorway and I tried several patterns with it and only found it stripped and not pooled when I did a SS sock with 60 stithes around. In fact it was perfect. Now I know another pattern that will work!

  23. I love the socks. I am making a pair of socks and I want to make a heel like that. Can you advice how or wear to find instructions for those short row heels??? I have the majority of the knit sock publications. Thanks muchos gracias senorita for showing such beautiful things.

  24. Oh my Gawd!!! I *never* win anything! And how did you know that my shawl progress was limping along at an abysmal speed, due to my serious lack of anything appropriate to mark it with?? I mean, I *could* be using little rounds of leftover yarn or twist ties or something to mark my repeats, but this yarn (Handpaint from Artisan Wool) *demands* to be treated in a fashion worthy of its’ station. That is probably how I found myself in sudden pssession of some rosewood circular needles……Now there is a bright light at the end of the shawl tunnel (or maybe that’s just the sun finally coming out again in Central NY)

  25. For what it’s worth, I suggest if there’s any spinning in the nude to be done, your best bet may be a drop spindle.
    I leave it to you to come up with the naughty puns and jokes with that advice…

  26. I love that your anniversary is on the solstice! Happy, happy GHUiversary! That ever increasing TSF total is amazing — then again, so are most knitters I’ve met . . .

  27. I love the feather and fan when it’s done in Lorna’s Laces – I just finished my first ever socks in the “jungle” colorway and love them! Yours look awesome. I think I need to get a copy of that book. Because, yeah. I need more stuff to knit. 😛
    Okay, instead of spinning naked, how bout this? Y’all should do a 40’s style pinup calendar using your loyal cadre of knitters decked out in lingerie. Pose ’em knitting and/or spinning. Sell ’em and then donate the proceeds to MSF.

  28. I have been looking for your bool since it’s release and you will be happy to know that today I found it in Kamloops, BC at Chapters.
    The only downside of this is that you are going to be in Berkley, CA in early August and I was going to ask my dad to stop by there and see if he could get a signed c opy for me. I was willing to forego the signage to have the book right now! Going to go read now. Lovely socks!

  29. Happy GHU for yesterday! I thought it was today but today is CAP’s birthday.
    I’ve done some sassy stripe LL in a plain toe-up with a broadwater ripple top. One has a jaggy yellow stripe running around it and the other, despite being the same number of stitches doesn’t. Weird. I’m also making a *thrummed* mitten for me out of homespun! (I dont think I have enough yarn to make two mittens 🙁 )

  30. OOOOO!!!! My mittens in print! I am so excited I can barely read. I yelled up the stairs to Claire to come see the blog, and she said “Did she talk about me?”! She is so cute, and you’re right, Steph, about scarves being a “gateway” drug – she has now finished a peach-colored bikini and is starting a Morehouse ‘nother scarf. I had to do the crocheting on the bikini, though.
    Oh,yeah, the mittens, they are more red than my monitor shows, and I love them, too. If I didn’t already have 3 or more pair already . . .
    I love your name for your relationship. It makes everything so clear. Happy day, dear ones.

  31. My sweetie and I have always used the phrase “happily unmarried” but I kinda like GHU better…
    Thanks for the new phrase and congrads!

  32. Do you have your gansey pattern picked out yet?
    I knit one for my husband out of Alice Starmore’s Fisherman’s Sweaters, I knit “Cornwall”. It is a one-piece wonder. Hangs so nicely. I covet it every time he wears it. Do you know of any bloggers who are knitting ganseys? So few people do.

  33. First of all, congrats on the GHU! That’s awesome and so sweet that you spun some more yarn for his gansey. One day we will see knitting on that thing, I’m sure. 😉
    I love the pattern for those socks and if it works well with Lorna’s Laces yarn, then I must get it. So cool.

  34. The socks are beautiful. I like what you did to the heel and toe.
    Ask the Nina S. whose e-mail used to end in centurytel.net to drop me a line. One of my e-mail addys ends in that too.
    Happy Knitting,

  35. Love, love, love those socks. I’ve never taken notice of that pattern in Socks, Socks, Socks. Now I’ve got to go grab it off a shelf. Is that LL “stripe” sock yarn you’re using or a regular LL variegated? Seems obvious that it’s a stripe, but you never know.

  36. Happy (belated) GHU Anniversary! Love the socks. I’m still working on the pair I started at TNNA…along with the mohair poncho…felted bag…stash blanket…art fiber scarf…
    It seems I too have an attention span problem when it comes to knitting!
    ~ Christina

  37. Hi Steph! Thanks for sharing the stitch markers. They were so much fun to make (I’ve made an additional 150 – so if you need more, give a yell) and I’m so proud they went to such a wonderful cause! Keep on knitting . . and I can’t wait for more words of wisdom.

  38. Happy anniversary! Why does a GHU sound so much more exciting than than the “blessED” ones? Love the socks 🙂 And BTW, why do you always seem to finish your myriad of projects while I have several projects on the needles? For years at a time?

  39. Congrats to you and your hubby! You’re both lucky people.
    His sweater yarn / colour look wonderfull!
    Have you tried the pollworth / silk blend from Rovings (www.rovings.com) yet? I just spun up some and oh lord it’s lovely to handle! Easy to spin and very soft.
    Have a great week and have fun with lace!

  40. Oh great Harlot, what kind of toe do you use? I’m trying to find a nice, neat toe that doesnt make me want to throw things when I’m done grafting.

  41. Lovely spinning there, a lot of love in that bobbin.
    I finally got your book (it was backordered) Thanks for making me neglect my laundry, dishes and the mitten.
    Seriously, it is a great book, and I want to thank you for verbalizing a lot of feelings I’ve always had about knitting but couldn’t put into words even to myself. Especially the “don’t feel guilty”.
    My hat’s off to you.
    Barb B.

  42. love the socks!!!! while i was off lien i had a real nice smile in may after goign to the library and finding a flyer that had an add for your book in it! i was like hey i know that author i read her online!!!
    was pretty kool:) hope it sells well for you!

  43. Happy GHUiversary!
    I’m going to have to dig out SSS to work up my LL now. I’m loving the way yours came out, though the striped heel and toe might be a bit beyond me.
    Good luck on the yarn search. Did you check over there, behind that? No, the other thing. The one on the right. No? How about the doohickey on the left? See, told you it’d be there. 😉

  44. So nice to see that the Lorna’s is behaving itself. I was with Norma when she was looking for a little something for you and recommended the colorway since I’d worked with it before (only in “Angel”, her Angora/wool blend) with success. I think those nice long runs of white/undyed yarn make Seaside especially sock friendly. I may have to finally break down and invest in that sock book!

  45. Happy GHU anniversary two days late. How cool to have your anniversary on the longest day of the year. It must mean long lasting happiness.
    I’ve been meaning to donate to TSF, thanks for reminding me to donate soon.

  46. I have so much fun reading your blog I never even thought about comments until today. Sheesh.
    I must admit I am working on my second pair of socks but this will be the first I finish *wink. I dream of taking them everywhere, but I always end up dropping my yarn. Your socks rock. 🙂
    Why is LL such a drag to work with?

  47. OMG! You’ve ended the LL nightmare! I LOVE this yarn, but the pooling/flashing is wigging me out. I am going to go and buy the SocksSocksSocks book today! Thank you!
    And I STILL have the Latvian Mittens (autographed)for you to give out to the generous MSF people. Let me know where to send it!

  48. The socks look great! This was my very first design and I’m happy to know people are still enjoying it. Since then I have done a ton of socks with LL’s yarn and love what it does in a sock. Also, you just had a birthday followed by your anniversary. I reversed it – wedding first and birthday two days later.

  49. I love the socks! I finished a pair myself using that same pattern not too long ago (pic on my blog). I can say the pattern also loves Fleece Artist yarn (then again, which pattern doesn’t?)

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